Unvaccinated Men Urged to take the Covid-19 Vaccine | TVJ News – Nov 3 2021

Unvaccinated Men Urged to take the Covid-19 Vaccine | TVJ News - Nov 3 2021 1


    1. They’re Waiting To Hear It On Song First, Dem Cant Trust Hearseh Or His Claimed Social Media Posts From Prison.

    2. @TheKonnoisseurBreeze like the cake soap song..”cool like mi wash mi face wid the cake soap”😃🤣

    1. There is so much that you’ll be unable to do if you don’t get vaccinated and you are at risk. Not saying this to discourage you or in attempt to force you to make a decision (one of the bravest and wisest you could ever possibly make in this time). Vaccination has saved lives including yours (you have taken them in the past for sure). It will save yours once again if you consider it now…

  1. Why are the Jamaica men worrying about sex when they run away from children they make. Then the women run to U S A. And we have to put out money for the chicken. Get your shot
    It isn’t a game.

    1. Ar not reading we only listen to cdc fda an w.h.o they ar the one who working for bill gates organisation

  2. As to some of unno man, nothing no wrong all unnu go impotent cuz all u guys do a walk left right and center and get children that unno don’t take care of! KMDT


  4. People who’ve taken the first dose of the vaccine of choice MUST go for their second (of the same brand as taking two different ones can be dangerous). Those who take the vaccine will save their lives as well as all those around them. Think about your future, the children’s future and those who want unlimited access to money & opportunities.

    1. Why everyone keep coming here telling people to take the vaccine I knew of a family that take the vaccine and ALL of them right now are infected with covid-19 one in the hospital unventilator , also one of my friend who took it on ended up with strokes and every time him preach to me to go on get it

  5. Blessed good evening the doctors are telling us what they think we need to do but the fact is I have a friend that is healthy have no underlying sickness he took the vaccine and no he has strokes I also knew of a nurse in the US who took the vaccine get covid and she went on the ventilator and almost died they had to put her in reduce coma I also know of a family that is fully vaccinated and now one of them got Corona and she is in the hospital on ventilator and the rest of the family have to be at home and cannot leave their house all of them have covid-19 fully vaccine persons are dying from covid-19 the government needs to tell the truth

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