1. the fact that 95% of the world is already immune to Covid tells you how absurd the goal to reach HERDimmunityThroughVaccination is

    1. @Mr. Bug Pop It has to pass a charter section one reasonable test. If it doesn’t then it’s in violation of section 6 mobility rights. A court has to examine the reasonableness if it’s challenged and the government would have to demonstrate reasonableness to the court. Personally, I think it will fail because other means of attesting to one’s low transmission risk are possible. A negative test being one simple example.

  1. It gets worse, its just the beginning .
    Wait till you can’t buy your basic essentials without the stab.

  2. another step to refusing food to the unfaxxed with all the zombies looking on
    this world is a level of hell … just short the flames anymore

  3. Did you hear what they slipped in the end?
    Everyone’s going to need boosters
    This will never end
    Ppl aren’t going to put up with this crap
    I’m not getting the dang thing again
    Enough is enough!

  4. there will come a point very soon where i am not going to be interested in continuing to pay taxes into a system that will not let me use it.

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