uOttawa grad administers vaccine to U.S. President Biden 1

uOttawa grad administers vaccine to U.S. President Biden


A University of Ottawa alumnus got his shot at fame when he administered the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to U.S. President Joe Biden.

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    1. It’s ironic because he is being injected by a Canadian after denying Canada help before this lastest wave started.

    2. The story clearly states that the clip is from January. I don’t know why it’s news now.

  1. Biden wouldn’t leave until they gave him his pudding! When the leader of the free world wants his!! [pudding well ….. you ….should …give it …to him……

  2. As an Ontario RN I can only say at least he is being thanked and paid well for his work. We are not and we are not happy at all

  3. brain drain he should be in canada pratacing since we canadian tax payers subsidize his education

  4. Maybe if we didn’t spend billions to subsidize our universities we could pay our grad students decent wages and not force them over the border where they do nothing for Canada except for these pitty stories.

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