Update from Ron DeSantis: Over 2 million in Florida without power after Hurricane Ian

Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis gave an update on Hurricane Ian and the damage to homes and infrastructure across the state.

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    1. You are thanking him for ensuring that the power companies that support his campaign have ensured millions are without power? Yeah, you’re a troll.

    1. Depending on your ability to evacuate. Where would you go? How would you get there if you do not own a reliable vehicle? What if you are disabled or elderly or are caring for a family member?

  1. Lmao the video guy is having a laugh. Look at the placement of the interpretation person on top of the lady in the back 😂

  2. You missed the end of the conference where he said he tried to send the hurricane to Martha’s Vineyard. “Florida has been putting up with these illegal hurricanes for too long!”

    1. I know. The fact that he had the nerve to send 50 out of the thousands of migrants showing up in his state to a so-called sanctuary state. Into one of the richest and most resource filled areas no less. What a POS. Trying to offer migrants a great life.

  3. How long before he announces that everyone who’s house was destroyed gets a free flight to Martha’s Vineyard?

  4. At best he is not getting in the way of responders and helpers…unlike a certain PM who needed photo ops in the aftermath of Fiona.

    This governor was prepared as best as he can…

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