Update on Deadly Church Incident | Slaughter in St. Thomas | TVJ Midday News – Oct 20 2021

Update on Deadly Church Incident | Slaughter in St. Thomas | TVJ Midday News - Oct 20 2021 1


  1. This is the reason you can’t have vigilante justice. I hope the police prosecute somebody to try and send a message.

  2. Something is mentally, physically and spirituality wrong with our people.
    May the creator have mercy on us in Jamaica.
    Port Royal was once the wickedest place on earth. We all know what happened regarding the earthquake in that century

    1. David do u know if port Royal had ever been reconstructed?i had went there once on a 🏫 trip and was so afraid especially goin into those capsize 🏠 wow and wat i had noticed tat those people’s was speaking a different language i was confused but my 👵 told me that they speak Portuguese.😅😅😅

  3. The people’s should search and alert the police so they can arrest him ,cause its messed up killing the wrong person.

    1. Those people, the mob who took justice into their hands should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. An example need to make of them. You don’t take justice into your hands. I understand they’re angry and want that man found but they cannot take the law into their hands. Arrest them all!

    1. So sad but , can u imagine the anger they have for that rapist… I really do wish they find him b4 he takes someone else..

    1. Jamaica is my home land, but , I am with you on this. I will not be going back to visit with my grandchildren if the Law in JA do not find “ALL” these CULTS. Where these is one, there are more. Those CULT women 😳 should be investigated and arrested for their participation in what went on that they saw.
      These is the video on YouTube, CULT leader in the 90th was a WOMEN, in Uganda, Africa. Her and the CULT Leaders Killed hundreds of people and Buried them on the compound…Horrible, Wicked True Story…Blessings!

  4. JCF need to go to portland or its surroundings and findout from Davian relatives or speak to girlfriends or whoever bail him..he must be still in the vicinity. Someone must know something dont care how trivial it might be

  5. Every time when a child is raped or kidnapped the ppl in the community kill innocent men😐 leave the killing to the police bc you guys know nothing if you see someone suspicious report it to the cops don’t kill him.

  6. Why do these people feel it is up to them to take the law in their hands. Making themselves prosecutor. Jurors and judge. All involved should be charged with murder. This is so barbaric.

  7. No one has the right to judge and condemn anyone. These people now a days will committe other crime and will quickly judge and condemn another person, and ignore that they are guilty of similar offense.

  8. The police should be the ones searching for the culprit, now they wound up killing the wrong person, they should be charged…..

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