Urgency To Pass January 6 Commission Bill To 'Heal The Nation' 1

Urgency To Pass January 6 Commission Bill To ‘Heal The Nation’


Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) expresses urgency around passing the bill that would create a bipartisan commission to investigate what took place on January 6th.

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    1. @Bryan BLM and ANTIFA had already been held accountable. Now it’s time to hold the insurrectionists that attacked the United States of America on January 6th, accountable.

    2. @Bryan Right, nothing BLM or ANTIFA had done, comes anywhere near close to the level of treason and domestic terrorism the MAGAts carried out on January 6th.

    3. Kevin McQarthy’s nightmare, attacking Liz Cheney – wrong move. He’ll never be Speaker of the House

  1. What IS clear is that with every objection to the commission from every republican politician, history will remember and judge them to be on the insurrectionist and treasonous side of the attempt to overthrow United States democracy of Jan. 6, 2021. They are forever stained with the crimes and shameful cowardice of their lies and criminal acts.

    1. @S. D.
      Just to make it clearer, maybe instead of a 9/11 style commission, we play by their games by establishing a truth establishment commission inviting even all those lying republicans to participate. It would actually be a stupidity finding commission but with a nice sounding name. The 9/11 style commission can be applied later

    1. If a Jan. 6 Independent Commission does finally happen I believe the Trump Defense Department, etc. will be at serious risk. It would not surprise me to see an air strike attack (from some nearby airport) on the Capitol building to try & stop this Commission from going forward when it starts. Trump still has his swamp nest goons in Federal Government & I believe an Independent Commission would bring them out to everyone even outside the USA for criminal charges also.

    2. @billycarson Correction: there is no “Trump defense department.” There isn’t going to be any violence. That time has passed.

    1. @Asa Foster but but but BLM and antifa….and other stuff non related to this event
      – republican logic

  2. I guess as a disabled US Army Veteran who swore that oath to the US and our Constitution, there seems to be a big difference between some (r)epublicans taking that oath and liveing up to it!! Rest assured active duty and all veterans will not forget this come election time in the future!!

    1. @Angel Fish Stfu. I’m a veteran! Those veterans and active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces who were involved in the insurrection should have their veterans’ benefits taken away.

    2. @Athena Nike Very true!! If they are convicted of a felony they can yank thier pention and benifits!!

    3. If you took an oath you should know the Constitution was Violated & Biden is illegitimate. Per US Constitution, ONLY the state legislatures can change election laws and certify electors. Also, only citizens can vote and have to be if age to vote. Election observers have a Constitutional right to observe and have full transparency to insure integrity. Dead people can’t vote either. There is a 1 vote, 1 person rule so Multiple voting or counting if same ballot not allowed. Machine Algorithms make a person less than 1 whole so…

    1. Yeah, idk it’s still sort of surreal. They want to back Trump, they didn’t want to acknowledge Biden won, but they can’t say they’re behind the insurrection so they just pretend it didn’t happen. Conjob wasn’t kidding when she said they had alternative facts.

  3. I initially learned of these “tours” right while the insurrection was literally happening. Relieved to know it’s being investigated.

    1. @Louis Tully yeah, but they still weren’t stupid enough to attack the Capitol. Maskless no less. Prison awaits the traitors of the state.

    2. @Louis Tully pipe bombs, chemical spray and using fire hydrants and US flags as weapons. Yes. Armed.

    3. I can’t wait to see Dems/ RINO in cuffs. Seeing Soros finally in cuffs would be good for the world too

  4. You can Suture a wound But it Still has Heal I agree weed Them all out Traidors Vote Them all out

    1. The red state American folk need to know their representatives do not give a dam about them.

  5. Trump has skated on the “I’m too stupid, to be criminal” defense. Time to put a stop to this.

  6. The GOP is trying to shut the commission down because most of them were culpable in January 6th.

  7. Hello??? They are pushing back for a bipartisan Commission because several GQP members were involved!

  8. There can be no healing without punishment. We need to stop giving traitors a pass and stop punishing the innocent for their crimes committed by the oppressors.

    1. Yea sure , …got any money?….give it here… I ‘ll go to DC and tell ‘ em that. I’ll tell them your demands…

    2. @Bryan that wasn’t a domestic terrorist attack to instill a dictator by violent force. It was justified outrage over centuries of a certain race being murdered and having their legal rights stripped away from them. Two TOTALLY different things. BLM didn’t storm the capitol and try to kidnap / assassinate world LEADERS at the whims of a sociopathic mad man. They were just sick & tired of losing their loved ones to minor traffic violations. For you to even COMPARE the two things speaks only of your own incompetence and ignorance and literally you are part of the problem. Please KNOW that.

  9. Seeing that what was it 135 voted Nay. Maybe we should open up the Scope of the Perpetrators into The Senate. Mitch, Kevin & Kevin would be a great start.

  10. Well, obviously the one thing the GOP never wants is for any truth about anything to ever come out. They are very happy with their lies and have no intention to abandon them ever.

  11. I feel so sad for the officers that committed suicide. I can imagine how they were feeling. RIP

    1. @E Westchester Victims creating victims creating victims. They are on all sides of this mess. It will pass, we learn our lessons the hard way, that’s all.

  12. I’m just glad that it will be investigated and I hope that they get to the very bottom and everyone involved Gets credit for the day that ruined our America. I was never a patriotic person but when I saw that it made me feel violated can’t explain that I just did I was in tears I couldn’t believe what I was watching literally I saw it from the beginning to the end I will never forget that day It was a day I really understood it what red white and blue meant to me.

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