1. He’s been taken prisoner by Trump storm troopers. He is signaling that his answer has been coerced.

  1. He will say he never said that. He’s a pathological liar. This pandemic is 100% Trump’s fault

    1. _”We will make sure, that whenever someone dies _*_with_*_ covid 19, that we count that as a covid death.”_
      – Dr. Deborah Birx, 7th of April 2020
      *_If you die in a car accident and you have covid 19, that counts as a covid death_*

    2. @Kris That’s irrelevant nonsense. The only number that matters (with testing) is testing PER CAPITA. The overall number tested is irrelevant. And you know that.

    3. @Ricky Spanish And, so what. Shall we rename the Spanish Flu from 1918 the US flu now (it originated from the USA)?
      It doesn’t matter where a disease originates from, all that matters is how it is dealt with. And that said – it isn’t even a human virus, it jumped species. The original carrier is bats, but it has jumped species to a lot of different species by now: dogs, cats, tigers, humans, several different types of snakes, cows, pigs, even birds habe all been tested positive. And that’s only the species we testetd, no one has even the slightest idea about the real number of infected species. We do not know for example if it only jumps to vertebrates – or if it also affects invertebrates, insects for example. If that is the case things can get pretty wild really quick. Thankfully the virus isn’t actually that deadly, the mortality rates are quite low compared to the numbers of infected people.

  2. The head of the CDC is “f”ing liar! He swallowed hard before answering he would be ok with them going to school! I bet his grandchildren are home schooled!

    You can send them, if they never have to leave there homes in the first place!


    2. Cris EX
      Amazing isn’t it. listening to this schmuck right here or CNN..all being paid by Soros, if things were truly as bad as Fauci and these sleazes paid by SOROS are saying I think we would know by someone besides them don’t you think ? I mean thd say they make it sound and how bad they are lying, funeral homes would be packed, make shift hospitals would be set up but as a person who lives in one of those States. Ahh we haven’t had like any major alerts.
      Ummm why do you think it’s fo different for us here compared to other countries( notice how she smiled through the entire thing talking about it) him as he puts it , it’s nearing the end of thd world
      Notice how the one thing that is the biggest culprit , that is the main cause of it spreading,it for months now is never ever mentioned.
      PROTESTERS.. it’s so obvious liars. Where’s the massive funeral processions, the braking news, etc…I just went to Walgreens and Target . Umm there isn’t anything abnormal going on, no flash alerts on TV.

    3. Perhaps he didn’t shake his head subconsciously but wanted to show he was lying but against his will we won’t know till November comes

    1. @Michelle Howard cancer? Maybe some other illness with a low survival rate? Grab the facts and ill take a look

    2. He didn’t even invite Fauchi the other day to the briefing! The expert not part of the conversation? Trump get the heck out of OUR White House!!

    1. Don’t wear masks they not only dont work but actually can makes things worse – “Dr” Fauci

  3. “American carnage” in his inauguration speech in 2016 oddly if not ominously has come to reality

  4. “Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.” – Shawshank Redemption

  5. 1:13 The CDC Director responds that he’d “absolutely” send his grandkids back to school as he subconsciously shakes his head no. 🙁

    1. Let’s see how many children will die after school opening. This is not the END, but we all know who’s trying to kill us, our children, and who should we blame

    2. CDC before they send kids: it’ll be alright
      CDC after kids start dying: we tried to tell you that it was a bad idea

  6. He doesn´t give a hoot about people dying, he´ll be back to his moronic self by this evening on Twitter

    1. You dont know how he feels. I’m sure hes not happy that people are sick. What a moronic comment

    2. @UC-5NvBUyMo87b2IEACIPAuA it proves it’s very easy to fudge numbers counting old people who died as rona when really it’s not. There has been many family members complain Dr’s are putting Rona on death certificate falsely. CNN does not cover those many stories you have to do research for. So imagine the amount of people who have died but have no loved ones. These sickos pulling the strings are counting those deaths as covid. The fear is real the data is fake and there is zero open science of covid. Only directives from leaders and many many agendas are being emplemented as we speak.

    3. @Dave Waldon Man, remember when Obamacare came in and Republicans were talking how it was going to deciding who lives and who dies? Turns out when Republicans thought dems would kill old people, they weren’t upset about the deaths, they were upset that they thought it was going to be the dems instead of them.

    1. @DR Who and you certainly live in a Sci-Fi fantacy i see. But you´re right; Donald Trump IS a threat to us all! And we all SHOULD be very affraid!

    2. @Ian Harding didn’t die of covid19 though. Look up the definition of death by covid19.. shocking… yawn over 100 test sent in to be tested all came back positive hmm but they were never used just opened and sent wow CDC you suck at your jobs. This has been done countless times. Why would this not be on the news.

    1. @tnbrfller I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I’d say it is more likely that Trump and his secret police are leaning on him, dictating what he is allowed to say. If he said he was worried and would not send children back to school he’d be fired immediately by Trump and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he had a fatal car crash a week later.

  7. “I hear all those scientists who studied in their liberal colleges for years and practiced in those liberal hospitals for years saying that Covid is bad news but my friend skeeter from high school says it’s a hoax.” This is how trump cultists sound to the world…

    1. And they all show up to confirm my comment because I hurt their feelings. That’s all it takes to make them do as you say. You swine have been crying about masks for 6 months and now that your eyes and ears trump wears em, they’re “patriotic”…But everyone else are the sheep…. Independents and REAL Republicans think you cultists are a joke.

    2. It all started with a death from a healthy Chinese Doctor. Straight indication. If he dies, then it is a potent illness. I cannot believe people throw in a political spin on a thing that can kill so easy

    3. @Jun hee Bae It’s very easy to do that, it’s the same as using religion as they have in the past to control people. The party that does the most should be the one you should follow..

  8. ”When you are president, and something bad happens on your watch, it is your fault.” – tRump.

  9. CDC director is lying when asked if he’s confident that it’s safe for his grandchildren to go back to school. When he says absolutely his head is shaking from side to side in a no action and rapid eye blinking when he says absolutely at the end. Body behavior is a big tell especially in the face and head. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-tell-someones-lying-by-watching-their-face-2016-1#pay-attention-to-which-direction-they-shake-their-head-12

    1. @Goga on je Jora Schnitzel I’ll add you to the visitation list. But I’d urge you not to come because they’ll take one look at you and find out that you belong there too! 🙃🤪😝

  10. The CDC Director…after that interview…his grandchildren no longer holding to the delusion that Grandpa loves them.

  11. Why are we asking an incompetent CDC Director any questions let alone about our children? He needs to resign.

  12. Trumps pos spin……..”we have the bestest cases”, “deaths that have never been seen before”, so let’s open schools, “what have u got to lose”!

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