1. I couldn’t imagine being a billionaire thinking I’m untouchable then have the entire world against me.

    1. As for having the entire world against them. Looking at the UN security council vote to condemn Russia, 4 countries voted against and 35 countries abstained. Those 39 countries represents more than half of the world’s population. Many of us know what Putin is doing is wrong but don’t for one second think most people in the world share that thought.

    2. @Easy Money
      O shooot …. I forgot this is cnn …
      YOU chose to go THAT route, instead actually learn something to educate. Personally I try to learn every day to educate more and more.
      For example this is what I learned today :
      You might be one of those wankers with blue hair.
      Tell us, do you still enjoy having your shower in the public change rooms with your mommy, daddy, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and minors ???? Your daddy Biden did a nice setup for you. Trying to learn more from you.
      Please tell us more.

    3. ​@First Last Sounds to me like you were the * *LITTLE* * boy that everyone laughed at because he was to scared to take a shower with everyone else in gym.

    4. @Easy Money
      Don’t worry honey, you can add some pink to your hair.
      Reading your other replay, I see that your mind is at “sticks” and “deep”. You might be a dirty one. But , hey, …. it’s the competition right ?

  2. This was an option before? And they didn’t think taking ‘ill-gotten gain’s’ was not worth it before? This is like finding out they know Chappo had known billions of assets and just did nothing… 🤷🏽‍♂️ better late than never.

    1. @Tracii Kunkel cute responses but for someone that keeps saying ‘you must be illiterate, you must be lying, you are not getting it’… you actually didn’t get my post… they are seizing assets of billionaires that didn’t start this war. So taking their stuff doesn’t make sense. But their justification is it is ‘ill gotten’… so they know they got rich by doing something illegal?!? Which is a justifiable comparison to a known drug lord in that case.
      So if they are just taking stuff because they are rich friends of Putin. That is BS actually. But if they know they are ‘ill gotten’ then why haven’t they done it before?

    2. @yashaleo N It is purely to force the oligarchs to pressure Putin to end the war and to hit him personally because they hide his assets.

      We do things differently in war time when the stakes are higher.

    3. @Pat right I understand that. I’m clearly trying to point out what (I thought anyways) is obvious. Doing it just cause they are rich friends of Putin is wrong. Doing it now when they could have beforehand because the oligarchs got their money through illegal means and they know they did…Is dumb and they should have done it previously. Using the veil of war to do things always and I mean always a mistake. right and wrong should not change to circumstances.

    4. @yashaleo N It really isn’t obvious to me what you’re saying. I don’t understand why you think that international assets are frozen for individuals for ill gotten gains.

      In America, our right to due process before seizing assets has been taken away in the case of suspected drug dealing-including ordinary citizens with minor accusations. The IRS seizes cash deposited in banks that report large deposits (like mom and pop places that only take cash), also without due process and involving suing the IRS. Those are specific situations involving Americans or large crime.

      Otherwise, freezing the assets of countries are done for specific reasons and not routinely.

      I especially don’t understand why you think doing it now, when thousands are dying is “wrong” but should have been done before?

      But the suggestion the international community would have agreed absent knowledge of a full scale invasion, is ludicrous.

      It’s difficult to have a conversation on youtube, maybe I missed something. But one clear thing is you think trying to stop civilian bodies being blown to smithereens by going after the people protecting Putin’s assets is “wrong” and that, in this very, very clear cut specific instance, puzzles me.

    5. @Pat How many Americans own property in Russia? I couldn’t care less if they did that in return. Why do you? You need to simp for some tiny minority of rich Americans that badly?

    1. That is thuggery …a confirmation Europe has become communist. Private persons and property have nothing to do with war in Ukraine.. American and European leadership is becoming deranged …. unhinged

    2. Kind of like Trudeau seizing the trucks and bank accounts of peaceful protesters asking for their freedom. If you don’t do what the WEF wants you to do, then you will be destroyed.

  3. it’s sad how one man’s selfish needs has affected lots of people most who do not support his acts of violence. God help us all

    1. @Tim Rogers You ar very pathetic,Russia threatens,America thrws nuclear bombs,turn on a little brain,take the officers those in which America,did not participate and there are many…

    2. @Luminary Harris – Then act like one . . . and not some juvenile petending to be something else.
      Oh and I will have a nice day. Thank you.

    1. @Chrissy Mckirgan I agree but remember Putin was around through 5 (Bush 43 to Biden) American Presidents , 4 are gone Putin is still here and he’s a very, very experienced politician. Putin is not beholden to anyone, but Biden is beholden to the FAR LEFT RADICALS in the Democrap party. Putin know this. You don’t have to be a book scholar to seize an opportunity. That’s basically what he did. Biden should left the Keystone pipeline open but he put 11,000 workers out of jobs by penstroke. Months later Biden allows Russia 🇷🇺 to open their pipeline to Germany 🇩🇪. This came back to haunt all countries involved including America 🇺🇸. Biden is as much to blame as Putin. Don’t be surprised as gas prices rise here who’s gonna get blamed for everything going up more . Inflation , food costs, etc. did go up, before this war started. Biden is not exempt from this by any means. SAVE AMERICA 🇺🇸

    2. @Chrissy Mckirgan Putin is very evil yes, but Biden not protecting the border here while illegal immigrants still pour in unchecked for COVID/HIV yet millions of Americans workers lost their jobs for at the sake of Joeys unconstitutional vaccine “mandate” Shaquille O’Neil called it “FORCE” plus Biden is taking oil from Russia rather than allow drilling in Alaska or Texas, that would lower gas prices and cut off Putins claws . I really think Biden is as EVIL 😈 as Putin. This is what happens when people think GLOBALIST LEADERS like Biden are the answer over an America 🇺🇸 first President (Trump) and his Tweets . You end up with bigger headaches than you actually voted for. Putin knows Biden is weak , he saw an opening and took it . SAVE AMERICA 🇺🇸

  4. So… if the US can act so fast and decisive against russian oligarchs, then why does it seem so impossible and slow to go after Trump?

  5. Hey can we do that for our oligarchs here in the US when they evade taxes, abuse works, buy politicians, and reck the environment

    1. @Dr. James Olack nope, still crooks to me here in the US. I read an article about the city about 20 miles from me. It told how all the landmarks there are named after people who had become wealthy through Ill gotten gain, in other words were crooks. The billionaires commit crimes against humanity on a daily basis. Social Murder: When the elite and government knowingly allow conditions to exist that will cause the vulnerable to die an early and unnatural death. Crimes against humanity… The powers that be keeps us all divided, while we’re at each other’s throat, they’re over there scoring big time. Until we can come together to hold them responsible for their actions we’ll continue as we are.

    2. @Virginia Schmitt Well said.

      I would look into the Rwanda genocide and how easily it corelated with the global telecommunication revolution in the 2000’s.

      The use of coltan capacitors and fractal antennas changed how we communicate forever.

      We needed a silent genocide to change the world and benefit a rich minority.

      No one talks about this even though it defines our current age.

      I wonder when the lithium coups and wars will start?
      (Trump failed already in Peru and Bolivia) + (Rio Tinto failed to start a lithium mine close to the largest rivers in Europe, Serbia 2022)

  6. No wealthy Russians ever had more investments in the internal market than they had to for sake of appearances.
    Keep an eye on Cyprus – it’s the washing machine of choice for petro, steel and chromium rubles.
    As to Abramovich (the stress is on the OV btw) he’s a patchy character but complex and not stupid – I think if he’s said he’ll donate the proceeds from CFC to Ukrainian relief he will.

    1. why do they applaud this savage warmonger who sends weapons and radical groups to other countries like iraq and ukraine? why do they applaud vulgarity and harassment against Russian people.? Why do all Americans applaud this left wing Democrat who is working to mount a nuclear war?

    2. USA did not predict the Russian invasion of Ukraine USA threatened Russia by sending a nuclear submarine to Russian territorial waters, USA sent weapons and radicals to Ukraine and forced Russia to defend itself against their threats. The USA built the conflict to later impose economic sanctions and steal the legitimate income of the Russian people, derived from the new Russian gas pipeline that would have helped them develop their nation, what the USA does is terrorism and sabotage, we can all see it.

    3. @Izreal Zeus I believe you, and I wonder how would all this Royal Dynasties are getting affected with Russian’s sanctions.
      Any idea?

  7. He said “all” victims. What does that mean? It does not mean what most people think. It does not mean Ukrainian people. It a vague term. He could say he is a victim and therefore deserves to keep the proceeds.

  8. Imagine if America started taxing its own ‘oligarchs’ as well, now that would be a sight 🙂

  9. It’s just a shame the UK government is so slow to do the same thing,too much Russian money in the Tory party.

  10. It will be interesting to see how this affects the states that have welcomed money laundering here in the US…

  11. I couldn’t imagine being a billionaire thinking I’m untouchable then have the entire world against me.

  12. Finally a critical speaker must be honest.Offering false or mileading information to an audience is a violation of ethical responsibility.

  13. How about stopping the two major yacht builders in the Netherlands from taking Russian & Belarussian contracts!!

  14. Breath of fresh air 🌬️ we have an administration handling this situation perfect 👍 So happy to be apart of this revolution. God bless CNN and it’s truth! Blue Waves Coming 🌊 Yaya!

  15. Seizures of oligarchs’ assets won’t change the situation on the battlefield one bit. NATO airstrikes would, but seizures won’t.

  16. I like the creative way they presented the chart to make Russia seem that much worse on how much money the Oligarchs make compared to the rest of their country. The same is true in the US if they look at the actual wealth of the billionaires and not just their income. From what I saw US billionaires have roughly 70% of the wealth in the USA.

  17. ‘m all for the sanctions but who decides who is an “oligarch” and what you can seize? We are not actually at war with Russia and have justifiably imposed sanctions. The US currently also has sanctions imposed on Venezuela, Yemen and Zimbabwe. I’m sure these countries have “oligarchs” (rich people) that have assets. So with the same logic, why not start seizing their yachts, cars, homes etc.? How about their family members assets? What if you mother or father is a citizen of one of these countries, can they just decide to label you as an oligarch or a family member and come after your assets? This idea sounds great, rah, rah. But, I see the potential for abuse or government overreach. Again, I’m hoping for peace and calmer times.

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