1. @Saffron Oh thank goodness…the voice of reason! Well said, but the sheep are too dumb for that!

    2. @Jemel Shahid No, sadly, both parties have put out their fair share of conspiracy. I’ve had 60+ years to observe, but you keep rooting for your favorite team as if it were a mere football game

    3. @River Luxori Thank you. It’s a waste of time pointing out the obvious to those in denial. Just let them volunteer themselves to the big pharma experiment. The only truth they’ll know is time.

  1. Wow! This reminds me of a coworker saying there is no way he’d take a vaccine from j&j. Not after all the lawsuits against them.

    1. No one knows the long term health affects of this vaccine. Know one knows how children conceived in people who take the vaccine will be like either. Too many if’s. I will wait 5 years as is standard wait time for vaccines

    2. @Saffron But it’s YOU who define the vaccines as an “experiment” when an established global pandemic is responsible for deaths total 563K+ (US only). Scientists and virologists won’t waste time formulating experimental vaccines when death is happening. So what you’re saying about the vaccines being experimental on the masses makes absolutely no sense and is a lie.

    3. @American Dream Standard time for vaccines was 2 years I though but Ok. God be with you. Wear your mask. Social distance. Will keep our fingers crossed for you.

    4. @Brock G LeftMannin Are you ok? They are absolutely experimental! It’s a FACT and common knowledge! You are breathing proof of how woefully misinformed the masses are. Wow.

  2. Shocking that they would completely halt things with only 6 adverse side effects. Getting the sense that more is going on then they are letting us in on.

    1. Yeah…I think so too. 6 out of 6.8 million is so statically low that it would not make sense to halt it, unless there are more problems not being told. There is a higher probability of being killed in a car accident on your way to your 2nd shot vs just taking 1 shot, and way higher probability of dying from Covid, so my assumption is that there is more to the story. My J&J vaccine was supposed to be today until the pause, but luckily I was able to get a Pfizer vaccine today.

    2. @Jacob Stop it…common sense is not welcome in our society…let everyone get back to their black mirror PROGRAMMING before they begin to think for themselves!

    3. @Meeshaka Zuloosir You’re right, I invested in an education. I have a masters in public health and a masters in emergency and disaster management. Only idiots spread misinformation and are anti-vaccine.

    4. It’s not just 6, it’s six with very particular characteristics. Women in a similar age range. There truly is nothing to worry about, given such a small number, but given that the 6 have similar characteristics, it’s scientifically responsible to investigate and understand if there is something more going on.

    1. This was a 1 and done vaccine. Halting J and J will have a huge impact on how fast the U.S. gets vaccinated.

  3. Common sense asks WHY are they pushing experimental drugs, unknown short/long-term side effects? Our immune systems have a 96.98 to 99.98% recovery.

    1. You’ve been designated to tell this to the family and friends of the dead to make them feel much better.
      I shall also forward this medical gold on to those scientists who have wasted their time and energy looking into virology. In fact you have, with one YouTube post made every medical student in the world rethink their future.
      Thank you for saving the world 🙌👏👏👏👏🤢👏

    2. @Joe Ferguson Another idiotic retort to facts that have been reported from covid by the medical industry…96.98 to 99.9% recovery. Vaxx…unknown…go get your experimental vaxx now. Your masters will be pleased!

    3. 1 it adds up fast. How do you think we have lost 1.2 million people around the world? 2. Death is only one terrible outcome. Long haul, permanent loss of smell, brain fog, other nasty symptoms. 3. We indeed are right to not be afraid of 0.5% risks of bad outcomes. Talking small and simple acts to protect each other, though, is the heart of community citizenship. We should stop sacrificing family, love, work, school, friendship, and sociable evenings, but wearing a mask and getting a vaccine is easy and your way of showing others, maybe the older and sicker people in your life, that you care.

  4. My mother in her 60’s was rushed to the hospital a week after being vaccinated finding three blood clots (1 in lung and 2 in neck). She has had NO history of blood clots!

    1. Unfortunate but as a stroke nurse who has experience in dealing with blood clots, your mothers age is a risk factor for the development of blood clots.

      So further investigation is needed before we can saw the vaccine is the cause of your mothers blood clots.

      So is prolonged sitting and/or bed rest, pregnancy, birth control, smoking, obesity, and autoimmune diseases to name a few.

      I wish her a speedy recovery.

    2. @Gator Woman Yup. clots occur at surprising high level in the general population. EU reports 100,000 cases per MONTH as normal. Higher in women using contraception (oral), smokers. Covid also gives high chance of clotting (1 in 200 hospitalizations). So if true, 1 in a million due to vaccine is actually lower then these.

    3. @River Luxori what is exactly is lie ? That the virus can kill you ? Cause my family working in ER and I am sure they dont lie about how bad the ICU situation were months ago!

  5. J&J is such a small number, because it’s only now being administered this past week in the states. We’ll have to see how things shake out in the next 3 weeks, if there are more cases of clotting in women. This may also be why there are two female doctor researchers taking survey data concerning menstrual cycles being altered (much earlier period beginning after taking a covid-19 vaccine, heavier flow, more clots being produced, more pain, headaches, etc), particularly with the Moderna vaccine.

    1. @NorthWest Scent I’ve read of it only being approved and widely distributed in the last week to two weeks. In my state and county, we’ve HAD over 1/3 of our population vaccinated in addition to workers from outside of the county and state as well before the announcement of new venues that would be distributing the J&J. Perhaps your country and state were distributed earlier, but I’m looking at the timeline.

    2. @DragonSky Lords There aren’t nor is there evidence human plasma, animal tissue, and most of all aborted fetuses used in making these specific vaccines.

    3. @Mike Barry It’s laughable that you believe that there’s only 6 actual cases of these blood clots. In Europe the AstraZeneca vaccine which also uses the adenovirus vector technology has resulted in over 80 “reported” cases. If we’ve learned anything from this pandemic, reported cases are just the tiny tip of the massive iceberg especially in the early going.

  6. It’s 1 in a million right now. And they wouldn’t pull a vaccine if it was just a one on a million chance…unless they have a feeling other side effects could emerge

    1. maybe. but the feds also left the choice up to states if they want to keep using the J&J vaccine. so it could be, like the feds have said, out of an abundance of caution

    1. @XtraRadi cardiac arrest in itself is not rare, especially among the elderly, same with pneumonia, both of which, this other guy, claims Covid can cause. I was exposing the similarity between that guys faith in what he’s told about covid, with another issue that’s involving similar ideology. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but there are similarities between the two, and who believes in what.

    2. @Strawberries Nd Crème no don’t get any of the Covid vaccines they don’t even work and all they do is harm you

    3. The lord played a very mean trick on you today 😕 though I believe we have a just and loving good and that it was some political fool at the FDA who messed up.

    4. @Insulin Dependent Skank there are many other ways to boost your immune system. Sunlight is free. Vitamin C and zinc also keep you healthy. All you need to die it get your levels checked.

    5. @DragonSky Lords getting out in the sun doesn’t help half the year for the majors of people that live above the 35th parallel.

  7. I got the JnJ vaccine on April 7th, I’m 😕 I’ve been calling my doctors , waiting for my doctors to 📞 me back , I have anxiety issues

    1. @StillLogic Police and you really think it’s only six people? The fact that you believe that I’m done talking to you. Why because the media said so you better be a good boy and listen to them get your vaccine they would never lie to you 🤦‍♂️

    2. Imagine not looking unto the agenda behind these jabs BEFORE putting them inside of your body. As someone with anxiety, I would research nonstop.

    3. @TheFreshman321 and you know that how?? cuz Faucci said so? Coz cnn said it? Coz somebody you don’t even know said so? Coz you have a crystal ball? Coz you’re God? Who tf are you? a freshman? LOLOLOL!

  8. “…put that in layman’s speak for us…”
    Proceeds to use alien terminology. I went to graduate school and we constantly spoke about how to make high level concepts & language accessible. It’s not easy — we’ve got to bring the floor up and the ceiling down simultaneously.

    1. It’s literally not that hard to understand. Try explaining the process of cancer to a 6 year old. They will think youre using “alien terminology” too. There’s only so dumb downed you can make certain words and concepts

    2. I definitely think the problem isn’t the explanation, but is the laziness and anti-science attitude of the drooling layman.

    3. Honestly I think this format is the wrong one if you want stuff like this ecplained in detail. There are really good videos about the differences between the vaccines but all of them are several minutes long.

    4. In layman’s terms: The astra zeneca and J&J vaccines use the outer shell of a dead virus called an adenovirus to deliver the genetic code of the COVID spike protein. In some very rare cases the body will start making antibodies that react with a protein on platelets that will cause them to clump together, leading to blood clots.

  9. brilliantly said, ty all. it was the only vaccine offered in my small rural town, due to temp requirements. hopefully, my daily aspirin (for my heart) will be enough protection. have you considered this as a proactive measure for those getting the j & j?

  10. My aunt was given the J&J vaccine a few weeks ago, a couple of days ago she suffered a blood clot, lead to a stroke, and is currently hospitalized. Its all well and good until it happens to your family. Just remember that.

    1. My Aunt took that vaccine last week…. two days later…. developed blood clot then passed away… Services were Sat. .. No underlying conditions…very healthy early 50’s….

    2. My aunt got a vaccine and 24 hours later was in coma. She has diabetes. When she woke up, she had no taste or smell. It wasn’t the j&j. It was another one.

  11. I’m 28yo female and got the J&J one week ago. I wanted pfeizer but my mom told me not to wait. I know there’s such a low chance of it affecting me but Im definitely scared. This sucks

    1. Like a 1 in 1,000,000 chance. If this happens to you , make sure buy a lottery ticket as well, since your on a track with super rare events.

  12. This blood clot reaction sounds like Antibody-dependent enhancement (also known by several terms such as Pathogenic Priming, cytokine storm, immuno-priming or immuno-super priming) and can be fatal.

    1. @Michael Garrity how would you be right if the news from all over reporting that the doctor in fact did die from getting the vaccine, that would make you wrong and you wont admit you are wrong

    2. @carl rockaway There has been no proven causality. I am not wrong. If you believe I am wrong, please, be my guest: prove me wrong

  13. “You have a much higher chance of getting hit by a car.” Yea like being healthy and not dying of Covid.

    1. I have asthma. Im a marijuana smoker of 17 years, bad cough. Iv been around atleast 10 people who have had covid (all non healthy people who kicked the “flu”) and i have not gotten sick. Its been over a year now. Hmmmmm

    2. @Orlando Vega you must NEVER call this the flu because leftists will make sure you understand that “this is NOT the damn flu!!!”

      They pretend to care about the 600k people who “died of Covid” yet don’t give a single damn about the million human lives lost every single year to abortion. But they care about human lives. Gimme a freaking break!

    3. Funny thing. Driving is the thing every day that will most likely get you killed. Abt. 1/105 people die in car crashes/car related death.

    4. @James Murrin you can’t vaccinate every single vulnerable person in a reasonable timeframe. but you can get the community into herd immunity in a reasonable timeframe, which will make sure the virus can’t spread and vulnerable people are safe

  14. People play the lotto everyday cause they think their gonna be the lucky one, this is the reverse lottery.

  15. It’s like if after the Titanic sunk another boat was nearby and offered life rafts to save victims, and after some people started freezing to death they all shouted, “Hey, stop trying to help us until we figure out why people are dying!”

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