1. When someone tells you he cares more about your family than yourself, the normal reaction will be “beat it! Go see a doctor and take medicine”.

    1. @Brynden Rivers honestly, I dont know what you are talking about. Anyway, i believe you will see the light soon! From china great development and achievement and Us deteriorating economy, political mess and social problems we can see which country is actually performing and doing the right thing. US obviously is trying to undermine China due to its growing power and Us just feel threaten on their superpower position. I dont feel surprise about it. It is normal for someone to feel threaten when your competitor has now surpass you but dont use dirty methods to sabotage. Compete in an upright and gentleman way. Us really thought that the world’s rule is set by them. Mandatory for everyone to follow accordingly or else you are Us enemy? I hereby F Us ambitious and arrogance. Us now u are nothing but a big debtors of China. Owing tons of money to china.

    2. @Electro M. I would support China to be number one. If the Americans dare to fight back, then I will destroy your American empire with devastating strength.

    1. I disagree. Meeting face-to-face can lead to compromising stuff. Guaranteed, nothing will ever get done if there was no meeting.

    2. Politically, both sides managed to say things that their domestic citizens would be happy to hear in front of the media. That’s their intention to hole such meetings for internal campaigns.

    1. @Juan Echeverry I’m not saying your the one spouting conspiracy theories, but your party is quite infamous for them

    2. @Mut Burner2 you mean like the conspiracy theory that Trump is Putin’s puppet and was a russian spy and who had a pp tape somewhere ? What about the one that Brett Kavanaugh was a serial rapist ? Are those not conspiracy theories ?

    3. @Mut Burner2 what about the theory that the Russians made trump president that one ended up well didn’t it, after all congressman Schiff told us he has evinced of “collusion” yet never showed it and made up the dialogue of a phone call whom everyone had the transcripts of ?

    4. @Juan Echeverry Dont mind him. he’s Chinese. he’s brainwashed, he’s your enemy, he’s here to lie.

  2. Since when the USA developed the intimate toward Muslims? Oh Chinese Muslims, we deeply care about the livelihood of the Chinese Muslims

    1. @SiLLy SiiLiiNdur don’t assume anything you don’t know. As a muslim myself, I am critical to china but fck the west. We won’t believe you. If you really care about muslim, prove it by sanction Israel. What Israel did is wayyy worse than china.

    2. @Mooncher we don’t talk about finland, poland, serbia, or eastern europe and nordic here. Everyone knows what the west mean is US gang. Those are uk, us, germany, france, australia, New Zealand, and other friends. We don’t blame poland or belarus or any European countries that don’t do bad thing to us.

    3. @nur nur but dont get me wrong.
      Muslims are more lógical, honorable and rational, than White liberals

    4. @Mooncher for me there’s no difference between white liberal and conservative. I respect white countries that respect us. I respect belarus, serbia, poland, ukraine, and nordic in general that don’t interfere other countries. I don’t have respect and faith to the US gang. Their hypocrisy is unbearable.

    1. @Love Light I did not know that a well-educated person like you that have studied natural science could be so nonchalant.

    1. CNN is engaging in gaslight-journalism. The American people will never know Blinken was beat down by the Chinese to the point of apology!

    1. @Alexandra Bauer
      When amazon, the biggest gainer in the pandemic are receiving covid relief, you know it’s a crime legalized by a group snake oil salesmen.

    1. @Oscar Löfgren yeah I know, only pro US people are considered human. I’m staying my way of being neutral sorry if that hurts you.

    2. @RenJ725 Well you are not very natural either… As everyone could see in the comment, and you are of Chinese descent…

    3. @Oscar Löfgren we are talking about point of views not any nature related topics. Does where am I from matter? I haven’t been living in China for more than a decade now, and all I said was the video was edited in a way that favours the US, and that is just a matter of fact. I didn’t say who is right or wrong but just suggested a full version of the video to be shown, and you are calling me a China bot and using my background for your supporting evidence.

  3. I was clicking the video to check if CNN has cut off the part where Blinken got slapped hard.
    As I expected, that part was removed from the video. Haha, so much for freedom of speech in the U.S.

    1. @PRCseparatedChina Taiwan Are you serious in making this comment? Don’t tell me Fushikang is not run by people from Taiwan? The management from Taiwan knows everything occurring in their factory, no matter in Taiwan, China or mainland China. If there is anything evil in this factory, that is because the management from Taiwan is evil. Also, there are dramas occurring in Taiwan everyday, don’t pretend that factories in Taiwan are as pure as white lotus.

    2. @PRCseparatedChina Taiwan Fushikang is moving to India purely because of the lower labor cost in India. China is seeking higher level industries, not OEM. It is China who dumps FUSHIKANG, not the opposite. Also, it is funny to see you turn towards an emotional hatred instead of reasonable discussion. It is fully understandable that when a person feels week himself, he tried to find some stronger backup, even the president who has stepped down. It is equally funny to see the same weak feeling caused illusion in you by stating that Trump beat Chinese around. Wake up, talk like a person with a strong mind. LOL

    3. @PRCseparatedChina Taiwan your illusion is more serious in this reply. Fushikang half owned by Chinese government? Have you made the decision on behalf of the owner of this factory, Guotaiming, a merchant from Taiwan, China? Has he agreed to share half of his profit with the Chinese government? Ask him to remit the money ASAP LOL

      As for the brain comment, I certainly agree with you that people in Taiwan province seem ‘cleverer’, they changed their names to salmon just to get free salmon sushi, for one meal. How smart, really admirable. LOL

      As for the other comments, BCI Shanghai announced there is no labor issue in China, HM is a member of BCI. As for your other comments, don’t see any logic, it is not worth replying.

      Anyway, I regret to say that contrary to your wish, Chinese people are living a better and better life with a stronger nation. Your wish is nothing else except for a wish. LOL

    4. @jinshuilu Most countries dont like when their workforce goes overseas, China most definitely is no different. Saying ‘betrayal’ is an inflammatory way to say it I admit, however, I was just having fun. See, im a romantic at heart. As for the ‘lurking’ thing, I was attempting to communicate that you wont find the most intellectually satisfying discourse on a YouTube comment section, if that is what your looking for of course. Have fun being angry!

    5. @jinshuilu useless to talk to a person like you who know nothing under your censored China media even if it’s true you will deny here for your 50 cents. Let me measure your intelligence…… uhm….. 50 cents…. okay….

  4. 0:30; Did he say might make right? similar to peace strength.
    America: peace through strength.
    China: might make right.

  5. Of all the “isms” communism is the only really actually factually oppressive and evil unnatural thing that’s at war with your rights, your thoughts, cultures and respective races.

  6. senile joe on his “press(titutes) conference” barely could produce half a coherent sentence lol

    80 million voters HAHAHAHAHA

  7. The interpreter left out that the Chinese man actually called it the SLAUGHTER of blacks in America. CNN is leaving that out. CNN isn’t a trustworthy news source

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