US cracks down on those aiding Russia’s war

The US Treasury Department took what it called “one of its most significant sanctions actions to date” to crack down on those aiding Moscow’s war against Ukraine, targeting Russia’s metals and mining sector, its financial institutions, its military supply chain and individuals and companies worldwide that are helping Moscow avoid existing sanctions. #CNN #News


  1. My father was fighting at battle of Kyiv as a member of 72 motorized brigade. He was defending his family, his city and he succeeded. Later he was killed in Kharkiv region. I am so proud of him, I am so thankful for his sacrifice. He fought and died so I and so many others could have freedom..

    1. @Gordon Calhoun All heroes are not recognized only in time of war., but all heroes are made from sacrifice. Maybe you misunderstood my quote, I do not advocate for war. But realize it has been, since the beginning of time, the way civilization has dealt with their power struggles. Im realistic enough to know, its not going away tomorrow. I am also aware that everything I hold dear, everyone I care for, every opportunity I have is because someone went before me to fight for every. single. freedom, privilege and blessing I have. Maybe you are right, if world leaders were mandated to join the front lines, there would be no war, and maybe if many screamed and protested long and hard enough, no civilian would ever have to go to war. And maybe, if you took awhile to think longer about that, you know, as well as me, that is never going to happen. Not because we dont want it, but because they dont. But IF the only option was to fight or be conquered, many know the answer to that.

    2. Thank-you for the incredible sacrifices you and your whole country have done for democracy here on earth. You are extraordinary people and we weep for you.

    3. @Ortho-G it’s terrible what the US had to do in the name of democracy and freedom, I am not ignorant of this fact, but I gotta tell you man at least it’s still possible in the US to have a voice, here’s a bit of wisdom, you can have a person who is just a mess, you get two or three more people together, and now you can have a messy mess, whatever man puts his hand to he tends to make a mess, the same with countries, seems you haven’t considered the power-hungry the greedy, when well-intended motives go to s***, just be thankful, you are not under the thumb of an autocratic dictator so let’s be real and understand the big picture, he who has the biggest stick (the most money, the best military) and hopefully some inclination of democracy, with all the crooks, blowhard bribe-taking politicians, the greed of man, no mister I do have a clue to what I’m saying but I’m a realist

    4. Sorry for the loss of your Father, you and your family will miss him dearly.
      What a great man and feel proud because he fought for a great cause. God Bless you, your family and all that fight for freedom.💕

    1. @Mark Haddow The Russian ruble Is 20% higher than before the war started and its oil revenues are 40% higher and it’s citizens have cheap gas and cheap food and a government that protects Russians which is more than I can say for the American government

    2. Sanctions really forced the U.S. to stop it’s aggression around the world, didn’t they. That’s why the U.S. doesn’t have troops in Syria. Oh, wait! It does. My bad.

    3. Was there some country that applied sanctions to the united states? What the hell are you babbling about

    4. @Alex Smith Europe’s support for U.S. sanctions against Russia has hurt Europe, not Russia and not the U.S.. They, and the war, have greatly weakened Germany in particular in its competition with U.S. capitalists.

  2. It’s eerie to think that all the people died in this war, soldiers or civilians, were still alive a year ago. Historic battles have a feeling of distance, but this war… each line pushing means numerous people that are living, dreaming contemporarily with us have left us.

    1. Tbh that’s just life as long as there is humans there will be war and bloodshed. Everyone acts lik we are civil now and repressed our violent nature. We didn’t, instead we just became more cunning while executing it!

    2. What high tech is the US planning to use next against Russia??? the same high tech that they used in Afghanistan and ran hanging for dear life after 20 years from year one Afghanis with Sandals, scooters and AK-47.

    3. yeah, this is the first war in history that people died which is also another war that the US made it happen, in all the US wars no one died, like 0 died in Iraq, 0 died in Afghanistan, 0 in Libya, 0 in Vietnam, 0 in Japan with Nukes, 0 in the Korean war, etc.. The US killed more than a million baby in Iraq with baby milk sanctions in the 1990s. This is what never happened in history killing babies.

  3. Not nearly retroactive enough.

    Lots of LLC’s have divested their ties on paper and then subsumed themselves as a subsidiary.

    1. ​@Bennett Cawleyhmmm let me see weapons in Ukraine? 😯😯😯 let me ask you would you like your enemy to put a big rifle pointed at your front door? Youd be okay with that I’m sure😁

    2. @Corinne M. Or, she’s a shill. A paid operative who’s task is to sow division. Funn_ how they’re so hard to differentiate

  4. Meanwhile… the 20 year anniversary of the war in Iraq looking for imaginary weapons of mass destruction is next month. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  5. USA needs to focus on the people here and the economy. Stop trying fix others problems and never take care of yourself

  6. After some reading down the thread it’s clear that there’s no real nuance in this comment section… all of you think this 100 plus billion dollar and counting involvement is a good thing.

    Which is not what what I think at all. In fact that money could’ve been spent state side and this war would’ve been over with already had we not intercede.


  7. Democracy, freedom, yes, sometimes. But don’t forget the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned about and still very much exists. We didn’t help the Afghans defeat the Soviets for our love of THEIR freedom and democracy, it was to defeat the Soviets. We didn’t stay in Afghanistan for 20 years just to build schools and for Women’s rights either. We’re giving Ukraine enough to survive not thrive.

    1. @Justin PatalskyThose who say that others have no idea what’s going on actually have no idea what’s going on themselves, and you are an example. Stupid but trying to act smart.

    2. @Carla Broderick Eventually world war III will be declared and Russia will sink all the ships Going to Europe with military Supplies, and I mean all the ships

    1. @Luke Look what Don the Con did about Covid. Oh, nvm, he didn’t care about killing people. He said it was like the flu and his zombie followers believed him while he himself got the vaccine. So yeah, things got pretty bad while Donald was in office. Donald only cares about himself.

  8. Because all of the other sanctions are working out so well lmao 🤣 😂 what a joke. Let’s call for negotiations not escalations.

  9. Lol our countries audacity. 😂 so who cracks down on the US supporting Ukraines war? Because they aren’t just being defensive anymore.

  10. “There’s always a new weapons system that they are asking for.” That wording was specifically designed evoke feelings of ‘greedy Ukrainians, don’t give them any more’ SHAME ON YOU

  11. Nice plug by Gallagher, conveniently placing a book he authored over his shoulder with the title facing the camera, and it’s a steal compared to the other books by the same title when I google the title….

  12. Thanks to those amazing people of the Ukraine! You have sacrificed everything for us. The world is grateful and weeps for you and continue to encourage our Country supports you.

    1. Zelensky conspired with the CIA/NATO to instigate a war with Russia on Ukraine soil – Ukraine is the simply the proxy , why the Ukrainian army don’t realise they are being used as pawns in bidens chess game is beyond me – it’s brother against brother with the vulture ( NATO) getting ready to pick over the remains

    2. Hypocrisy. All you do is hiding behind Ukrainian corpses. Why Ukrainians have to die in your war against Russia?

    3. yeah, this is the first war in history that people died which is also another war that the US made it happen, in all the US wars no one died, like 0 died in Iraq, 0 died in Afghanistan, 0 in Libya, 0 in Vietnam, 0 in Japan with Nukes, 0 in the Korean war, etc.. The US killed more than a million baby in Iraq with baby milk sanctions in the 1990s. This is what never happened in history killing babies.

    4. You mean the conscripts who have been sacrificed by the Nazi-infested U.S. puppet regime in Kiev? Or the people in Donbas who have lost perhaps 10,000 people in U.S.-backed attacks by Kiev forces since 2014.

  13. God Bless America now more than ever. She has enemies inside and outside in this world and all she fights for is freedom and peace for all without the fear of dictatorial rule. 🇺🇸 Also, God Bless her allies that want the same.

    1. Yes, the United Snakes makes enemies everywhere and keeps on fighting for its freedom to plunder our homeland, Planet Earth.

  14. Very good news! Ukrainian government confirmed that Poland has already delivered its first Polish Leopard 2 tanks donated by Poland to Ukraine! Polish Leopard 2 tanks are already in Ukraine!

  15. OK, so these are the most significant sanctions now or more half-assery?

    When are the Western alliances going to take this seriously and ramp up deliveries and production?

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