US has more monkeypox vaccines than ‘any other country in the world’ | USA TODAY #Shorts

US has more monkeypox vaccines than 'any other country in the world' | USA TODAY #Shorts 1


  1. PRIDEPOX: 95% of monkeypox cases have been transmitted through sexual activity, 41 percent had HIV, according to the largest study to date published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which also noted new clinical signs such as single genital lesions.”Our work suggests that most transmissions so far have been related to sexual activity — mainly, but not exclusively, amongst men who have sex with men.”
    Overall, 98% of infected persons were gay or bisexual men, and the median age was 38…

    1. Are you suggesting that people accept responsibility for their own actions or inactions? I quote Grumpy Gretta “How dare you!”

    2. @Robert Kowallek I would like to, but all I ask is some restraint like monogamous for just 2 months and MP will be contained.

      Pride month and just spikes up. It may not kill you, but it’s supposed to be excruciatingly painful.

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