US Hits Record For Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In A Single Day | MSNBC


    1. American people (mainly Republicans) are so entitled and pathetic. Can’t go 2 months without your ‘freedom’. That’s all you had to do to save 100’s of thousands of lives, take this seriously from the beginning.

      Now you’re in a situation where every other developed country is safely reopening and regaining their freedoms, whilst you’re still stuck with this semi-lockdown, b-tec version of freedom whilst the bodies mount!

  1. We have become a 3rd World pariah & Banana Republic under DJtRump & we don’t even produce banana’s!

    1. Wee William H Homophobe aka Dah tWeaties has graced us with his words of wit & I’am honored, not!

    2. LOOK UP Margaret Sanger, who not only is praised by the KKK, but also by the DNC

    1. Despite Trump and his GOP governors doing everything they can to fiddle the numbers, Texas cut testing down to just 15,000 today!!


    1. I noticed, how the “virus” completely dissapeared, as soon as pedophile communist democrats started rioting. It was like *_magic!_*

  2. GOP plans to run the Swedish model, just without universal health care, paid sick leave and a functioning unemployment system. Looks like GOP is leading us into failed nation territory.

    1. Plus Sweden told their people that the disease was real and serious from the start and has not allowed large gatherings.

    2. Swedish model was a huge washout. Huge death rate (500 per million) and now a tanking economy. Covid 19 antibodies in less than 8% of the population. Good kuck with that.

    1. gary, that was hilarious 🙂 But if we can be serious here for a minute. Why do democrats wank to *_Drag queen story hour?_*

  3. How are you getting because you didn’t stop the president or anything else and don’t sit there and tell me that you’ve done everything you can

  4. Of course it’s a record confirmed cases day today. Tomorrow will be worse. WTF did everybody think was going to happen? This is what happens when science, reasoning and logic takes a back to stupidity, greed and ignorance.

    1. They are just testing more.
      You don’t test,
      you don’t have the numbers.

      Pretty soon it’s just going to go away,
      like a miracle.

      It goes away with the heat.
      And the sunshine.
      And the bright light.
      And the disinfectant.
      In the body.

      Don’t forget to take your hydroxychloroquine and zinc, America!

      All is well.
      We must open back up!


  5. That’s why Europe nations are now thinking about banning the United States citizens from coming over to Europe now talk about Turnabout fair play ha No isn’t that just justice 🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. What’s funny is that will actually help our economy. That money that would normally be spent in the EU will now be spent here. Lmfao.

  6. Florida man being just as ignorant as he can possibly be….trumps done a fabulous job of effing everything up.

    1. @Josef Is that really all you’re going to talk about when you or soemone you love ends up getting sick and dying from this virus? The way the US is going right now every single person in the country is going to get it and you’re focusing on some liberal extreme to try and discredit all none far-right people.

    2. @Josef Sweden opted for the herd immunity approach, antibody studies show they’re still nowhere near it!
      The US could only go for herd immunity if it was willing to sacrifice over 1 million people.
      Even then, this virus is new. Who knows how long immunity will last for? What if it wears off after a few months? Then what?

  7. Can i give you a comparison? In Australia, the whole of Australia not just one state. To date we have had a total of 7,519 cases. Total of 103 deaths. We are having a spike at the moment, one state has reported 10 new cases overnight, all returned travellers already in quarantine. Another state reported 20 cases overnight, those are community transmission. 2 days ago we had one death, an 80yo man, the first death nation wide in a month. I believe america’s population is something like 10 x ours, so multiply those numbers by 10.
    When i see your governors & Trump is running their mouths on what a great job they’ve done, it just makes my blood boil. Why the citizens of America haven’t launched a class action against them is beyond me. (Perhaps its against your constitution, or something)

    1. nah, it’s more like 14 times, canada is 8.7, canada and usa had about the same peak proportionally but now, proportionnally, america is doing about 12x worst

    2. Thank You, yes it feels hopeless sometimes. My state shut down early. They bullied the gov. For overreacting but our numbers here are going down. Other states are just beginning. Take care.

    3. SinBae Canada had +279 cases today. To put in in proportion Canada’s population is around the same population of California. California had +4,966 today.

  8. The virus does not need to be this bad. Our criminally negligent leadership refuses to take the right precautions.

    1. Jock Young It’s so sad to see this kind of laissez-faire argument. Good leadership will serve the well-being of all people and the planet. The dog-eat-dog worldview the right has to offer is cynical and sad. We can do better.

    2. “Did not have to be this bad”, is a cliche’ that’s been used for the past three months. Why don’t you think of your own ideas instead of copying?

      Preliminary Injunction Sought to Release Hydroxychloroquine to the Public
      Why does the government continue to withhold more than 60 million doses of HCQ from the public?” asks Jane Orient, M.D., the Executive Director of AAPS. “This potentially life-saving medication is wasting away in government warehouses while Americans are dying from COVID-19.” Must be anti Trump swamp rats in charge of it.


    1. Why do you need government to tell you to stay home ? I am staying home by choice not because my government has told me or not told me to do something.

    2. @Football Nerd The virus will soon completely overpower all of their tricks and data manipulation..

    3. @photonicus Yes it already is, but the true scale is not being revealed and will possibly never be known.

    4. @Minnie Minosa good for you. Unfortunately a lot of people still think it’s a hoax and are putting others at risk with their lack of civil responsibility. That is why we need mandates, 30% of the population is too inept to do the right thing and completely misled by their politicians who only care about their god: money.

  10. Yesterday, Trump held a mass indoor gathering in the coronavirus hotspot of the entire world.

    Who knows how many human lives he is willing to sacrifice in order to get a few votes?

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