US House of Representatives debates the 25th Amendment | USA TODAY 1

US House of Representatives debates the 25th Amendment | USA TODAY


The US House of Representatives will reconvene for debate on the rule providing for consideration of H. Res. 21. Thereafter, the House will conduct the first vote series on the rule.

Following first vote series, the House will debate H. Res. 21 – calling on Vice President Mike Pence to activate the 25th Amendment to declare President Donald Trump incapable of executing the duties of his office and to immediately exercise powers as acting President.

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    1. These are seriously confusing times, we only seeing the tip of the Iceberg, God knows what is happening behind close doors, I think the game will get clear in couple of weeks

  1. As of 3 minutes ago
    Use of the 25th amendment has been voted on.
    223 votes yay (D:222, R:1)
    205 votes may (D:0, R:205)
    5 no votes.

    1. Adleast their doing something it’s more complicated then we think,it’s time for donald to go home though

    1. @Choumane Nope. No attack on Democracy. He asked for “PEACEFUL protest” which is a guarranteed right protected by bill of rights. Go read it.

  2. This country needs a centris party. Remember the say “divide and conquer”? Dems and Reps are the problem; they just can’t get along.

    1. I hope more (enough) Americans will see it. As an outsider, it is as clear as day to me. These two parties will destroy America with their arrogance and selfishness.

    2. As of today they’re many nations with an absolute destructive laws that questions the human’s mind. We can argue humans aren’t mentally developed yet and While living in a modern society, we could understand, technology is evolving at a rapid pace with nearly of eighty-ninety years of public consumption. Concluding that we are playing on fire with the mental state of immaturity. It is a beginning of a New Era and a Virtual world In where the consciousness Thrives, we cannot fool ourselves. These type of statements came out after January 6 2021, and it’s not a coincidence. # The Web.

    1. @swag He’s talking about all of them. That includes you liberals and us republicans. It’s so stupid that we can’t get along.

    1. @Jo Seph He didn’t say after—he wants to share get cavities together at the same time. Friendly (but unhealthy) dude

  3. Just to be clear. The lesson here is that the U.S. Congress is still divided on their political BS. So, rest calmly knowing that Peter has not stolen to give to Paul. And your comments are welcome for another day. Full Stop.

  4. Where was all this hard work when it would have actually helped the American people? Would have been nice for them to have worked this hard the last 4 years to actually do their jobs instead of witch hunt and undermine policy that would have done America should me good.

    1. Uhmmm the house majority only came in Trump’s last 2 years. Republicans had free will during the first two years with senate and house majority. It’s inexcusable that he got nothing done.

    1. @Christy When you play the clown for four years as president I think it’s fair to assume that he caused this circus.

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