US Intelligence Community Still Determining Exact Origin Of Covid-19 1

US Intelligence Community Still Determining Exact Origin Of Covid-19


NBC's Kristen Welker and Dr. Zeke Emanuel join Kasie Hunt with their reporting and analysis as the Office of the DNI releases a statement that they still do not know exactly when or how covid-19 was first transmitted, though they say that they've narrowed it down to the possibilities of either animal to person transmission or a lab leak. 
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    1. In tbe uk papers just before covid struck we where celebrating reanimation ancient viruses that jave never ever been seen before in human history british and French scientists funded by nasa


  1. I’m very tired of people acting like they already know what happened.
    We don’t know yet.

    1. I guess u didn’t see the president of China, admit that covid escaped from a lab in wuhan over a year ago? “Make racists afraid again” when were racists ever afraid? According to u ppl, this country was founded by racists and is ruled by “white supremacists.”

    2. @the one something is BOTHERING the USA!!!! Something is in the making behind closed doors!!!!

    3. @DoctorChained no, we adamantly denied the crazy conspiracy theory that the virus was a Chinese bio-weapon.

    1. And, knew better than to blow it. As I’m a citizen in good standing, I pray our law shall determine these persons and find be found.

  2. Thank you so very much for informing us. I look forward to decovering the REAL, true, actual, and correct origin of Covid-19 an Novae-Novella rotovirus.

    Furthermore I laud all objective and trued effort in discovery said origin. Godspeed, fellow Statesman!

  3. The world needs to fine China or place some consequences on China for their lack of transparency, failure to report the outbreak to the WHO w/in the appropriate time, and failure to cooperate w/an independent investigation to find the facts and how we can prevent the next pandemic.

    1. Its from these labs that study these bad viruses. Psychics have all said it was a lab accident. Close down these labs.

  4. Think of Smallpox and American Indians then think about Covid19 and CCP! Something look familiar?

  5. Stop kicking the can down the road. It’s man made. It was deliberate, it was China. You really believe this naturally occured.

  6. Translation: “Intelligence Community Put Back On Job Due To Pressure From Reporting Community”

    1. You mean defunded the group responsible then China wouldn’t allow us in to investigate … they will never tell you big joe knows the truth and they will repeat trump and take credit for it same story diff day

  7. Psychics say it was a lab accident and a person carried it on his clothes not knowing it.

    1. I can tell you this is rubbish story. Working in a lab you change clothing going in and departing to maintain a clean environment, otherwise it would be pointless having a lab, might as well work out in the parking lot.

  8. Uh, the fact that they’re not transparent with needed data should kinda be a red flag guys….

  9. They claim that they still don’t know and msnbc viewers are like, “I’m listening to real news, hurr”.

    1. Lmao haven’t we been saying China virus as we demanded more data and more info while they refused to cooperate

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