1. @Deborah Freedman already said this but around 1.5 million barrels extracted annually plus 1 million barrels worth daily transported from Turkmenistan and central Asia through Afghanistan Pakistan and India
      So yeah the oil too

  1. This feels like playing late 90s video game for hours and forgetting to save the progress and now we have to replay it from the beginning

    1. @Fred Frond lol
      Thanks for the compliment
      Look up the history of Greek Bactria to understand why Kandahar, a translation of Alexandria, persisted so long
      As for the locals, Alexander was famous for either completely destroying those who opposed him, Persian, Greek, Macedonian, or otherwise, or adopting the ways of the locals so completely, one could mistake where he was from
      This trend caused him much trouble with those who served in his army either as generals, soldiers, scholars, or doctors.
      He was a clearly complex personality, with as many negative traits and positive, so I’m not trying to “whitewash” him but he, along with the Mongols, pacified the region in his day being the exceptions that prove the rule:
      Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires

    2. That’s how I feel about this stupid pandemic too. Everyone getting vaccinated is ^s, and too many people won’t do it, so back to the beginning.

    1. @Fossil Draws
      Check your news lately? One soldier who dies over this is not okay. But stay in your brainwashed state. No one cares anymore.

    2. @Jesus Is The King
      Well Mr. History buff, The name ” jesus” was made up. The 1632 KJV never had the letter J and the white folks aren’t the real Jewish, its black Americans who are the true Hebrew isrealites. I see you prefer the made up lying history. I’m outta your league. Go insult some one else and cough, cough, do some real research. Shalom

  2. Thanks Biden, while I agreed with getting out I sure as hell did not mean like this, like cowards and not leaving Afghanistan very prepared.

  3. Praying for everyone. Especially my cousin who’s leaving us to go. This Sunday will be my last day with her at the beach.

    1. @rakes5150 I prayed for Valeria and her cousin. I did not scream in capital letters. Pray for the Holy Ghost to guide thee. *Daniel 9:27 says, And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.* The Son of man is the Lord of the sabbath day, not sunday nor friday. REPENT. Are you willing to be cast into the lake of fire for keeping sunday, Christmas and Easter? Christ Jesus is our Passover, not our easter nor supper nor christmas.

    1. Actually it’s sending troops to evacuate the embassy in full retreat. That’s what the title should read.
      Now let’s wait for the US begging to begin. The apologizing should start with Afghanistan women before anywhere else. Last but not least China Joe has played it well.

    2. @J Thomas member trump started this withdrawal process while in office
      You might also recall him abandoning our Kurdish allies to Russian backed Syrian government to be killed…

    3. @mpalfadel2008 He didn’t “abandon” the Kurdish forces. Lol… You listen to propaganda but can’t repeat it properly.

      The Kurds are a stateless ethnic group dispersed primarily throughout the Middle Eastern nations of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Armenia, and Syria. Most of them are Sunni Muslims, and the estimated total population of between 25 and 35 million makes them one of the world’s largest stateless peoples.

      The ones in Syria were invading Turkey and pulling a BLM protest. ( Looting, Vandalism, etc). Trump just didn’t stop Turkey from doing what any country would do to protect itself.
      Sure we need to withdrawal from Afghanistan but it shouldn’t be on their terms. Looks like someone put another American Embassy in danger again.

    1. @Marshal Murat the technology we have is nothing like back then. We could take them out in a few days if we really wanted to. Just about how many civilians they are willing to kill.

    2. @CreekSide ENT
      You speaking like we haven’t tried in 20 years, I’m a 0311 rifleman, being deployed to Afghanistan is a nightmare. The enemy doesn’t know how to run, victory was everywhere. They simply kept fighting for 20 years

    3. You should think the US would have learned the lesson you cannot beat a highlymotivated movement armed with only guns with technology. The Taliban seems to have the support of the population because otherwise they couldn’t so quickly take over the country. That is the fault of thinking in the US military, when a adversary doesn’t mind to be killed or take any damage you cause them then you cannot win, because yourself and your population does care, and only so much bodybags are accepted

  4. To do something for 20 years, pull out, and have the situation go back to what it was in less than a week….. that’s gotta be embarrassing and wasteful. My sympathies to the lives that will be lost needlessly, on both sides, but more so Afghanies who never had a choice.

  5. “This is not an evacuation.”
    It’s a… when you turn, um, and go the opposite direction of travel versus how you were originally going, regardless of where the Taliban are standing… This is not about them!

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