US launches retaliatory airstrike after deadly drone attack in Syria

The Pentagon announced the US has launched a retaliatory strike after a suspected Iranian-affiliated drone struck a facility housing US personnel in northeast Syria. #CNN #News


  1. May all the fallen souls rest in peace and may the doors of heaven open for them. From both sides!

    1. @Justin Webb I am not trying to start an argument ok, but I have a serious question for you. Other than Biden “not being Trump”, what exactly has he done good for this country in the last few years? I won’t ask about his four decades in politics , just the last few years. Please , I’d like to know. Thanks.

  2. Watched an interview that featured a special forces guy who operated in Afghanistan back in the early 2000’s. He spoke about Iranian fighters who would just sit on the Iranian/Afghanistan border and shoot at any Americans they were in range of. They weren’t official Iranian troops, just people who wanted to kill Americans, but still. This has been a thing for a long time.

    1. Gee, imagine foreign troops illegally invading and attacking you and your neighbours and you having a problem with that… 🤦‍♂️

  3. We have 2 attacks in response to about the last 80 proxy attacks as a proportionate response. Seems like some strange math….but okay I guess.

    1. @Greg Knipe  yes people who actually arent stupid and paid attention exactly one time to a high-school geography class or one news report since 2014 can.

    2. I believe there are multiple players in that region. Syrian with Russians, Iranians with fractions of Isis and The US with i don’t know who. The one’s giving us grief are the Iranians the havre jerking us around since Jimmy Carter.

    3. @Cameron Spence People can forget where it is. That doesn’t make you stupid and there are a lot of countries in the world and I’m sure you don’t remember every country.

  4. Every time we have a “retaliatory strike” I think about a line from the movie “An American President” that says “Right now there is janitor over there working the night shift at an intelligence headquarters. He’s going about doing his job… because he has no idea, in about an hour he’s going to die in a massive explosion”…

    1. Zemari Ahmadi is a real life example of that. Dude was completely innocent but was targeted in a retaliation drone strike that killed 7 children, him, and 2 other civilians.

    2. @scarumanga right, that would be like feeling bad for a janitor on the Death Star, the guy still cleans toilets for the Empire so he’s not innocent

    1. @Chris Hoffmann that’s not true… because it’s the PEOPLE complaining about helping eachother….and then one side of government then proceeds to oppose and block any policy that will ASSIST the people

  5. people have access to so much information and yet choose not to use it and act surprised when they see something they didn’t know abt

    1. ​@Jeff Roberts That IS worrying about our own Country.
      You seem not to get the point that we handle the terrorists over there so they don’t bring it here.
      If they did bring it here, their entire continent would be levelled in 20 minutes or less.

  6. This is just sickening to watch. I hope people wake up one day and realise they are being manipulated.

    1. @Michael Hughes why usa radical army going to Syria… American army killing Syrians.. this is Jesus punishing 😂

    1. ​@Bambaclot That’s WHEN they had the nuclear deal. Iran backed out, now it’s boogey woogey time.

    2. ​@Justin WebbWhy did you have a nuclear deal with a so-called “hostile threat” nation? So you could fund them to build nukes. And that’s what they did. Why are you crying about it now?

    3. @Bambaclot I challenge you to read the Iran nuclear deal and what it meant for them and us.
      You clearly haven’t educated yourself on the matter, and it shows.

  7. seems to be never ending. always something going on somewhere be thankful for what we take for granted and the freedoms we have and enjoy as many have died for those freedoms that we have. and many died , many were just lucky to survive. I heard many times of first world war soldiers and 2nd world and I am sure beyond that , that they didn’t see themselves as heroes there is a lesson there in being humble. Those voices are quite well documented in various books and on you tube and other platforms and documentaries you will find.

    1. @Raynel Samuels Trump tried that with Israel but no countries support them no NATO EU western Europe support that move

    2. @Friend Ship Somany protest in Iran,, some Iranians want change
      USA, Isreal and the Kurds can do it. It be a tough battle but Iran will lose or split to different nations

  8. It’s so sad that we are still involved in this and losing people. Seems like some places have been at war almost since time began.

    1. America is a warmonger too, let’s not exonerate those who transgress. It’s not unpatriotic to say the truth about our political escapades & propaganda. The US is in foreign land uninvited and Americans still make it out that they are the victims in all of this. Our troops are there, it is not Syrian troops who are on US soil..what did you expect?

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