US orders abrupt closure of Chinese consulate in Houston

The United States government has abruptly ordered China to "cease all operations and events" at its consulate in Houston, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, in what it called an "unprecedented escalation" in recent actions taken by Washington.

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    1. @W.A M.P I really don’t mind silly comments from the illiterate. They are actually good advertisement for my reports. The literate read and comment based facts (not personal views and not media news copy-paste). Enjoy your social media knowledge!

    2. @Investigative Audit “the literate read and comment based facts” 👌 yup coming from someone who wrote one large opinion piece about some deeper conspiracy. Then uses “Us vs Them” Illterate and literate to suggest someone in a comment section (which you are in) doesn’t have a valid point that you have TDS.

  1. If the US had to close it down immediately, it is worse than we think 🤔. Any country that deals with a communist country is not too smart always.

    1. Melba Parker US DHL..did it on purpose so they can get those highly classified intel that the Ccp hades ammassed of the Us

    2. @Woof When asked “is Trump a friend or foe to China” in the CNN interview, China’s ambassador Cui Tiankai said Trump was elected by US ppl, and was represented as US interests. So China do value Trump’s actions more like US actions.

    3. JK F1 Don’t be that hurt babe. I don’t talk to low IQ people but I always have a sympathy for them. You are just so weak.

    1. The bigger picture and what has happened behind our backs all these years is so, so much bigger than the macro summary of war and some people will die. Money is the root of all evil and every other major country in the world has lost a sum so great, it’s immeasurable.

    1. Not a issue worthy of media coverage child sex crimes are only up 4000% over the last 4 years. Theres a pandemic protester and trump to report on. Plus racism and gun violence crisis are finally statistically increasing after 40 years in decline so misinformation about that is also top priority. And the Dnc has a solid plan for all the kiddy crimes if your worried about it just have abortions duh.

    2. M W 🤔 oh you didnt see how trump was the only person out of 100 called to question by the fbi when Epstein was investigated in 2008. Not to mention he reported Epstein to police for suspicion of pedo activities. Buddies dont rat on each other they share planes and prostitutes .

    3. @M W Close enough to get dirt of them. He flew on the plane like 1 time. Sounds like they tried to initiate him and it didn’t work. Now that he’s in power he’s taking them down. Do you think any of this would be happening if Hillary was elected? ha!

    1. I had a bad experience at the Chinese restaurant today!
      The Chinese waitress asked me why just à dollar of tip?
      I said because o am not making a lot of money!

    1. @Yiwen Ju It’s amazing that anyone could possibly be as stupid as you are claiming to be. Did my facts hurt your feelings or something?

    2. Mary Macdonald It’s testing American ingenuity. For years American business owners help American consumers by building factories in China because American workers either asking way too much or easier to find slave laborers in China, and that make Walmart and Apple one of the richest company in US. Now some lunatics trying mislead American people that the wealth of Walmart and Apple are the products of slave laborers in China…..

  2. So we just gonna act like China and the US weren’t dang near best friends in 1930 until the communist took over, crazy how things can change

    1. George Kratos and I’m also saying how the prc is currently transitioning into a semi democratic state

    2. George Kratos I think that democratic ideas is by far the best political system known to man if you want me to go into it deeper just ask

    3. @Brendan Ludwig Thanks for the explanations. I agree that the nature of democracy makes people feel included and thier opinions matter tho disagree with that democracy is inherently better. IMHO, all ideologies are flawed due to the limits of human’s reasoning and creativity. Calling an ideology good or bad has no practical significance as ideologies are tools for the society to fit a specific group of people at a specific point of time on the most fundamental level. Good or bad is arbitrarily and subjectively defined and perceived differently by different individuals with different background. Ideology, as a tool, can only be said if It’s more useful or less useful. In other words, does it fit the people more or does it fit less at a specific time. For example, democracy is excellent at achieving justice in a narrow sense through lawmakers representing citizens. But during 2008 financial crisis, democracy was inefficient as it took longer than 6 months of negotiating with corporations and other government entities for the government to release stimulus packages in the market. And it was too late.
      As stunning short as our livespan is, we see the effect of ideologies and their installment in terms of decades or hundreds. But a couple centuries are like a blink of eyes in history of humanity. All the empires and dynasties, like ancient Babylon, Rome, Persia etc, thinking their ideology is the best at their time have perished. As humans keep evolving and time flies, countries like USA or China will be no more at some point in the future. And people then will come up with different ideologies and despite our current ones as ” inferior”. And of course I’m saying this from the perspective of history. As individuals, you can feel however you want to.
      I don’t fully agree with your opinions on democracy or China, but I will listen to you and try to understand your points. I only hope westerns will do the same to people sharing different culture and ideologies. What’s disappointing is that a small fraction of westerners who have never been China, never read adademic research, and don’t know the history, culture, and philosophy of the country talk in a way as if they knew absolutely everything about it. That’s not a wise way to start a conversation to understand each other.
      Thank you for discussing with me in a rational and polite manner. May you have a wonderful night and may you and your family stay healthy.

    4. George Kratos you to thank you for the wonderful conversation very rare this day have a great evening yourself

  3. And of course the consulates throughout china had already been told to secure and destroy all classified materials preparatory to abandoning the buildings on short notice.

    1. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”

      CNN – the man is a sis gender sexist, the curtain is culturally appropriating,
      attention is a fascist war call, so all pay give to us .

    2. All countries do that, it’s standard for a nation not to want their secrets to fall into a rival’s hand.

    3. cnn has operative working within CNN and they don’t even know about it..CNN is so gulliable …and have no clues that enemies operative is within their ranks ..remember Cnn is a multi national media company..

    1. I had a dream a month ago at 2 a.m and i saw lots of people running hiding trying to protect from war here in u.s and i saw 2 chinese grown up men and started praying while my grandma who passed away 10 years ago was besides me telling me to not to stop praying and i woke up praying. I had to go wash my face because all i dream it comes true. I just hope there is no war here in u.s. It didn’t look good. I even comnented on one of youtube videos where the president was not happy at all with china. We all should pray fir all what is going on. The end is near.

    2. It has been happening in last 4 years, but in US people will remain fool by Trump’s tricks!
      Trump is master in creating propaganda & conspiracy theories to scare & brainwash his voters, and then highlight himself as the only savior & hero against the fake news and the mess he himself created!

      Please read my investigation report on how he is running the biggest propaganda & conspiracy theory machinery in US history under the umbrella of SOCIALIST Falun Gong’s media channels
      (Link to the PDF format of my reports is also available in comments section of the videos – there are more reports on my channel on propaganda & conspiracy theories, including WHO, HCQ, 5G, China, etc.)

    3. @Javier Ruiz well God knew and knows everything even before we were born. So God bless everyone and everyone pray pray nevause this is nothing to what will come after the antichrist

    1. @D.O.A_ Unpossibles Entertaining to see the type of comments by the illiterate. Once you can read a report and comment based on facts, will spare some time to discuss!

  4. Well, I guess the farmers can stop waiting for that deal with China that was supposed to fix everything.

    1. @Bill Politically speaking he promised farmers just like he promised coal miners etc, what you are talking about is more of a corporate level business transaction and related to things such as IP/tech and far from those he promised to help uplift.

    2. @Bill Do you know what’s the rate of Lehman Brother 1 week before they went busted? It was still top credit strong. Lehman Brother did open their books at top transparency right? What happened then?With regards to China got busted – that’s not Chinese government but a Chinese company – I wouldn’t call American fraud cases as America..

    3. @Christian Anderson Human rights is a political football and its been one for decades, we would be very different if we cared about such things.

    4. @Hua Tian 55 days of straight rain, 67 million people displaced, millions of acres of crops flooded, the plague in the northeast, the infestation of record locusts in the northwest, the close-down of cities due to CV, the rise of India. Thailand, UK, New Zealand, Philippines, Australian and US naval presence in the China Sea. over 90 international multi-billion dollar companies pulling out of China/Hog Kong, 12 countries closing their China embassies – those don’t happen every year and definitely not at the same time.

    1. @X L American didn’t get entirely infected thanks to the president. It is difficult to imagine how worse it could get if Trump didn’t figure our what China is up to and react fast enough.

    1. @Michelle Maher yeah. Give. The. Syrians. THEIR. Country. BACK. And. THE. Golan. Heights from. Those. Frauds. And. Imposters. NEXT. DOOR!!!!

    2. @Michelle Maher So i looked up the reports of the wheat burning…I didnt see any evidence that it was deliberate and it is claimed that “the US burned 20 hectares” Thanks for making me laugh because 20 hectares is one very small farm.
      That doesnt look deliberate. Probably just collateral damage.

    3. China lends money : debt trap,
      US lend money : development aid

      China collects info : spying and IP theft
      US collects info: to protect national interests

      The list can be as long as you wish

    1. Russia is a minority player compared to China….oh wait you probably still believe the Russian collusion hoax.

  5. sure took a long time for these american politchans to wake up and start protecting the country they were elected to protect

    1. David Lopez If general Chinese were on your side to be “freed” they already overthrew CCP long ago

    2. Yeah. THANKS. CLINTON. And. OBAMA. For selling. Out. And. Betraying. This. IDIOTIC. And. MORONIC. Country

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