US President Trump’s 1st anniversary marked by government shutdown

US President Trump's 1st anniversary marked by government shutdown 1

US President Trump's 1st anniversary marked by government shutdown 2

Donald Trump mug the first anniversary of his inauguration on Saturday with his government in shutdown Trump has accused Democrats of being more concerned about illegal immigrants than they are about the country’s military or border safety this after disagreements between the two parties caused a government shutdown the suspension of many public services in the United States follows the failure of the Senate to pass a government spending bill President Donald Trump on the likelihood of a shutdown as Senate Democrats continue to demand concessions the last time the government was shutdown was in 2013 when Republican lawmakers tried to include language in a spending bill that would have delayed or defunded the Affordable Care Act former President Barack Obama’s signature domestic legislation in this instance Senate Democrats are refusing to budge unless the bill protects young immigrants brought into the country legally as children among other measures as US politics again devolves into finger-pointing between the two major parties the American people want the federal government open for veterans military families and the vulnerable they want food and drug inspections to continue without interruption they want death benefits to continue to go out to families of service members killed in action they want children and low-income families to continue receiving health coverage through S chip they want a sensible compromise on immigration but they cannot Madam President for the life of them understand why why some senators would hold the entire country hostage the trust deficit between the two sides at a historic low there is no promise and no likelihood that another kicking of the can down the road will get something done we have to sit down together and solve this with the president or without until that happens no amount of CRS will get this done I would suggest we all vote for the motion to proceed but instead move a very short-term CR and we will either negotiate it ourselves or the president will join us and we can get the job done if a compromise is not found the shutdown will happen midnight Friday affecting payments to active military personnel national parks and museums could be closed while over 800,000 government employees could be furloughed on a daily basis Sherman Bryce please s ABC News New York

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