US Sanction 6 Jamaicans | Norman Horne Resign the Senate - December 11 2020 1

US Sanction 6 Jamaicans | Norman Horne Resign the Senate – December 11 2020


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    1. @blackmamba 23 but they exacerbate the problem by being totally dependent. When a country can feed itself, surely that’s a better position to be in.

    2. @Mr. Lex Jamaica does not need america period. It would benifit us to have a good relationship thats it. This a globalized world my friend. Does Cuba need the USA? No and before you say cuba is struggling it is completly because of US sanction on their country. Screaming that jamaica has to kiss the ring of america is a defeatist mentality.

  1. the US serious everybody inna Adams family get “DUCK” i guess its justice either way cause they murder 4 persons in the eyes of the US

  2. He’s in a Much better state… ohh really jah jah them really take the people of Jamaica for fool…. FREE THE PEOPLE!

  3. The guy a yu yaad ting sounds disrespectful n condescending!! Enforce ur laws but remember ur a servant of the PEOPLE!

  4. What happened to Shaw?
    No man a yawd. Please! It’s time to step down and leave politics alone and enjoy your life.

  5. Mr Horne love AMERICA over JAMAICA nothing is wrong in making a choice as a matter it’s very nice to have choices.

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