US says it has intelligence that China is considering backing Russia in Ukraine

The US has intelligence that the Chinese government is considering providing Russia with drones and ammunition for use in the war, three sources familiar with the intelligence told CNN.
It does not appear that Beijing has made a final decision yet, the sources said, as negotiations between Russia and China about the price and scope of the equipment are ongoing.
Since invading Ukraine, Russia has repeatedly requested drones and ammunition from China, the sources familiar with the intelligence said, and Chinese leadership has been actively debating over the last several months whether or not to send the lethal aid, the sources added. Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman talks to CNN's Jim Acosta of what the ramifications could mean for the US. #russia #CNN #jimacosta


  1. If the movie “lord of war” has taught me anything, it’s that the supply of weapons to Russia from countries who can not be seen supporting the war effort is possible through a number of back channels and 3rd party arms dealers.

    1. Could it happen something like this?
      If I put something down turn away and someone steals it,did I help them? Just something to think about.

    1. I can’t believe so many people believe all their lies and propaganda, it is amazing to me that more people can’t see the truth of what this war is really about.

      I’ll let you in on what I think is happening the first thing you should know is Ukraine has been asking to join NATO for many years it wasn’t until 2002 after Ukraine found a huge natural gas reserve the second largest supply in Europe did NATO reconsidered accepting them as members.

      Back then NATO was a little busy with two wars so they couldn’t do that much about it, also I believe they didn’t have a puppet in office in Ukraine so they waited.

      In 2019 Zelensky becomes president an actor who just so happened too had played the president on a popular TV show I highly suspect the CIA helped him get into office but I can’t prove that.

      In 2020 we quickly withdraw all our troops from Afghanistan so we could free up our military and equipment for our next move.

      NATO then begins talks with Ukraine knowing Russia would not want another border nation joining an enemy coalition especially one that was created to fight against them after World War II and is also the most powerful military forces on the planet.

      Russia seeing the treat on their national security if Ukraine became a NATO member Russia began to amass troops on Ukraines border and tried negotiating with Ukraine to prevent them from joining NATO.

      After it looked like the peace talks would fail Russia began the war they knew if Ukraine became a NATO member they could never attack them without starting WW3.

      Understand Ukraine being in an alliance with NATO is vary bad for Russia with NATO controlling Estonia, Latvia, and Ukraine they could use them as staging grounds then using a pincher maneuver NATO could attack Russia on two fronts cut the supply lines between Belarus and Russia and come at Moscow from two different directions, look at a map and think like a general and you’ll see why Russia can’t let Ukraine join NATO.

      Once Russia attacked they began the propaganda machine drumming up support for Ukraine saying Russia attacked for no reason and that Ukraine was innocent.

      Once they had enough support they started to funnele billions of taxpayers money into our military industrial complex to “help Ukraine” this money goes into private companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin so they can found a proxy war on our old enemy.

      We don’t care about Ukraine we are using them just like we did in Afghanistan in the 80s we are providing them weapons and logistics, it’s an old war tactic find someone that has a conflict with your enemy throw fuel on the fire and watch it burn give them weapons and let them fight your battles for you.

      Recognize how we are escalating the war by sending weapons, if we truly wanted this war to stop we would send negotiators to push Ukraine to become a independent neutral nation instead of pushing for them to become a NATO member.

      Understand we wanted this war so our war profiteers could make billions and if Ukraine wins they would become a better trading partner with Europe for the Natural gas they need now more than ever since the Nordstream pipe line Mysteriously got blown up.

      We had a warning from Dwight D. Eisenhower that something like this could happen, Eisenhower said in a speech after WW2 was over “We must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

    2. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, and people have been saying for months that the western response has been ‘a day late and a dollar short’ consistantly throughout this war.

  2. I think more important than any immediate assistance is China providing the means by which Russia can sustainably prosecute its war. Russia is transitioning to a war economy and I expect the percentage of GDP Russia spends on defense this year will substantially increase. China can do much to help this transition along, like provide construction equipment for new plants, the CNC machines that go into those plants, and sophisticated articles like semiconductors that Russia can’t produce for itself. This is already happening to some degree, but I’d like to see it increase dramatically.

    There are two problems with direct assistance (three actually – taking America’s hallucinations seriously being the third): First and foremost, it draws down China’s own stocks which goes against a primary interest in this war, namely drawing down NATO’s stocks. Second, it goes against China’s diplomatic stand for peace and against NATO’s role in this war. Yes, China’s diplomatic statements should be taken seriously and China condemning certain behaviours means it won’t behave similarly.

    1. President XI is just waiting to Take Advantage of a WEAK Russia . China will NOT Risk Losing Trade with the Western Countries . If anything it is in CHINAs Interest for Russia to Collapse as then China can take Back the Far East Land that Belonged to China ,,

    2. @FV It is impossible for China to “lose trade” with the West. China is an irreplaceable supplier of every single article of consumption in the West and without it standards of living in the West would be obliterated.

      The idea that China covets some tundra to its north is extremely stupid. Whatever valuable commodities are there, China can simply buy from Russia (in its own currency, no less). Why would anyone plan an invasion against a country with the largest nuclear arsenal on Earth when he could just run his money printer and get those resources?

      China wants a secure and stable northern neighbour and a partner in its struggle against America. America is the problem and the China/Russia partnership will remain ironclad for as long as America exists.

      The only conceivable scenario where Chinese boots would be on Russian soil is if they are supporting the Russian military in overthrowing a pro-Western government that by some miracle got power in Moscow. The chances of such a coup occurring are remote, to say the least.

    3. 你是正确的!我们不会站在世界的对立面,更加不会和美国站在一起!美国一直为在分裂中国的势力提供资金支持。

    4. Russia won’t last long enough to be armed by China to win.. Game over for China , if it comes to that. We just need to Nuke those clowns once and for all .
      Since the Korean war or conflict , is only at a truce , China is still there , and still on the wrong team. Build the internment.camps , and here we go again..finally.
      Thank you Kissinger and Nixon. The most accomplished of traitors..

  3. Assuming you’re working on a baseline assumption that an east vs west war is inevitable, it would make sense for China to support Russia for the same reasons why it makes sense for the west to support Ukraine. The more equipment the west donates and loses to Russia, the more beneficial it is for China in said upcoming EvW war since they don’t have to expend any of their own troops. The west also wants Ukraine to be strong, so that they can deplete Russian (and possible now Chinese) forces/equipment to give them an advantage in any possible EvW war without losing any of their own troops.

    So, if this happens, then the Russo-Ukraine war will officially be a Nato/China proxy war, with the winner getting a substantial advantage on the world stage. Poor Russia, in a year their reputation has gone from the second most powerful country in the world, to not even being a major consideration in their own war lol.

    1. @Jonathan Lehtonen As far as China courting the US for exports go, I agree the CCP has been unnecessarily antagonistic towards the west, but I have serious doubts US politicians would shift away from “strategic competition” (read Cold War at best) for as long as China’s economy continue to threaten to overtake that of the US, whatever China does diplomatically. Economy is what feeds the military and technological research. There’s simply no way to maintain military and technological superiority, or superpower status, in the long run without also being the #1 economy.

      Trade decoupling is only the first step of Cold War (strategic competition, if you wish) – and like I said it’s not something that’ll change or stop if only China begged the US. Embargoes, blockades and proxy wars are sure to follow in the not-so-distant future. That presumption probably figures into CCP decision to cozy up with Russia. Russia has much needed food, minerals and energy that China can import in the depth of the new Cold War that the US Navy would be unable to blockade

    2. @Jonathan Lehtonen I vaguely remember Trump saying if China helped him with North Korea he’d “take it easy” on trade, back in 2017 before the trade war started in earnest. Not sure if China bought it but they did impose some trade curbs on NK. Then NK nuclear threats faded into the background and trade war, chip war, “China virus”, sanctions and drumbeats of new Cold War or WW3 started. Imagine being Xi. He’s probably furious. It’ll be a tough sell making him let go of Russia this time

  4. The best thing that could happen to the US is to put extreme limits on imported goods from China. We could start making our own crap. Bring industry back to the US. Or give our business to much more deserving countries.

  5. We heard about paks good terrorists and bad terrorists. Now we are hearing about wests legal wars and illegal wars. 🤨🤣

  6. We, the “rest of the world”, knew this. It doesn’t take U.S. “Intelligence” to know these things 😂

  7. So same way that we and the rest of Europe is backing Ukraine ? What’s wrong if they too,pick sides just like we did instead of finding a diplomatic solution, just like we’re doing?

  8. Putin’s failure: “Not exactly a great advertisement for Russian arms sales.”
    Well, … … … 🤦🏼‍♂.

    1. The Russian weapons are actually doing their jobs in Ukraine, it’s better than what the Ukrainians had starting the war. The problem lies in tactics, and western smart weapons which far outpace the Russian ones. If you need weapons that won’t bankrupt your nation you probably will still want Russian artillery and tanks. The entire world supplying Ukraine still isn’t enough to destroy Russia in 2-3 days just to show the sheer amount of equipment they made for cheap.

  9. Ukraine set up an impossible condition of withdrawing all the Russian troops, which is literally surrendering, and also said that there will be no negotiations with Putin.
    What kind of negotiations are you want Putin to conduct?

  10. Extending the duration of the war means forcing a financial drain on the west as they struggle to continually support Ukraine over the long haul. If you are looking to invade a county like Taiwan, then making sure to minimize the possibility of Western support is imperative.

  11. The “erosion of deterance” is the most dangerous development. You go cheap on deterance – and pay with a war.

    1. If there’s no goodwill you pay with a war. Finland and Sweden have an amicable existence under no real threat from the Kremlin. Russian demands the last couple of years were stern but rational given what was happening in Ukraine.

    1. That’s how you know this story is just being run for distractions at this point. It’s been like that since the beginning, the whole conflict has just been a money making scheme for all three super powers

  12. “US says it has intelligence” started laughing too hard to watch after I read that much. We have Biden and Harris, the exact opposite of intelligence.

  13. Good for them. I’ve gotta be honest, every nation leadership has a fiduciary responsibility to capitalize on every situation in a way that benefits their economy the most. Russia is going to be a client state of China in the future, and there’s nothing that can stop that, it’s going to happen weather China supplies weapons or not. If they do, China will have an opportunity to charge extortive prices for their goods which Russia will pay for with its natural resources, and will continue to pay for long after this conflict is over.
    Weather or not China does that will not change the calculus one single bit. Ukraine will still fight on, and the only thing the west can do to guarantee a victory will be to train and give Ukrainian pilots fighters with stealth capability. Those two factors will remain true with or without Chinese weapons in the mix.

  14. It’s interesting that they condemn other countries from giving weaponry to help Russia but everybody is helping Ukraine with weaponry (rightfully so) seems a little contradicting. It seems this whole situation could of been avoided if NATO just backed off. They encouraged a war by not minding there business

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