US says Ukraine ultimately defines the end of war against Russia | USA TODAY

Defense Sec. Austin and other top military officials say they'll continue to support Ukraine during the war as more countries step up to help.

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  1. Thanks for the timely news updates 👍. As a content creator I can say this deserves more views.

  2. 🇬🇧 «The commander sent the two of us to take the walkie-talkie to a nearby check-point. Some people came out of the forest, in a uniform similar to the uniform of the Russian special forces. We heard Russian speech, and a Russian voice told us in Russian “Hands up”, we decided that they were ours and did not shoot, raised our hands and began to approach them .. Then, I saw the stripes of the Ukrainian army on their uniforms and thought, that this is all [the end]….»
    captive orc
    Voronov Petr Vasilievich
    09/25/1999 year of birth

    damn, what orcs are imbeciles…

    🇪🇸«El comandante nos mandó a los dos a llevar la estation de radio a un puesto cercano. La gente salió del bosque, con uniformes similares a los uniformes de las fuerzas especiales rusas. Escuchamos una voz rusa nos dijo en ruso “Manos arriba”, decidimos que eran nuestros y no disparamos, levantamos las manos y comenzamos a acercarnos a ellos … Entonces, vi las rayas del ejército ucraniano en sus uniformes y pensé, que esto es todo [el fin]…»
    orco cautivo
    Voronov Petr Vasilievich
    25/09/1999 año de nacimiento

    joder, que orcos son unos imbeciles…

    🇷🇺 «Нас вдвоем командир послал отнести рацию на соседний пост. Из лесу вышли люди, в униформе, похожей на униформу российского спецназа. Мы услышали русскую речь, и русский голос нам сказал по-русски «Руки вверх», мы решили что это наши и не стали стрелять, подняли руки и стали подходить к ним.. Потом я увидел нашивки украинской армии на их форме и подумал, что это всё…. «
    пленный орк
    Воронов П.В.
    25.09.1999 года рождения

    🇺🇦сука, які ті орки тупорилі.

  3. ironic how the last leaders of the 2 biggest superpowers on the globe both have 5 letters in they’re last name

  4. The US Senate has passed the $40bln more aid package for Ukraine.
    I have bought $SKYH

  5. That’s right, it’s not the United States or NATO’s fight, all America and the EU will do is ship supplies and weapons and other such support. Ukraine has already said they have more Javelins and NLAW and other anti aircraft and anti-tank weapon systems then they have men to utilize them. Truth be told the conflict will be won with sheer manpower, not based off who has the largest stockpiles in logistical zones.

    1. A PRE-LOGICAL ORANGE MUMMY IS BACK, TO PICK-UP HIS OWN SKULL !!!!!LOL!!!! Go Pence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. A PRE-LOGICAL ORANGE MUMMY IS BACK, TO PICK-UP HIS OWN SKULL !!!!!LOL!!!! Go Pence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Remember when they said that Russia will run out of weapons, food and fuel in a week? That was in early March

    1. You misunderstood. They weren’t saying that the Russian army would run out of these things, but that the Russian front line troops would run out of these things.

      It wasn’t a comment about production, but about logistics.

      And the front line units DID run out of supplies. Which is one reason why the Russians were pushed back from Kiev and Kharkov.

    2. No we don’t and i dont think any one does actually. But we all remember how 85 days ago the russian army said it was confident it will crush ukraine within 3 days.

  8. Listen to these hypocrites. Where was this same logic when you attacked Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, etc……?

  9. Right, the US apparently only gets in fights with third world countries we can kick around. As a US citizen the fact we slaughtered 500K Iraqis and called it “war” makes me sick when I think it wasn’t because we were fighting for freedom it was because we could. And spare me it was “war.” It was as much a war as a full grown man “fighting” a five year old child. If we were fighting for freedom than this would be our fight too. Amazingly we’re quick to send troops to Somalia. I guess that is somehow “our” fight?

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