1. What we the public has seen thus far has not really proven Iranian involvment at all. But I won’t say it’s impossible – UK and Germany are not much under par of the US on intelligence, and honestly right now I have a lot more faith in what German intelligence can tell the people. Then UK, then at the very last place, the US. Not that the US has bad intelligence – they just have a proven track record beyond other countries _combined_ of pulling false flag atracks like this sh*t since the dawn of the United States. Combined with the current admin telling more lies than truth, and having taken an aggressor approach to Iran since day 1, the US can simply not be trusted in this.

      And we really don’t need more American sons and daughters suffering gruesome, painful, horrible deaths in foreign lands for presidental egos and corrupt commercial interests. Not Iranian (or Yemeni) sons and daughters either. If this admin decides to go to war – it should be on the mandatory condition that Trump and his family, Pompeo, Bolton and all their supporting war hawks, are sent in first. Not in some command post, but on the armed frontline, on the ground, in field. If they’re not willing to do that themselves – then they should not be sending others to their deaths either.

      If you cannot give life to those whom have lost theirs, never be eager to take life away from those who have it.

    2. German never lies, never tapes cell phone of a foreigner leader. German found who was behind 9/11. People around the world are trusting them.

    3. Germany has been occupied and used by Zionists ever since WW2 ended. Look around, see any real Germans calling the shots over there?


    1. @Hawkzblade I didn’t include the civilians but that would bring the total up around 2 million. Americans on mainland? The US has only been attacked on American soil 2 times. Pearl Harbor and 9/11. We all know the consequences that followed

    2. then just wait iran to develop nuclear weapons and then bomb usa it will be much better ain’t it

    3. @my thoughts
      Yeah nothing done to the arabs and mossad behind that attack.
      These are fanatics, not ordinary fighters and unlike those fake ISIS attacks, they wont mess about with who or what they will take down.and wont be just in america as said by an Iranian yesterday.

  2. We are asking a lot of the 7% of Americans who wear the uniforms for us,hope it is not another weapons of mass destruction deal!

    1. Austin Giguere Thank You for Your Service,mine was 65 years ago,there was a bit more respect back then.

    2. I think they actually want to go. They get bored and restless with just training. Could be brainwashing as well.

  3. *_it is sickening to take avantage of the bravest men and women in this country, to use their patriotism for proxy wars is indefensible_*

    1. zacho cracy what’s sad is that there is no value for life in America, the politicians use america life’s for their own greed.

    2. @i 8-2 Much What’s sad is that people always say this and don’t realize every single military member takes an oath to protect this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. Every single military member knows damn well that they may have to give the ultimate sacrifice. And they don’t get to that position because of a politician’s decision. They get to that spot because that was their dream to be a part of the greatest military for whatever reasons they had. They are motivated and willing to fight and die alongside their brothers and sisters if so necessary. These soldiers value all American life and are willing to give up everything for each and everyone of us. That’s value for American life.

      Not to mention these 1,000 troops mainly deal with reconnaissance to assess the situation. They aren’t being thrown in the front lines in a full out war against Iran. So don’t make it seem like their lives aren’t valued because they damn well are.

  4. Netanyahus gonna get his monies worth, Watch on YouTube the 2018 Aipac conference both parties leadership cheering on netanyahu as he proclaimed Iran’s destruction,the PACs finance both parties leadership and win no matter what we want, American blood and treasure to rebuild the Davidic kingdom and you will voting them in, ignorance

  5. Fake news
    Trump is pulling out all troops from Siria
    Trump has eliminated all Isis and beaten them badly badly
    Trump do not want any soldier to die in far far places

    Trump is a very humane nincompoop

  6. I suspect that any sec/ hour / day someone will recklessly act first resulting in some sort of confrontation

  7. Once again Media manufacturing consent , there is no evidence but the media had to sell the war with propaganda to justify the invasion

  8. The trouble here is: the world is once bitten, twice shy. Remember the “weapons of mass destruction”?

  9. If a war breaks out Trump and his boys should go help fight it since they have never done anything for America after all Trump said he love to fight.

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