US Sprinter Richardson | TVJ Sports Commentary - May 25 2021 1

US Sprinter Richardson | TVJ Sports Commentary – May 25 2021


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    1. A fit ET cannot be beaten, ET is the only one that can overtake a SFP at her best, let’s remember the 2019 Jamaican Trials, ET came from behind to defeat the QUEEN, had it not been for her injuries she would have been the favourite

    2. @Ronald Reid Had it not been for pregnancy and injury for Shelly, ET would not have a 100m gold to this day

    3. @Ronald Reid SHELLY HAD A BABY!!! How you gonna say that Elaine is better because she came from behind to clock the SAME TIME as someone who’s coming back from having a baby in late 2017?? If anything, Shelly wasn’t fit and Elaine was.

      Stop talking sh!t. Wasn’t Elaine fit in 2017 when she lost at the World Champs? What was her excuse? A fit Elaine is great at the 200m, but until she runs faster than 10.70, she’s NOT better than Shelly in the 100m.

    4. @KoolKaiser Fit means fully capable, without any injuries. So if she has an Achilles issue, she’s not fit lol.

    5. @Orane Precisely why I said basically…The Achilles issue cannot be fixed so by ur judgement she will never be fit for the rest of her career.

  1. Sha-Carri is an excellent sprinter and she’s is going to be under some tough pressure when the other ladies come into form.

  2. She got the advantage so let’s see if she can handle the pressure the next time won’t be like the first time

  3. The number one sign you’re not funny) You need a laugh track to laugh at your unfunny so called jokes.
    The number one sign you are funny) You always dress in flamboyant LGBTQ outfits.

  4. Up to this day people don’t notice how Shellyann works or runs leading up to a particular BIG day. She always uses these meets to get herself ready and take the pressure off herself. So while everyone else is racing out theirs hearts now, they usually crack under pressure on the day that matters most. Good luck to all of them though..

  5. It is years he is reading the sports news like that , I annoy me , news is a serious issue ‘ persons wants to relax and listen with keen ears

  6. Oh please! Shelly will peak when the time is right . Wi see it all the time. These foreign athletes seeming to peak at meets like these. so nothing to fret about. 100m title safe as long as Shelly and Elaine are fit

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