1. The US women’s national team has fought for years to increase their pay. Do you think 2019 will see any changes?

  2. lets compare the womens and Mens:

    ticket sales
    merchandise sales

    AND they got stomped out by an under 15 boys team


    2. @TT2 Why would it be easier to become a women’s pro then a men’s pro? They generally compete in two different categories. As you pointed out the US might be an exception to your statement and guess what, we are talking about the US.

  3. When the Gals of the US soccer team generate as much revenue as their male counterparts do, then they can talk Turkey. If the Gals want more cash then they should join the Dikes on Spikes tour of LPGA.

  4. How about all ppl get payed based on the revenue they bring in. Simple business. . So first see what they bring in then talk about what ppl should get payed.

    1. you’re right , the men world cup generated about 3 billion dollars while the women world cup only generated about 73 million dollars. I’m a liberal but I hate these leftists talking points, whenever they talk about wage gap they take into account everyone and they ignore that women aren’t working some high risk jobs like mining , the data shows that men get paid as much as men do if they work in the same position so we have to do a comparison based on the type of job they do because if xe seriously start comparing waitresses and CEOs then we’re gonna have a problem.

    2. Mahmoud Amine exactly, if a company could get away with paying a women, who had the same job as a man, less then they would only higher women. It’s that simple. Men typically as you said work more hours, more dangerous jobs, and enter work areas with higher wages such as STEM areas.

    3. @Thduanuc Hdujebfj funny how these leftits blame capitalism for everything but they never asked themselves if these greedy companies could get aways with this , why can’t they also lower the wages of the male workers and have more revenue , why just target women ? These companies try to save every penny they could so why just stop at one side lol.

    4. Mahmoud Amine It’s because these companies are sexist and they want to keep women down in society.

      It makes no sense to me. Capitalism actually prevents discrimination because if you discriminate you will lose customers and be unsuccessful.

    1. @Emperor Kim Jong-un I was being sacastic.😊 But yes, you are right. The rest of the world pays much more attention and money to mens soccer.

    1. -17 degrees Celsius, on red clay, made of miled brick-trash, after it had rained for days before the temperature dropped, resulting in a humpy sharp edged concrete hard surface, the coach had to run around the field for the entire time as everything else was just too cold, it was dark too, aaawww, I miss the happy old days. 😛

    1. Yes they have a select skill set that only a one in a million can do the cut that one in a milliin in half because they represent half of the us population. Veterans should get payed more but veterans are volunteers. Also the military takes up almost half of the US tax revenue.

    2. Carl Watson These females are not fighting a war.
      But what do I expect from a beta Caucasian male lol

  5. It may popular in America ,but in Europe despite all hype its still crap none of them are worth anything near what men are paid ! Most of the men also grossly Overpaid 💰💰💰

  6. Womans soccer is like CNN is, No ratings and No merchandise sales. You don’t see alot of people wearing CNN T-shirts and drinking out of CNN coffee mugs either. Do you think 2019 will see changes? Probably Not

  7. It’s not a major problem as women’s soccer is BORING. You make more if you’re worth more.

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