USA Issues Security Alert for Kingston | NIDS Bill Move to the Senate - Oct 14 2021 1

USA Issues Security Alert for Kingston | NIDS Bill Move to the Senate – Oct 14 2021


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  1. I don’t understand how Jamaica don’t have proper ID system when your TRN gives all your information when people don’t know what they are doing is a hell of a thing

    1. @Vendetta Worldwide based on a response to a worldwide medical crisis that is using much of Jamaica’s financial, medical and ham resources? And also bars on a recurring issue of lack of identity? Yet we are striving for 1st world status without having a proper country id system. Also yet if we migrate we will take up a social security number as done in US or the likes in other countries. Sigh

    2. @Dr Anggelos your response makes no sense, we need proper social programs, out government offices are out of date, how will they maintain National ID system, when none of the national systems work.

    3. @Dr Anggelos Jamaica need alot of development before talking about an identification system…. JPS is holding Jamaicans Hostage because they have no competition… The cost of living is increasing rapidly while people’s pay remain the same…Hospitals needs massive expansion and every parish needs a major hospital that is capable of handling every crisis to ease the burden off Kingston and Montego bay… ppl are sleeping on the floor bcz of inadequate rooms and beds.. Crime rate and especially shootings are at an all time high and the only thing Andrew can talk about is the big C….the same man that said when he’s finished with Jamaica we will be able to sleep with our doors and windows open… and I can go on and on…

    1. …until is second coming. Make sure you’re one of the wise virgin in this last hour, because what we do now will ultimately be the deciding factor of where we spend eternity. The Mark of the Beast is here, ONLY those who have eyes to see will truly know the form it is being deceitfully given to people. Jesus bless you.

  2. Imagine, a safety warning coming from a violent place like america about Jamaica. When yu lie with a beast yu must ketch nastiness.

  3. If they take down the gay flag it would better than telling people where to go ..they have sense and hear news

  4. They literally just finished refurbishing the court and community center in Stand Pipe..This is hilarious

  5. Why this man don’t change is name to Andrew vaccine, Befor he try to fix the crimes in Jamaica every time vaccine vaccine am tried of it.

  6. Old vampires Babylon shall fall in the twentieth century David will slue golieka spiritually and physically

  7. I’ve heard some things in my life but BS like this is a new low US embassy telling them to stay away from areas, stand pipe is right outside of embassy I’ve never heard of tourists getting robbed in community Central village and many other places may not be the best in Jamaica but most good people came from those communities

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