USA TODAY’s Women of the Year show – Premiering March 29

USA TODAY's Women of the Year show - Premiering March 29 1


  1. Women of the year is this women are those women who believe or think they are women or are transient to women but they’re not there yet or dressing up as women have we lost or do you know how you define a woman anymore or if it’s not woman why use the word at all woman just say the thing award I think that would be a lot better definition than using the word woman or man from now we can’t call a thing and it

  2. Woman, how do you define that exactly?
    It seems to be a hard question to asnwer in today’s culture.
    I’m just curious, USA Today.

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  4. I’d expect nothing less of my fellow man, rising the ranks of women to become the best woman as well.

  5. Women of the year? Is there such a thing as women? Science isn’t sure. Do better USA today. Do you hate science?

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