Usain Bolt Comments on Antonio Watson Gun Gesture | TVJ Entertainment Report - May 28 2021 1

Usain Bolt Comments on Antonio Watson Gun Gesture | TVJ Entertainment Report – May 28 2021


Young Jamaican Sprinter Antonio Watson gestures at ISSA Boys & Girls Champs being commented on by former sprinter Usain Bolt.

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  1. Don’t call out Antonio Watson. Stop importing and selling toy guns. What about violent video games with hours of shooting your virtual enemies. Why wait until Antonio act out what he learn. Kmt

    1. Lmao video games and toy guns doesn’t make killers. It takes much more for someone to get to the point of taking human life.

    2. athlete and stars inspire mostly the youngsters, we see where the dancehall artists performance is imitated by the youngsters, well said Usain, the games also inspire violence, with violence our major headache lets try and curve it from the beginning.

    3. @Andre Glegg I think thats the point, a gesture done in the heat of competition doesn’t mean the young man was going to get a gun and shot his rival. PC culture mek everybody too sensitive and like Bolt say the elders should have counseled him one a way instead of going on them social media platforms to grandstand while ignoring the bigger problems i.e the import of real guns.

  2. Bolt is one of a kind, he is thoughtful, respectful and sincere, everytime I watch, listen or see this man I’m touched, may God bless you and keep you and cause his face to continually shine on you.

  3. Typical Jamaican double standards. These same people who are calling out this young man their corporate entities are sponsoring concerts flooded with gun talk, and murder.

  4. I was watching the NBA last night Brooklyn vs Celtics. Irving shoots a 3 and made it and his teammate on the bench gestures a gun finger shooting sign to celebrate the play. And u don’t hear anyone making mentions. If we can’t make the difference with fun and violence then we are lost as a people

    1. @Living on Purpose !! don’t we all do that in training, in school, in the community etc… people complaining are just people with a mobile device that has time on their hands. Leave the kids let them be

    2. @Amazing Heartbreak No we don’t all do that. And yes this topic need fi end.
      Tek care.

    3. Veronica Facey “We are living in more serious times?” Weren’t we living in more serious times 30 or 20 years ago? Crime Neva just cum di adaday, ehno. It’s been ravaging the country for decades. And growing up, I’ve always seen people do the gun gesture, and no one said a thing. And now it’s an issues?

  5. Respect to mr bolt i dont hv a prob with what he’s sayin. But there’s alot of senior ppl who think they know what best for d youths when they infact had the chance to pay their part in a positive way, theirs alot of fogs walkin around n nobody is critising them.

  6. “Society, plz nuh condemn di ghetto to hell” -Vybz kartel

    they’ll knew the intentions !

  7. The Greatest to ever do it speaks! The youth needs a little more guidance if he’s going to reach the top top level

  8. Say what you will, but through his questionable gesture, Anthony Watson has successfully made himself a household name. No one will forget him now.

    I am happy that Usain did not agree with what he did. People are always agreeing with the wrong things, saying “Leave the youth alone” but all young people need is proper guidance to become their very best.

    Jamaica is famous for its prowess in track and field and infamous for our propensity for violence. When the world is watching our athletes, it momentarily forgets what it does not like about our country. What Watson has done is to tie the best of Jamaica to the worst of Jamaica and that cannot be good for any of us.

  9. This youngster did something most jamaicans do from time to time, just that his action was not fitting for that stage. Anyone here remember when Bolt was call out for the way he celebrated his win at an Olympic.
    We teach the youth to shout and when they do we crucify them, There is a song that says ” Yu caah blame the youth”.

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