USDA Rules On Pork Inspection To Change For First Time In 50 Years | Morning Joe | MSNBC

USDA Rules On Pork Inspection To Change For First Time In 50 Years | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


In an NBC News exclusive, two federal inspectors are speaking on camera for the first time to discuss the biggest change to food inspection in nearly 50 years, rolled out quietly by the Trump administration. Aired on 12/16/19.
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USDA Rules On Pork Inspection To Change For First Time In 50 Years | Morning Joe | MSNBC

69 Comments on "USDA Rules On Pork Inspection To Change For First Time In 50 Years | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Efficient is never a word you want to hear in bulk processing. Sure there are ways to streamline the process, but those measures have already matured over decades.

    • Paedophile trump aka individual one only aim is to DEREGULATE everything.

    • @dan112020 Actually Ttump’s aims are to make money, please Putin, and hold on to power. Trump sees deregulating to help his Oligarch friends as a waxy to do the first and third and if it helps destabilize America then that makes Putin happy. Yay, triple play!

  2. So chump is now trying to poison america with food.

  3. Trump has got to make corporations richer…at our expense. (and lives, in this case, the elderly, and children).

  4. Hey, if Boeing can self-inspect its 737 Max, why can’t everyone else? What could possibly go wrong?

    • There could be another outbreak like the last time regulations were cut

    • Bruce Swearingen | December 16, 2019 at 2:53 PM | Reply a individual who is done with life _ commits will..if corporations are people aren’t airplanes.
      If a airplane decides to crash on take off isn’t it exercising ‘ free will’

    • Weren’t companies found also cooking horse meat? They were apparently selling race horses that passed away from a disease, there’s an article on it. Who knows what else meat processing companies are already getting away with and now with less regulations, good luck.

    • @Anglus If your life depended on it- would you eat your dog ?

    • And internal affairs investigations are always so thorough and non biased! 😃

  5. Just another campaign contributor wish list being filled

  6. Congratulations to all the American voters who demanded less oversight in food quality! You work hard to push for more contamination and this administration is listening. No protests required, just lobbying. The system works.

    • @Yvonne M. Langlois There won’t be any recalls for pet food any more. AND there won’t be any recalls for human food anymore.

    • @Walking In Truth & Knowledge sick to my stomach .. outraged … Not surprised … this is just another day in the horrific disaster known as the tRump administration.

    • @Aaron Really?????????????? Give me the verse where Jesus say that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Yvonne M. Langlois My dogs eat human food quality meat Sounds like the meat won’t be safe for anyone, human or animal. How wonder how many people will die before there is an outcry.

  7. Sounds like food companies need to slow the line but only care about money. Bad sign the workers don’t want to eat it rather eat from another company…hoping the other company isn’t as bad as them lol but you know it is!
    USDA needs to be inspected

  8. yeah… let the plants inspect themselves… who doesn’t see the lawsuits coming from the resultant serious illnesses and deaths which will become more the norm until this is stopped?! we had all better hope that we and our families are not victims of this nightmare. time for me to stop buying pork until this insanity ends! it burns me up too as i love pork!

  9. Remember what happened when the US govt decided to drop financial regualtion oversight? Without rules, without oversight, greed prevails and is not held in check. You had a Great Recession, and you nearly took down the financial world. Are you sure you want to eat food that is only ‘marginally’ checked?

    • imiss toronto it’s already marginally checked. The casualties from it each year are ridiculous. Now it’s gonna be total chaos

    • @Leslie Love Perhaps so, but fewer checks on a food source that could be dangerous to your health is even more dangerous! Don’t eat pork.

    • @imiss toronto Beef and chicken to follow shortly.

    • OK, ONE minor depression! Sure, a few million people lost their homes and jobs, but in the end, Wall Street was fine! Yeah, and people who thought they had secure retirements might be working another ten years to make up for their losses, but just look at the DOW, the GDP and unemployment! Did you know that more people are working than ever before? And that is good for… for… well for some reason! There HAS to be some reason why it is good that almost no one can survive on one income and everybody with a pulse has to be working! I’ll ask Rand Paul – I’m sure he can explain it.

    • I miss you too.

  10. Yvonne M. Langlois | December 16, 2019 at 12:07 PM | Reply

    Not a good idea if U.S. wants to export it’s pork , actually a dumb idea. Regulations are there for a reason. Letting industries police themselves when it comes to human consumption, is a recipe for disaster.

  11. This is what trump does!

  12. Deregulating Boeing killed 346 people, grounded the entire fleet of planes and tanked Boeing’s stock and future.

    Now Trump wants to deregulate food. Like in China.
    This should end well.

  13. Yeah great idea. Let the industry regulate itself. How did that work out for Boeing?

  14. The trump swamp is poisoning Americans.

    • Cook your pork to 900 degrees!

    • Leonardo's Truth | December 16, 2019 at 9:10 PM | Reply

      Trump may be an uncouth lout, but he plays the MAGA hats like a violin–but do the Jews and Zionists play him-or does he plays them? In any event let none accuse Trump, Pence, the laundry list of corporate billionaire donors, the Maga Hats, the Kushners, the Christian Zionists, and your regular Zionists of having divided loyalty. I will give you a hint: neither the USA or the Lord Jesus are involved in their loyalties. You will have to sort out the rest yourself.

    • Robert Wheeler | December 16, 2019 at 9:14 PM | Reply

      @Rock the Casbah 21 OR IT KILLS THE SOB

    • @Banned B!!!! So the Romaine lettuce food poisoning that killed 5 people in 2018 was fake news too? People died! Including a child and you make this about partisan politics.

  15. History repeating itself again. Soon The Jungle will be relevant once again! Society has learned nothing – still using exploited immigrants and still sacrificing safety on the alter of profits.

  16. Tainted meat and water. Great leadership we have here. Corporations are more important than people. Sick society.

  17. This is so China can export hogs to the US.

    • Nope … Mexico & China are the USAs biggest Hog Buyers in that order. Could be a scam to make those Mexican Rapists get sick 🙂 Just kiddin’ Feel the Bern

    • a foreign country owns the biggest pork company in America , it was sold to them a year and half ago , and then they laid off part of the employees , the person that sold the company made millions and now works for the foreign country , look it up , I’m just saying ,

    • Pretty sure China owns the biggest pork company in the US. They also own the largest farm conglomerate in the US.

  18. And in shocking news: almost one half of Americans continue to vote against their own best interests and consequently, many will die. But hey, on the bright side a few wealthy individuals are able to stockpile more money.

  19. Don’t be surprised if you find chopped pieces of fingers and pins and needles in pork. Like how it was in the 20s.

  20. Customer: “These pork chops are green”

    Self-Regulating Pork Industry: “Um…that means it is eco friendly. Honest.”

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