1. If Chauvin was “distracted by the crowd” then why didn’t he listen to them and get off Floyd’s next and check his pulse?

    1. He had his tongue out life he was relishing torturing that man to death.
      I’m glad his law enforcement career is over but if he isn’t convicted…there will be public outrage worse than the LA riots.

    2. Because he was a power tripping menace to society with 20 misconduct complaints. He took advantage of 2 rookies & ruined their lives too, even ignored his own partner when he got the hobble restraint. Mr Seniority know-it-all, nobody tells him what to do.

  2. The defense attorney’s are literally trying to put Floyd on trial instead of the real perpetrator of the crime committed, And their actually pulling at straws because they have nothing else but guilt ! 😖

    1. @Mom Of4Kids Sure racist. Like you would accept that defense if Floyd was white and wearing a maga hat.

    2. @Lance B
      No true.
      Both autopsy reports list George Floyd’s death as homicide!!!
      The independent autopsy ordered by the Floyd family ruled George Floyd’s death a homicide. The two doctors who conducted the autopsy concluded that George Floyd died of asphyxiation and/or suffocation.

      The Hennepin County medical examiner’s office also ruled that George Floyd died in a homicide. But it said the cause of his death was cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law-enforcement subdual restraint, and neck compression, “which occurred while Floyd was being restrained” for 9½ minutes under the 6′ tall and 167 pound Derek Chauvin’s knee!”
      Look it up!

      One of the major characteristics of fentanyl is the speed at which a drug overdose occurs: Seventy-five percent of people questioned who survived a fentanyl overdose said the symptoms and crisis of the overdose occurred within seconds to minutes.

      Fentanyl overdose symptoms include: (and George Floyd displayed none)
      -Awake, but unable to talk or unconscious
      -Unresponsive to outside stimulus
      -Breathing is very slow and shallow, erratic, or has stopped
      -For lighter skinned people, the skin tone turns bluish purple, for darker skinned people, it turns grayish or ashen.
      -Choking sounds, or a snore-like gurgling noise (sometimes called the “death rattle”)
      -Body is very limp
      -Face is very pale or clammy
      -Fingernails and lips turn blue or purplish black
      -Pulse (heartbeat) is slow, erratic, or not there at all

      George Floyd didn’t die of a fentanyl overdose, because he was alert, oriented and responding to officers appropriately– that is until the officers decided to kneel on him for 9½ minutes and murder him in the street!

      It only takes about 33 pounds of pressure to collapse the human airway, 11 pounds of pressure to occlude the carotid arteries and 4.4 pounds to occlude the jugular veins (the carotids and jugulars are large blood vessels in the neck) that take oxygenated blood to brain from the lungs and heart and then respectively back again!?! George Floyd died, because his breathing and his blood circulation were restricted by the weight of Derek Chauvin on his neck and the combined weight of the other two trainee officers on his back! We’re talking the combined weight of all three adult male officers was at least 500 pounds, all on top for George Floyd, while he lay handcuffed and prone face down on the pavement, suffocating for 9½ minutes!!!

      Here’s another example of positional asphyxiation: an autistic teenager Eric Parsa was in the midst of a meltdown after a visit to Laser Tag game at Westgate Shopping Center in Metairie, Louisiana, on January 19, 2020– a deputy sat for approximately 7 minutes on top of the teenager’s back while Eric Parsa was lying prone and face down on cement, which also resulted in the teenager’s death.

    1. @Obsidian Blue if he does ho to jail. (The prosecution has destroyed their own case) but if he does, he will be held in his own cell

    2. @Obsidian Blue I will agree with you that it’s more likely for blk ppl to be his inmates and that blk ppl are likely to be violent but it’s still to early to say that Chauvin will go to prison

    1. @Eric Ruby
      Right the ex cop isnt human,.
      Maybe I’m like the majority of the world and see the murder.

    2. @Pop Rivet
      I didnt know CNN was in court.
      I bet trump wont be walking when his cases come up.

    3. @Obsidian Blue I sincerely hope “the rest of the world” is not like you and can see Chauvin is still a human being. Murderer or not.

    1. It’s worth watching the whole thing. A lot of it is boring legal stuff but the details are quite insightful

    2. @Emma Mccoy you can’t even get that part right. Turn up the brightness on your screen. Even in the video shown in this clip you can see his hands are not in his pockets. He has black gloves on

    3. @Emma Mccoy Example if anything happens at all some people blame you for let say anything at all. At trial FACTS are presented that prove your innocence THE JURY THEN decides you are GUILTY because FACTS did not change their minds, THEY CHOSE TO BELIEVE you are guilty. You better pray nothing like this ever happens to you. BTW processing info and critical thinking are not your Forte. WHY do you like be ignorant?
      WHY do allow others to manipulate how to think?

    4. @Emma Mccoy well you’re wrong there.. his hands weren’t in his pockets.. so you already need to rewatch the videos lol.. maybe the new one where it shows he was on Floyd’s shoulder. ‘In his pockets LOL’

    5. @Emma Mccoy So sad. Even when presented with the facts you still wont change your mind. Complete arrogance

  3. He said “I ain’t do any drugs”
    Not “I ate too many drugs” they’re trying to pin his death in drugs and not the guy who blocked his windpipe with his knee for 9 min
    Seriously people don’t say they “ate drugs” whether they’re experienced in doing them or not

    1. You are all gonna be so disappointed when Chauvin walks. Innocent until proven Guilty, you want that for you if you have to sit in a court room give it to him. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one and they all stink.

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith No it didn’t. Those are low levels. People can’t walk around and do errands on high levels of fentanyl.

    3. @Obsidian Blue, which witness was that? I will watch it.

      It doesn’t surprise me that some people have that opinion. Half of the commentators on here do. What I am really looking for from the Prosecution is physical evidence that Chauvin’s actions led to the death of Floyd. Without that, it’s going to be near impossible to get a conviction in this case with an alternative plausible cause of death on the table which is the drug use. I think any one rational person would need that physical evidence in this case, much less the number of people they need for a conviction.

    4. @bryanatwku
      oh do you havent been watching or seen the video of the murder I take it.
      Todays witness said IT WAS NOT..NOT. NOT DRUGS THAT KILLED HIM.
      As have others all said the same.

    5. @Obsidian Blue, when I first watched the viral video, I was thinking it was murder. But when I watched all the footage available, I started to question it. Especially because Floyd was saying “I can’t breathe” before being placed on the ground. Then the autopsy report came out showing no physical evidence of him dying due to a knee on his neck.

      The trial is going very badly for the Prosecution. If you are thinking Chauvin will be convicted, you’re setting yourself up for a disappointment unless the Prosecution can do better than someone’s opinion. They need physical evidence that the knee to the neck killed Floyd to discredit the drug overdose possibility. And I’m not talking about a witness’s opinion. Hard physical evidence or Chauvin walks. That’s just the reality of the situation at this point.

    1. @Mom Of4Kids it’s not gonna work . chauvin is destined to be someone’s girlfriend in prison

    2. @Tha_Batmane a high profile case like this and if he gets convicted, he wont be in the general population of the prison. He would be in a special wing of the prison or isolation.

    1. Police are brave and the proudest citizens we have they are great and without them you and I would die on the streets

  4. *Derek Chauvin:* Just needed to beat on his chest and say I”m king of the monsters, after he killed George Floyd.

    1. Chauvin did nothing wrong. Floyd ate a bunch of fentanyl(3-4 times the lethal dose)to avoid prison. He did this because he was already high on meth and acted irrationally. You literally watched a man saying he couldn’t breath before being put on the ground. He did say “I ate too many drugs” because he knew he was overdosing. About 12 min after eating the fentanyl he was dead. Do the math. Yes I realize the media didn’t tell you any of this but it’s hard to instigate a revolution upon a well informed populace.

      On the other hand floyd pistol whipped a pregnant girl and many fellow psychopaths murdered hundreds in his name this summer. Not to mention beat thousands up and ruined countless lives. You ask me.. floyd, like wallace and blake and the other guy that kept stabbing people were/are the real monsters. The fact that they were let out is the real injustice.

    2. @Lance B It’s not a rebuttal racist. You would have to have made a point to get a rebuttal.

  5. *”Does it sound like George said I ate to many drugs”* The defendant putting words in Georges mouth and trying to create evidence that isn’t there.

    1. Even if he did say that, he needed medical attention.. “I can’t breath”, means exactly that..

    2. Even if he did say that, he needed medical attention.. “I can’t breath”, means exactly that..

    3. @iForgott To Wipe Yeah racist. The toxicology report said trace amounts, not enough for a buzz, let alone an OD. NEXT.

    4. @iForgott To Wipe Yeah racist. The toxicology report said trace amounts, not enough for a buzz, let alone an OD. NEXT.

    1. @24james it’s the defendants team so yes its the same thing. But please respond to the actual message of the comment

    1. @Josh Lee It didn’t look that way to me. I was in agreement with the cops for the most part. But after George was on the ground, two minutes in, that’s where my opinion shift’s.

    2. @Josh Lee That in no way justifies not checking the mans vitals, or putting him on his side. especially after one cop says “he looks passed out”.

  6. Judge: Was it conducive for Mr. Floyd to end up this way on the streets in America?

    Jury of Human beings:Yes

    1. @Simon 3III so you know venom(chemicals) kill quicker than asphyxiation. Your continuation of the lie only makes you a useful idiot.that misery I would never engage in

  7. “I ain’t do” is what I heard. But I am not on the case, so it’s irrelevant.
    Notice how the defense lawyer made it a closed ended question? He offered an idea of what was said before asking the expert to describe what he heard.

    1. But then the witness established exactly the opposite was heard, so what’s your point?

  8. 3:08 I ain’t take no drugs , i play it over like 30 times smh how the hell that sound like i ate or take too many drugs…

  9. SAY THIER NAMES: Legend Taliferro_Secoriea Turner_Sincere A. Gaston_Shaniya Gilmore_Jasean Francis_Charles Riley_Brandon Hendricks_At Least 16 kids. Innocent adults too killed Over GF’s Overdose.

    1. @Mats Defense lawyers will always advise their client to not take the stand. Too risky because of cross-examination.

  10. This witness stated that Chauvin applied pain to Mr Floyd’s left cuffed hand throughout the hold (which is visible in Keung’s bodycam). So, you’re telling me Chauvin didn’t notice the lack of life after Mr Floyd took his last breath if he was holding his hand?

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