1. Someone, please inform me when the rocket will fall onto the Earth. So that I can go out into my garden lying there waiting for the debris to hit my body…

      On that day, I will keep praying to ask God Jesus to direct the debris to hit me. I will give God my home address so that there will be no mistake…
      But I disappointed when my friend told me the chance anybody will be hit is 0.00000000000001%……

      I want to taste how it’s like to be hit with a chance of 0.00000000000001%….It’s my dream and I feel honored

    2. Earth is ENORMOUS.
      This stuff has to come down SOMEWHERE and even though it’s likely to be in SOME populated area, the chance of hitting one specific human individual are infinitesimally small. You are more in danger from a tanker truck losing control on a road and crashing into your house turning it into a furnace like hell’s deepest bowels than of this Chinese rocket dropping onto your head.

      They found something like a quarter million bits of Columbia, when it broke apart during reentry having gotten three quarters of the way through the “hot” phase so that not much melted or vaporized from the broken fragments, those bits and pieces were spread out over several states, at least 8000-10000 km²… and not one of them had hurt a human.

  1. At ten storeys high, staying at home probably wouldn’t be much help if it lands on you.

    1. it won’t stay in one piece.

      Look up Skylab. When that mir-like station made from the upper stage of a Saturn V Rocket, came down in 79 over half of Australia, due to no longer having fuel enough to hold its orbit, they found lots of the pieces, but none were larger than a big tank, maybe a meter across. No large tubes or sheets of metal from the outer hull stayed intact during the heatshock and the stress of reentry.
      The Shuttle that got destroyed while trying to land in 2003 also was ripped to shreds and it was much more solid than your normal rockets that mostly are big tanks with a thin metal hull around them with a couple of large engines at one end.

  2. Make sure that if you go outside this weekend to use and umbrella or broad-brimmed hat!

  3. 2021 be like……Who put “city accidently gets destroyed by falling Chinese rocket from space ” on their betting boards ???

    1. @Glosario Dawson lol no 😃🎯 it’s all good I don’t get mad especially it just shows a Administration you guys got in there now gas is going up the summer I asked you is Keystone Pipeline but we won’t get it all that I thought it was pretty funny I got a laugh out of it

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  5. Part of Elon Musk’s opening monologue on SNL will be them dropping a fake rocket booster onto him from the rafters and while he is lying on the stage underneath it he will look up and say “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

  6. He must of took some bong hits prior …

    “Just kidding mostly” “ FRALLING from the sky” “ you heard the man”

  7. ” Grab a helmet”…so that when they autopsy you , you’ll be in a convenient container. Easily transportable.

  8. Finally being addressed, by 2045 we won’t be able to make it out to space because of the trash

  9. Lol asked everyone to stay indoor this weekend and wear a hard hat hahaha. This is the most funniest advice

      By the completion of the space station next year, there will be more launches.

  10. “Just kidding, mostly” hahahaha. All kidding aside if I live in any areas where it might land, I’d be inside.

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