‘Utter ferocity’: See the devastating scene in a newly-liberated Ukrainian town

As Ukrainian forces make further gains in the eastern region of Donetsk, CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports from a newly-liberated monastery town in the region, where local residents spent seven months underground while Russian forces occupied their homes.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Vladimir Putin for being the single best RECRUITER for NATO/OTAN membership with once Neutral Sweden and Finland signing up and soon joining. Again tanks a million cause we couldn’t have done it without you.

  2. A quote Russia might want to consider: “The victor is not victorious if the vanquished does not consider himself so.”. Russia can decide to start the war without the consent of Ukraine, but they can’t decide to end it without the consent of Ukraine.

    1. @Jake Barr That’s ridiculous. Even in the donbass support for Russia is lower than before. Even if you personally would prefer if your region was a part of country x, this doesn’t mean you want x to invade, she’ll the region, make your neighbors flee or kill them.

      Not every person is an ideologue who is willing to die for his preferences. There is no way you can argue that a moderate pro-Russia guy looks around him joyfully in Donbass now, thinking “this is what I hoped for”. Thats just delusional.

      And the 8 years of shelling…. Yes, there was a frozen conflict, with occasional shots and shells from both sides…. But you exaggerate it a lot. And the seoaratists wanted that conflict to stay alive.

    1. you fools do not get into politics, but save your economy – you have a crisis and you are engaged in Ukraine – this is stupid – you are starting a great depression

    1. @Cody Mix
      Those are under ground by now…
      You do have new cannon meat , because murdering civilians – foreign or domestic – is old Russian tradition .

    1. you fools do not get into politics, but save your economy – you have a crisis and you are engaged in Ukraine – this is stupid – you are starting a great depression

  3. “The absurd claim this land is now actually Russian.” That is absolutely right. It is absurd. And illegal. Even Russia’s friend Serbia won’t acknowledge the farce of the shamerenda.

    1. @Т – И – З Paying a slightly higher electricity bill, is well worth it in the fight against fascists who think we’re living in the 1700’s.

    2. @Т – И – З I’m more than happy to pay higher prices if it means providing support to Ukraine. That’s what it means to be American

  4. Walls, homes, whole towns can be rebuilt. As an anonymous American military official once said back in Vietnam, “We had to destroy the town in order to save it.” Terrible price to pay, but the Russians have to be driven out. Slava Ukraini!

  5. A powerful piece CNN, excellent journalism. Such a tragedy this war. I think tht field of sunflowers with the burned out vehicles epitimises the Ukrainian spirit. Slava Ukrani.

  6. I am crying. This level of devastation! But Ukraine will prevail. Last seconds in clip with field of sunflowers is epic and prophet!

    1. Prayers do not do anything. But you could donate to many services that Ukrainians badly need. Do something, or your prayers are simply hypocrisy

    2. There’s more to do! Contribute even a little to AFU or other Ukrainian funds and talk to people around you so they don’t forget about what is happening in Ukraine right now. 🙏

    3. @Richard Got cha! But I am 75 years old and disabled. My retirement fund was stolen by an ex who is a lawyer so, I live way below the poverty level for one person.
      So, all things considered, I can and do talk to others, if I ever get out of my apartment. I send texts and personal notes to family. My family are supporters of Trump, so they think Putin should have shut Ukraine up long ago for helping Hunter Biden..
      Now do you understand that a heartfelt prayer is all I can offer to Ukraine? God does listen, but in my years I have learned that God does not micromanage. I do think Putin is going to “get what’s coming to him” and soon.

    4. @Barbara Moore like you said. You can talk to others. Even if it’s texting and social media. Spread correct information. Share your opinion.
      Write to Ukrainians to show support.
      Write to your government to ask them to do more.

      Actions are what make a difference. Not making wishes

  7. Glory to Ukraine
    No matter what pathetic situation Russia throws at them they still show humanity and humility while Russians show the opposite

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