‘Utter Madness': An Infrastructure Plan Without Climate Spending 1

‘Utter Madness’: An Infrastructure Plan Without Climate Spending


“There is no distinction between an infrastructure bill and a climate bill. They are the same thing. Just go ask the people of Portland,” says Chris Hayes. 
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  1. 108 degrees (give or take a couple) right now in Tacoma WA. This is INSANE! Oh, and we still need to fix our power infrastructure too…many are losing power right when they need it most today!

    1. @mel D I also live in AZ and while we are as hot as them – hotter last week when we hit 122 – we are built for it and have AC’s… the vast majority of people there do not, nor are the buildings and equipment there built for this kind of heat.

      Their humidity is also much higher.. imagine Phoenix normal heat with 60-70% humidity rather than the under 30% we have here.


  2. If we do not start paying for the transition now, it will cost MUCH more in the future. And we will have to buy technology from others instead of creating our own.

    1. Thank you for stating the obvious about prolonging doing all we can about climate change and the future costs will be much higher.

    2. @MGE 1970 Earth Day prediction: “1. Harvard biologist George Wald estimated that “civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.””

    1. @Solstice of Snow ask republicans why They gave tax cuts to the top 1% thats your answer

    2. China is already the winner. Tesla and green energy companies hopefully win also to mitigate this massive disaster. Who really cares if your dead tho. I don’t think nationalism is all that important in a life and death scenario

    3. Anyone who want s to take over the country. Why is it always china if you want to know why China is winning look at your house how much stuff in it is made in China? Who’s fault is it for that being in your house? So stop hating on something your contributed too.

    1. As an environmental scientist I can assure you that our survival should interest you more then that of chipmunks. Even whales. ‘Evolution’ will create replacements for those niche in several dozen million years. Our niche (hyper generalist through tools) and our culture is certainly at risk. The climate stability that has lead to advanced urban civilization is soon at an end. Good Luck ya’ll. May your genes persist. The culture that brings you grocery stores and ipads likely will not.

    2. The only chance any species has of surviving inevitable future mass extinction events, is humanity bringing those species off planet

      As destructive as humans are, meteors and calderas are more so

  3. But yet they say “it’s not real”. I guess they would rather have us dead. So are we supposed to live underground?

    1. Unfortunately our lawmakers close their eyes, ears and brains to this tragedy were facing. Why? Guess they don’t care about the survival of their offspring. Remind all your people to only vote in people that care about the future of our children and their children so they too can live on this earth of ours.

  4. The bulk of our government officials in the legislature are OWNED BY CORPORATIONS. The failure of a genuine, beneficial and green infrastructure Bill is due to a Corporate Owned Legislature refusing to vote on the Democratic Bill. GET CORPORATE MONEY OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT.

    1. @Obi Have Actually nuclear is the “save all”. France has been getting 70% of their energy from nuclear for decades. Every time a country pulls a nuclear plant out of the equation, they add fossil fuels because wind and solar won’t cut it. It’s math.

      You get waste no matter what you do. Wind turbines aren’t recyclable and only last 10 years if I recall. Same with solar panels. They have a shelf life and degrade. Nuclear fuel used for the power generated is magnitudes above anything else and powers 24/7 no matter the weather. The amount of waste stored is minor compared to other sources. Nothing is perfect in the world. Gen IV nuclear also eats older waste as fuel. Win-win.

    2. OK, but if you wanna do that you have to get rid of capitalism. Not a bad idea of course, but just sayin’….that’s the obstacle.

    3. @traumaturgist SBI Not really. Capitalism in this country is NOT actually Capitalism. Instead it is a more a Socialistic Capitalism wherein the Government supports it. This is done by gifting them with Tax benefits, land grants, no regulations, contracts and other goodies. All that needs to be done is REMOVE government financing and aid.

  5. “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!” – Greta Thunberg

    1. @Jack Hawkins Haha! We are just starting a new solar cycle. We are at the very bottom at the moment!

  6. The heat dome is blanketing BC, Canada to. Crazy what’s happening globally. The hotter it gets the more water evaporates, crops start cooking on vines, things start melting and God help us when power starts failing!!

  7. Yeah, Portland trains don’t even run during hot weather because the cables are calibrated for lower temps in the winter, which is more common. This is absolutely insane.

    1. I was just watching how a building fell on people in FL because the facts didn’t disappear

  8. I wonder what would happen if a heat dome were to find its way over DC.
    “Without a livable world, NOTHING else matters.”

  9. What covid deniers have proved is that….these climate change deniers will go to their graves denying it.

    1. he got aircon with its bill paid by your tax money, so why he should? and probably right now these people read your comment with “LMAOROFL little people”

    2. Actually, he got plenty of money in his pocket–from industries and corporations that want to keep using fossil fuels, support the status quo, and not have their taxes raised a bit to pay for these desperately needed infrastructure improvements that would benefit themselves and everyone else.

  10. “Triviality is evil – triviality, that is, in the form of consciousness and mind that adapts itself to the world as it is, that obeys the principle of inertia. And this principle of inertia truly is what is radically evil.”
    ― Theodor W. Adorno, Metaphysics: Concept and Problems

  11. Then you better start swimmin’
    Or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the climes they are a-changin’.🎶

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