'Utter Nonsense': Chuck Rosenberg Blasts Giuliani's Search Warrant Protests | MSNBC 1

‘Utter Nonsense’: Chuck Rosenberg Blasts Giuliani’s Search Warrant Protests | MSNBC


Former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg joins Stephanie Ruhle to break down the legal problems with former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani's protestations about the FBI search warrant executed at his New York City apartment.

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'Utter Nonsense': Chuck Rosenberg Blasts Giuliani's Search Warrant Protests | MSNBC


  1. Excellent explanation of probable cause to search: a federal judge agrees the crime has been committed and you’ll find what you’re looking for in what you’ll search.

    1. Xcris crosX it’s better than your fake news you love! I don’t watch it I haven’t turned on Fox News since election debacle

    1. @William Jackson even if all fifty states audit and find something, there is no precedent for what to do, so nothing will happen. I agree it’s pointless.

    2. @Robert Edgemon
      was gonna look at post, what your referring ?
      200replys ? yikes !!
      give it a miss.
      Anyway, thanks, an

    3. @Christine Pierce i know it because i pay attention in real time. Unlike you, you need for it to be made digestible to fit your needs.

    1. @Nick Lawson omg, you have no idea that Google is corrupt, that is amazing! A quick Google search, I can’t catch my breath, I’m laughing so hard…Democrats are just unbelievable. They are no longer considered the educated party, wow!

    2. @Charles L Jones and an escaped dementia patient is the best and brightest dumbocrat in America ! Really showing yourselves to do really well. Come on man !

    1. @Big Binji. You just haft to send this one to Saturday night live. It’s frigging hysterically hilarious ,

    2. @Robert Murrell I realise all the Communists hate Rudy — but for everyone else he represents USA’s resolve to stand 4 square against terrorism.

    3. @Andrew Perry — the man who transformed the biggest dung heap of criminality in America into the safest place on earth. Compare with current inept , weak pathetic Mayor — disorder and mayhem wherever you turn, criminality everyw, here where no one in their right mind would carry 10 dollars in their wallet for fear of robbery at knife point.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith Both Hunter and Hillary were thoroughly investigated. Bill Barr said there was nothing on the laptop. As for Hillary after many, many years of investigations and 4 years of a Trump administration we got zilch. Let see how Rudy makes out not having a sitting president to cover for him.

    2. @Ming M
      We can see. I’m not debating IF a crime is committed then we should ignore.
      I am simply saying that as far as I know Rudy has committed or suspected of any crime that has been made public. Without a potential crime, there is no reason to search his house.

      Like with a murderer. If a woman dies and the last person to see her was her boyfriend leaving her house two minutes after the murder was committed, then they have reason to search his house.

      But “I don’t like you. I hate your client, so I suspect you” does not fly with me.

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith After reading up on this situation, it appears the basis falls back to Rudy not following FARA law and policy. The feds are looking for information related to why a US ambassador was fired and the correspondence and relationship between Rudy, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman and how non-registered, non-governmental actors influenced foreign policy through a US president. In layman’s terms, it looks like corruption, the feds have probable cause, and they want to know more.

    1. Rudey Ghouliani has been crooked for decades, even before his time as mayor or AG. Was a master of kickbacks for contracts, no prosecution or prosecute the rivals, brought down part of one mafia on orders from another. Dozens of his close associates have found their way into jail or under investigation, no one surrounds themselves with so many crooks unless they’re a lawyer or a crook, he’s both.

    2. @Colonel Angus
      Stupidity is not a crime. You don’t have to worry about being questioned by the FBI.

    3. @John Holmes
      Giuliani’s search warrants were issued while Trump was in office. Barr’s DOJ prevented them from being served.
      Biden had nothing to do with it.

    4. @oltedders it’s Bidens administration and the buck stops with him… on the other hand according to Psaki President Bidens press secretary the Presidents views doesn’t necessarily represent the administration.

  2. His son was ranting about how they left Hunter Biden computer behind. Sorry, I guess the feds aren’t interested in seeing a guy get high and screwing. However Rudy’s computer….

    1. @WildHeart because the guy that owned the shop where hunter left if gave it to rudy and hes been trying to get it to the fbi but of course they’d never betray their dictator

    2. @John Holmes Yeah, right! No one is that gullible! Right???????.????????? You went too far down that rabbit hole and can’t get up!

    3. @John Holmes You know that this would add to Giuliani’s list of crimes? Withholding evidence of a crime? Your argument makes therefore no sense at all!

    1. @Brian Oconnell Go back to Trumps reality and only come back to the real world when u wake up! You probably think the election was stolen dont ya??? Gullible fool open your eyes man. Trump has to keep the big lie going to con more money!

    2. @John Holmes Its all a witch hunt heyer, give me a break. Biden is the opposite of conspiracy King Don the Con! Maybe you will never wake up and join the real world, ever!!!

    3. @Paul Brown Let’s review Paul:
      -Russian collusion (for 2 years)
      -Jussie Smollet MAGA attack
      -Mueller Time!!!!
      -Covington Boys intimidation
      -Lev Parnas
      -Russian bounties on US soldiers.
      -Ignore Hunter Biden’s exploits
      -AND…my favorite…”the walls are closing in on Trump” for the last 5 years.
      One has to be a complete imbecile to think CNN/MSNBC is “news”.

  3. It’s a bit difficult to have a presumption of innocence when the entire world is witness to his actions. But that certainly doesn’t mean he should get away with it.
    That goes double for his boss.

  4. Pretty soon there are going to be pop up lawyer stands all over DC, Florida and New York. If you ever even sat down for lunch with some of these people you might need to Lawyer up. How do they live like this? If I get a parking ticket I’m stressed.

  5. To think Giuliani once headed up SDNY & now, they’re after *him*! Wonder how much longer his picture will still be on the wall over there.

    1. @Tanita Indelicato No worries. He did nothing wrong and only fascists or idiots would applaud an innocent man and patriot being persecuted.

    2. This was another “Roger Stone type raid” to keep the liberals stirred up. Its amazing people keep falling for this propaganda…..

    3. @Rod It’s also amazing how optimistic they get each time, despite how many times they’ve failed… because there was nothing there to begin with. Most of these nimrods are probably still hoping Trump is going to be impeached for colluding with Russia.

    1. @John Holmes Rudy IS the dark side. When parents say “my kid got caught with the wrong crowd” and the Judge says “YOUR KID is the WRONG CROWD”

    2. @John Holmes you mean like the GOP report last summer that pointed out many more ties between Trump and Russian agents?

    3. @E E bahahaha that’s all made up there is absolutely no evidence to support your Russian collusion hoax but plenty to prove bidens corrupt by many foreign nations including our enemy the ccp worthless socialist dictator

    4. @John Holmes Do you “people” ever get tired of spewing blatant lies and nonsense? I mean really unless you are being paid to be this stupid and embarrassing, I don’t see the point. Unless your life is so sad, lonely and pathetic , that this is the only way you can get the attention your poor parents clearly didn’t give you as a child.

  6. This is one of my favorite people. Chuck is absolutely savage. When the Feds show up with warrants, you already crossed the event horizon, lol. They know they’ve got you already. They’re just collecting more evidence to bury you and add insult to injury.

    1. @Seth Seymour Wow! You really have short time memory that you can’t remember the “Lock her up!” chants at Trump’s rallies in 2016…

    2. Rudy had already offered everything to the Feds. This was another “Roger Stone type” raid for optics. More propaganda for the weak-minded liberals to feed on. Rudy has reams of evidence on the Bidens. Why do you think Biden’s DOJ is after him?

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