Uvalde crowds chant ‘do something’ during President Biden’s visit | USA TODAY

Uvalde crowds chant 'do something' during President Biden's visit | USA TODAY 1


  1. I’m sure none of them were Locals… Your Standing on those People’s Dead Children like a Soap Box… Disgusting!

    1. Good catch. Look at every protest from the right. Besides Jan. 6th, they are ALL like that. But the headline is the clickbait.

    2. However big the crowd was, it was a fraction of the Secret Service agents that were surrounding him before he got into his bullet proof car.

    1. @777Skeptic Wrong, that has been debunked. The authorities cleared the park to install fencing, it had absolutely nothing to do with Trump.

      Embarrassing that you had to deflect to Trump, yet you still didn’t get the facts right.

    1. They surely did, he was supposed to shake hands but The crowd was to aggressive towards him. So he ran to the beast. 🤡

    1. @Mario Meza so no evidence? Lol that means you are very deluded thinking one guy out of all the presidents was not a puppet lol

  2. I don’t think their comments are confined to guns, I think they just want joe to “DO SOMETHING!!! Right i might add….

    1. @R Dot88 Exactly, other first world democracies like Australia, New Zealand, England and Scotland have done this, and it works. We should be doing the same thing!

    2. @Dasani605 If you love those nations so much, you should move. Enjoy getting arrested for making a meme about a pug or bringing a knife on a camping trip. Referring to the UK in both of these instances.

      In Australia, you can get arrested for posting any criticism against COVID Lockdowns or having a BBQ in the yard. They have returned to be a prison colony.

    1. @APT420 what was racist about what they said? I hope you realize that calling anything you don’t agree with “racist” makes _you_ the racist.

  3. Hypocrites just trying to score political points. Yes what an opportunity to make new gun restriction legislation!!!!

  4. He did do something, he checked his watch, pooped his pants, and asked when he can get his ice cream from mommy jill

  5. I thought they were chanting
    “Dont groom children”..but I was mistaken.💯🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. If you have kid or not or planning to have kids, you are going to groom them they way you want lol so you are or will be a groomer lol

  6. We Literally protect everything with guns. President protected with guns, banks with guns, sporting events with guns, airplanes with guns, factories with guns what we do for our kids? Put them in buildings with signs saying gun free zone that’s the problem

    1. So many militias out there why don’t we start a non profit and have them volunteer their time taking turns guarding schools!? Put those guns to good use! And make serving school guard a requirement to being part of the militia..

  7. The majority of those people protesting are not from here! None of us knew them. They can’t even respect our families and community and wait until we grieve and bury our babies. This is disgusting. Their political agenda is apparently more important than what happened. Leave!

    1. I don’t even know the people on my street or even the people living a few blocks away so your comment does not make any sense lol

    2. @Mario Meza Wait for me for what? I agree Joe needs to be out but look what’s waiting for us if we do get him out. Kamala. I’m scared to death for her to take over.

  8. yes, do something, we need COMMON SENSE gun laws like removing gun free zones and conceal carry laws so americans can actually protect themselves.

  9. Criminals will always get guns especially in Texas!! We will not give up our God given right to protect our families!!!

  10. Pony show! As President I would want to meet with the teacher that left the door open, the SRO that was not at his post, and the police that surrounded “outside the room” where the shooter was actively eliminating a classroom full of kids.

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