1. Hopefully all of this will be used in the civil lawsuits against each of the responding law enforcement agencies AND to terminate the officials who gave the order to stand down or “stage.”

    1. @NEONLOVEMACHINE1 it was different officers responding from different places. School police, Local, sheriffs , DPS. Are you that clueless

  2. Waiting for the three guys with the “equipment”. All of you should be ashamed to look in the mirror.

  3. This is absolutely unbelievable. So many ineffective “officers”. This proves, without a doubt, they are never (ever) there to stop anyone from being harmed. They are only the preliminary mop up crew. Your self defense is your problem.

  4. Oh wow, finally doing SOMETHING. SLOWLY. AND THE TEACHER IS WHERE? Was the friggin teacher the first out?

  5. Must be a federal job, so many guys just standing around doing nothing and looking important.

    1. the incident commander and the first responding officers are mostly at fault here. They failed to inform the federal and most other officers that it was an active shooting and the commander reported it as a barricaded shooter situation which is why the rest of the officers stood like this.

  6. Someone should of yelled” it’s an unarmed black male in there” I bet they would have stormed the building shooting like Rambo. You know! Something to make them act fast.

  7. This guy sounds horrible, like he’s suffering from Covid… maybe he should have been home on a sick day!

  8. These cowards can’t even protect their own family (at least rescue them from harm), shouldn’t the community be terrified?

  9. I bet all these dudes felt really cool with their vests and guns and all their pointless accessories. Boy you guys look foolishly stupid standin around,, and now the entire world can see. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If the “chief” didn’t have enough balls to make that call then someone should have taken thing’s into their own hands for those children and teachers, BEFORE 77 minutes. Too little too late. I hope other law enforcement can learn from these cowards. Smh.

    1. Let’s see you clear a school with hostages by yourself with no tactical gear
      In the moment you ain’t doing nothin. You’d be cryin in a corner cause you don’t got no protection on 😂

    2. @SmackBick TV They had more than enough men, firepower and protection on the scene in the first 20 minutes to take on one 18 year old. A mother went in to save her own kids, unarmed, untrained and unarmored, and after being handcuffed by these useless cowards.

  10. Dude worried about Shields smh! Why be a officer if you’re scared! Those poor babies in there taking bullets! F those shields!!!!!

  11. I’m bored watching an hour of this video. Imagine how bored they were doing nothing standing around on scene.

    1. He didn’t let her do anything. Apparently everyone in the comments is a fearless warrior who would’ve saved the day with no protective gear. Everyone should apply at local PD immediately. Let’s be realistic.

    2. @Jay Dee A mother went in to save her own kids, unarmed, untrained and unarmored, and after being handcuffed by these useless cowards.

    3. @Jay Dee not about being a hero or being brave I hate when people say that. I know you a coward just by your response

  12. “A child called 911 saying there is a room full of victims”. Then, guy who heard it casually walks away

  13. All you here is an officer coughing and walking around. Someone kept saying “we have to go in” and then nothing, just hanging around hiding in the hallway!! Really?

  14. I don’t necessarily see cowardice. I see a total lack of organization and leadership. Cowardice on the part of whoever is in charge for not taking charge. Someone should have got the troops together and made a plan and ended this within the first 10 to 20 minutes.

  15. To be honest these news reports really make me want go up to heaven myself and pass away to see and hug these little children who could have been a high school graduate one day just like me graduating on June 3rd with the class of 2022 but I can’t really take my own life away to see these angels because I am only 19 and I still have many years ahead of me and a lot of people are proud of me right now for graduating at the top 50 of my class and going to college in August to study Computer Science.I would have had the courage to take down the gun man myself if I could that day instead of those corrupt officers.I feel like trash and it’s not fair I still get to be alive while these children didn’t get to grow.

    1. I would’ve done the same thing too man literally a officer’s wife was in that classroom and they just in the hallway waiting while his wife and children are getting killed this shameful and painful to watch

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