1. This memorial day is going to be sadder than ever. It’s going to be a memorial no just for the fallen soldiers, but also for the 19 elementary school students who were shot at their last day of school….😔

  2. The way his eyes darted when the ambulance or police car passed by…..Everyday occurrences will trigger flashbacks. Very sad and disturbing for the kids that survived .

  3. “Nothing really, he just shot like 4 bullets into our class”. Let that sink in for a minute that an elementry school student just said those words

    1. @Jajajaja Jajajaja there were tons of cops and they stood around and attacked the parents instead of the shooter.

  4. He is a brave kid. I wish him a great future. He has a wonderful mom too.

    1. @This is Getting Old the devil can influence people too, this tragedy was the work of the Devil. Not God.

  5. GREAT JOB to the mother for having such safe and open conversations with her children, as well as for seeking long term therapy for her son. I cant imagine how traumatized he is but her allowing and accommodating for him to not be okay is how you raise a kid to NOT shoot up a school. All the prayers to the families and community.

    1. @ro9aya TV®️ This is a shameless self promotion of music that has nothing to do with the serious and sad subject matter.

    2. Great Job The kid isnt in therapy yet but somehow a week later the mom is putting her child on National TV to talk about a traumatic event I wonder what a therapist would say about this, Its fucking sick

    3. @Sp0okykidd One of the best ways to deal with tragedy is to talk about it. Both the mother and her little boy are still in shock, I think. I have mixed feelings/thoughts about being interviewed though on national TV, but that lands solely on Dana Bash and CNN. I find Bash to be cold and quick to anger, personally.

    4. @Sp0okykidd the kid probably wanted to do the interview no one said the boy was pushed into it.

  6. There you have it. A good and involved mother. She has an open relationship where her children can talk to her about anything and their feelings.

    1. @Sp0okykidd it’s actually good for the kid to talk about it. When they stop talking about it is when you should be worried

    2. @Sp0okykidd Except all the kids talking came on their own volition to talk about it. They want to protect other kids in doing so and would feel worse if they didn’t.

  7. The teacher locked the door and broke off the key, absolutely brilliant! Stay Strong Uvalde. We love you 💙

    1. Daniel;
      “It was tough watching the people who are supposed to save us stand around waiting for the perp to run out of ammo, but we pressed on DESPITE the police cowardice.”

  8. My name is kayla im 35 years old from nz and daniel i want to say what a brave young man you are, what you went through was scary and horrific, and no child should ever have to witness something horrible like that, stay strong and i wish you and your mum and community well, also ive said a prayer for the families of the victims and survivors and community, and god bless as well,

  9. I was in a motorcycle wreck where a motorcycle landed on top of me…out of the blue causing so many injuries. I never saw it coming. I had PTSD so bad. I was afraid to leave my house because I thought something would come out of the air and hurt me again.

    I cannot imagine how these survivors will not have issues, considering this terror went on for so long. Mine was in an instant and I’m an adult. This wasn’t an accident or unintentional. To think someone intentionally hurt these folks is simply horrific. I wish there was some way I could help them deal with this tragedy, but hopefully time will help lessen the fear and pain.

  10. Daniel is a great young man and I pray that he’s able to talk about his trauma. 💕🙏🏻💕

  11. Tough kid. Can’t imagine trying to get through this at 9 years old..Any age but 9..unimaginable. You can see those sirens definitely hit a trigger with him.. stay strong 💪🏼

  12. As an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran this kids eyes broke my heart.. no kid should have to deal with PTSD. The way he is scanning the area is heart breaking. This is something that will never go away. So sad

    1. I’m a vet myself brother i know all about PTSD and these kids will be dealing with it some of them for the rest of their lives. And what breaks my heart and turns my stomach is the cowardice i witnessed that day, I would not want any one of those cowards near me when the s*** hit the fan. 80 minutes, set your timer and sit there for 80 minutes and imagine how long that must have felt to these defenseless terrified helpless babies calling 911 over and over. Humans are disgusting, from the cowards that did nothing, to the coward that did this, and to the coward politicians that refuse to do anything to make sure it never happens again.

    2. @TS Jiao I am getting so tired of the whatabouts! Can you people please stop this BS??? All you want to do is stir the pot of BS. stop already!

  13. When the siren went off his eyes started to look everywhere. That broke my heart , his eye immediately show his fear of not knowing where the danger is coming from . May God protect all of us.

  14. I can’t imagine coming home and one of my nieces or my little brother just not being there or anywhere. I get chest pain from how much emotion this stirs in me. Rest In Peace to all these beautiful babies and those teachers and my condolences to the families and friends. And the survivors are in my prayers. Stay safe everyone.

  15. I wanted to wrap my arms around Daniel when he quietly broke into a panic, hearing the sirens. This is PTSD, and anxiety. Daniel said “ nothing really happened “… because the murderer didn’t enter his room. This is heart wrenching. This little boy was comparing his room to other rooms, where children were killed… we cannot have this!!!! This was preventable. Daniel, my heart is with you. My prayers are with you and your family, and friends. 🙏🏻😰

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