VA State Del: GA GOP Giving Life To Jim Crow With New Voter Suppression Law | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

VA State Del: GA GOP Giving Life To Jim Crow With New Voter Suppression Law | The Last Word | MSNBC


Charniele Herring, majority leader of the Virginia House of Delegates, tells Ali Velshi that Democrats in Virginia have turned the state reliably blue by “talking to voters, earning their trust and support because we’re getting things done” while Republicans in Georgia are choosing to ignore issues that will help their constituents in favor of voter suppression. Aired on 03/27/2021.
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VA State Del: GA GOP Giving Life To Jim Crow With New Voter Suppression Law | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. I guess requiring an ID to purchase a legal firearm is SUPPRESSING our 2nd amendment rights as well.

    2. @veritasrex66 You mean how the Dems now control all 3 branches of gov’t because people are sick & tired of Republican bs hypocrisy?

    3. @A. K. It is good to know others see the hypocrisy. But fair warning. Comments like yours will only encourage me. Thanks A.K.

    1. @Pamela Damaris It’s living expenses (rent, food,etc), allowances for things like clothes, even entertainment, and support personnel. And he lives with me. If he was in a group home, he would get more. Bottom line, the socialist paradise that is Cali, isn’t that great.

    2. @Mark R Born and raised in northern California. I absolutely love it here! As you probably are aware, SSI is federally funded, not state funded. Evidently your son has been provided other state funded supplemental income. Although my son has not been provided additional monies, he has been provided countless OT, PT, speech and ABA therapies over a course of years, including the benefit of having been provided a “shadow” in state paid pre-school and elementary school. I cannot imagine how many hundreds of thousands of dollars this would have been had it been private pay. For this I will be eternally grateful. My HMO would have NEVER paid for these therapies.

      Nah, I’m very happy living in California, tyvm.

    3. @Mark R oh, I forgot to mention that during my son’s pre-school and elementary school years, I was also provided state funded respite care 20 hours a month so that I could go shopping, etc. Again, grateful.

    4. @Pamela Damaris We also got respite care, and about 40 hrs a week of therapy from age 2 1/2 until he entered kindergarten. After that, his therapies were school based. Even now, he still gets some therapy, primarily functional social speech. Funny thing is that there is still a push for him to have a part time job so he can make even more money. We rather have him spend a little time each day volunteering. He already gets so much.

    5. @Mark R My son started out with just 10 hours a week of ABA and speech therapy in the home with OT outside the home at Easter Seals. When he turned 3, he graduated to 40 hours a week in the home, with OT and speech outside the home. Poor kid… was so grueling, especially given that he was ALWAYS sick with something thanks to a suppressed immune system AND suffered with seizures even with the phenobarbital (later tegretol, then valium). Ugh those were hard years!

  1. So I stay away from the YELLOW JOUNALISM OUTLETS, but every now and again check in to see what hatefulness they are shoving down throats . Just checked in .

    1. Hey silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. Educate yourself on the entire bill like reducing voter hours, not being able to pass out WATER to people who have been waiting in line 3 plus hours to vote, reducing polling location to increase wait times….

    2. @Teaira Wilcher right. I understand what the bill is. The problem is, we had a very controversial election last time. And we need to limit hours so that there is no overnights scams like last time. We don’t need truckloads of tainted ballots coming in, we don’t need people doing three or four votes for dead people in one sitting. Get in, do your vote, get out. And when the ballot counting is suppose to stop… it stops! Violations should be felonies.

    1. @Teaira Wilcher Did I mention water? However, it’s only racism and discrimination if they’re denying us water but only giving water to White people.

    2. @Teaira Wilcher Are you communicating that all Black and Brown people live in the same neighborhood?

    3. @Issa Latar lmao why are you lying? I lived in both and also a large city. If you are an adult. You need an ID to do anything.

  2. These are NOT, in any way, shape, or form, “Jim Crow Laws”. To use a favorite democrat term, these are COMMON SENSE ELECTION REFORM LAWS!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I hope people realize it was the Democrats who voted AGAINST ending the Jim Crow laws and the Republicans voted to end them.

    2. So its common sense to reduce polling locations to increase wait times for 3 hrs to 5 hours and not being able to give water to people who have been waiting un the heat for 3 to 5 hours. Educate yourself so we don’t know how stupid you really are please and thank you.

    3. They don’t know what real Jim Crow is or was. Common sense got lost is the process of cheating. Greed and power over the will of the people.

    4. @Teaira Wilcher
      DemonTurd hyperbole. You can spew the party line with the best of them. Congratulations on being a lemming. You probably also wear a mask in your own house.

    1. @John Tuya I’m not a boomer you twerp. It’s the left-right debate. The left are lazy worthless kids, who are clueless about politics, history, economics, and how life works. They weaponize racism and intersectionality to attack other people. And they contribute nothing to the economy or the nation in general. But because you’re worthless and you present no value to society, you think the system is unfair and it needs to be changed. That’s the left. That’s you. Why don’t you learn to shut up and let the adults do the thinking? It doesn’t seem to be your strong suit.

    2. @David Harper Are you conveniently just ignoring the people saying it didn’t just start NOW? Looks like you are. Dirty.

    3. @Rush Fast voter ID has been an issue more recently versus the history of the entire 20th century.
      If it was SUCH an obvious requirement I don’t know why it wasn’t a requirement since at least the advent of the automobile.
      Again when I first voted in PA in 1988 no ID was required. I believe Republicans were around then.

    4. @David Harper ? And what does that have to do with now. I have to present my ID to get a gun, cigarettes, alcohol. Have to have it with me when I drive my vehicle. But it’s unreasonable to have to present identification to cast a ballot for the leaders of the country? Excuse me? You support stricter gun control, which is also a constitutional right btw, but you don’t support presenting an ID to vote? I wonder why.

  3. Whenever I feel discouraged I come to YouTube to all the main stream media pages and bask in the glory of every video being ratio’d and the comments being that of a more enlightened population then the media would have you think.

    1. @James Ouellette the far left has gotten more radical, making the moderate left seem conservative…I find myself agreeing with Bill Maher now

    2. @James Ouellette but on this I was quoting Malcolm X on white liberals using the black community, and they still use the black community to get what they want and the black community stays locked in the inner cities

    1. Nah, the only thing he still remembers is that he’s supposed to be getting a check from China every couple of weeks…

  4. As a Virginian, I’m sorry to see people like her representing our state. Read your history before you go equivocating voter ID to Jim Crow.

  5. Biden and Harris put more minorities in prison with their policies! But showing an ID to vote is racist lmfao.

    1. @Tater Puddin so you don’t think the election was invalid? I mean if it was invalid that we should just do it all over again to make sure every vote is valid and counted. That’s the most fair thing right? I mean I’m not against the election being done over and people having to go in the campaign trail again this time with their recent actions on display……that’d get my vote! Especially that one guy who egged on the insurrection and had people attack the capital….

    2. @S Morgan the law needs to be upheld. The DNC needs to be held liable for its actions which are destructive to our government.

    3. @Tater Puddin I agree! What about all those people who burst into the capital….you also believe they should be held accountable too right….the people who told them to go there? They should be held accountable too…..if we agree then what we need is a new election and new everyone in the house and senate too….Just a clean sweep of all of the corruption and newly elected people who are there to serve the people on both sides

    4. @Tater Puddin several people died….including a person who was trampled to death and a police officer who was beaten by the crowd. Also several items were stolen…..those who entered unlawfully should be held accountable for their part in it and those who incited the riot, too….just like arrests during the protest around the country…accountability is key not double standards for anyone

    1. They have the gall to say china didn’t interfere in the election yet china is hacking us on unprecedented levels daily.

    2. there WAS russian interference. stop believing what comes out of the mouth of donald trump. he lies like he breathes.

    3. @Bill Goodman ha! trump is easily the worst POTUS we have ever had. it’s not close. look at what he was handed by obama… and look at the mess he handed biden.

    4. @Bill Goodman what scandals? trump screwed up the country and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans with his gross incompetence and negligence.

  6. “They want people to have valid ID and actually live at the addresses they write down!! rAcIsM!!!!”

    1. @Teaira Wilcher you’re obsessed with water and snacks on voting lines. If you’re so hungry and thirsty when you vote bring a Lunchables and a Capri Sun.

    2. @John Tuya dude what does trump have to do with the 2020 election? Someones got a case of TDS here amirite 😉

    3. @TheMightyZim26 What the demonrats dont see is that if people bring food and water then they can give those people fake ballots and our democracy will die. thirsty voterrs are Secure voters.

    1. Learn Bidish online, new course, we need it after that press conference. Learn your AB3s, with Joey B. Tough language, that Bidish, booze helps on the slurring parts.

    1. @Kevin Doris Because they conveniently don’t tell you about the election lawsuits currently in the SCOTUS….
      If they did… it would blow “this was the most secure election”
      out of the water!!

    2. @Kevin Doris hmm, let’s see shall we?
      -“Showing the same ID you need to drive or purchase medicine/alcohol to make someone the most powerful human on the planet with access to weapons that could wipe humanity off the face of the planet iS bASicAlLy JiM cRoW”
      -tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants are flooding over the border into states whose election margins were _not_ in the tens of thousands of votes
      -Joe Biden is presumably more popular than Republican candidates would be among said undocumented immigrants since he is promising incentives and amnesty (hmm, wonder who these people who should be ineligible to vote would vote for if given the chance?)
      -“Trust us guys, everything is perfect and not one ballot was cast with any kind of error. Oh and if you don’t take our word for it and want to certify this or at least make sure it’s secure next time, you’re a bigoted racist pile of garbage.” -totally unbiased MSNBC anchors

    1. @James Johnsoncertainly no for this one and I’m not try to provide u with one , all I’m saying is that to claim there’s no “ voter fraud “ or any other fraud in general and to believe it is amazingly stupid, we are dealing with ppl who are cheaters , liars , sell outs and all kinds of low life who at the given opportunity will do whatever is necessary to get ahead over anyone else in general but if u feel comfortable believing ppl are incapable of doing such things then u are the biggest fool boy

    2. @Frankie Medina Exactly. The media overplayed their hand. They immediately declared 2020 as “The Most Secure Election Ever” after showing absolutely no curiosity whatsoever about the topic. And now THEY are claiming that there was massive interference from Russia for Trump! Two entirely different stories from the same group.

    3. So far all of the voter fraud has been on the side of Donald Trump.. And he still lost.. He has always been and always will be a loser.. Nobody has ever lost like Donald Trump.. He’s the biggest loser in the history of elections in this country.. I hope he runs again in 2024, so he can lose again, and all you cry babies can cry about it some more.. Donald Trump lost by 7 million votes.. It was a monument land slide loss..

    4. @Mark Lada idk how much fraud was committed by who , it’s hard to keep up with the many “trusted”sources , he did lose many points even within the Republican Party and lost but I never lost sleep over it, I never voted in my life so can’t cry about it, but this new guy running the country whoa he’s soft and I’m being nice with my words and I’m latino

    5. @Frankie Medina I don’t like Biden either, but he was a better option than Trump.. Trump basically killed the Republican party though.. Now the Democrats will be able to push their agenda and the Republicans won’t be able to push back.. It’s not a good situation.. We need both parties to be strong and competitive in the elections.. The Republicans need to stand up and disown Trump, but they are cowards and they are afraid of him..

    1. The Fake News Media Hive are swarming all over efforts to require voter ID because in a free and fair election they don’t have a chance. Especially after what they did in the last election.

  7. Media last month: “More people voted in the election than ever before.”
    Exact same media this month: “Voter suppression!”

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