VA To Use Funds From Covid Relief For Health Care Priorities, Says Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

VA To Use Funds From Covid Relief For Health Care Priorities, Says Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough joins Morning Joe to discuss how money from the $1.9T coronavirus relief bill will be used for VA 'health care priorities'. Aired on 03/18/2021.
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VA To Use Funds From Covid Relief For Health Care Priorities, Says Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Sarah F: I would have expected all hospital rooms to have been equipped with the best filtration systems available. To further my comment, why bother spending so much money to upgrade public buildings when the public isn’t wearing masks, disinfecting hands and social distancing to begin with?

    2. @John Watt These are not filtration, this is actually sucking air from a room while pumping new air in so that staff can treat, which prevents that air from moving throughout the hospital and as such, it makes viruses less transmissible by air circulation as well as staff in cases where they can be severe.

    3. Variants. There are a number of Covid viruses just now arriving. See Dr. Fauci refute Ron Paul’s specious arguments against masks and precautions.

  1. Don’t get specific about where the money is going or anything. It’s not like it’s our money, after all.

    1. @John Watt I appreciate your rhymes, but seriously, get real. Come over here so you can cop a feel

  2. The people who claim only 9% of the ARP goes for helping Americans, must not think veterans are Americans.

    1. @Clark Davis Actually much more and I’ve bet all of the people that claim it’s only 9%, $1400 to prove their claim that $1.72T is pork. No one has ever even tried to document that bogus claim.

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Same bet I’ve made to the other 91% is pork bullshitters, I’ll bet you $1400 that you can’t produce a verifiable itemized list of “pork” that total at least $1.72T.

    3. @John Watt You must be one of those idiots who get your “news” from MSDNC. Sure seems like it

    4. @Suomy Nona I bet you don’t know a single thing about the bill, Polly. You’re just parroting this propaganda channel, Polly.

  3. Wow. The VA using money for veterans’ health, what a novel idea….it’s been used as a money machine for pharmaceutical research for years.

    1. Most people don’t realize is the veterans that have been isolated in VA hospitals, who have been victims of the various wars, are used as guinea pigs for medical research. I spent a couple of weeks as a patient in VA hospital and met some of the long-term patients. It’s not all bad, being there, some of them would have been gone long ago, had it not been for the ground-breaking procedures done on them. It makes you think how much better had there been no wars in the first place.

    2. @unter mench combat trauma surgeries are innovative, but the medical use of veterans as lab rats disturbs me at all times. The VA has institutional review boards manned by doctors who are on the payroll for large pharma companies, work for the VA, and have tenured teaching positions. The VA should never be used for grift or personal gain.

  4. It took almost 13 years to be awarded service-connection. There are veterans that have been waiting longer. Please address these cases as soon as you can.

  5. Isaiah 58:10
    King James Version
    10 And if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noon day:

    1. You are ungrateful. Trump got you in to all private hospitals so you didn’t have to wait in line all you had to do is submit a bill to VA. he built a brand new VA center here in Lincoln when we were about to lose it under Obama. You must be living under a rock.

    2. @Nancy Selzer Are the veterans who go to the VA center in Lincoln not offended by 45’s remark that we veterans are “suckers and losers”?

    3. @Nancy Selzer No Karen, you’re living under a rock. Obama allowed us to be able to go to not just any hospital but any doctor. And no, we don’t even have to bill the VA. So yes, I’m grateful to President Obama for this. Traitor trump did nothing for us vets.

  6. Like that movie “Joe Kidd” where the Mexican was talking about court records. “Then one day there was a fire”. I was in two branches of the military and have no records because of a fire. For some reason I had some copies of my medical records. Not all, but some. That is why it takes so long. Many vets have nothing and just get screwed.

  7. Like president Biden indicates that if people can feel their lives changed for better, they start to have hope. Actions speak louder than words. Governing a country is not a tv show, it has direct impact to our lives.

    1. Entertaining and governing used to be two distinctly different professions until Reagan showed up to cut the taxes on the wealthy, deregulate the banks, and overturn the fairness doctrine, eventually resulting in a clown being elected to the Oval Office.

  8. All good Republican patriots out there: Don’t let the Democrats force you to take this money! Refuse to cash their checks! If they sent it direct deposit, write a check to the Democrat party and send it right back to them! Stand with your Republican senators who voted to protect YOUR rights by voting AGAINST sending you money! REFUSE YOUR $1400 STIMULUS!

  9. Believe it when I see it. Doubt anything will change when the VA employees barely know how to do their jobs because they have no training, and the lines of communication have been broken since it started. The reason Veterans don’t come back is because VA employees say “I don’t care.” When you tell them you feel like you’re having a Heart Attack.

  10. Why don’t you tell the public how much a buy-ins 1.9 trillion dollars was a giveaway to foreign countries? Or any of the other frivolous spending sprees the Democrats went on?

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