Vaccinate Hesitancy Falling Among Younger Republicans

Vaccine hesitancy is falling among younger Republicans, according to new Washington Post/ABC News polling.

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Vaccinate Hesitancy Falling Among Younger Republicans


  1. Red State Rogues: that’s child endangerment,as far as I’m concerned, vaccine hesitancy falling, that’s what I want to see

    1. doirtlee … There is no answer because there is no question. You can’t compare table syrup to a virus. The fact you think you can shows zero common sense. The fact you choose Ivermectin as a better choice over a vaccine with well over a billion case studies shows even less common sense.

      The only people stupid enough to think Ivermectin is the better choice are members of the Trump cult. He did say he loves the poorly educated

    2. @Mike Mike so your answer is yes. You trust the same regulatory institution that to this day still feeds you high fructose corn syrup. Ok I’m fine with you choice. I wish you luck and good health.

  2. I almost don’t care about Republicans. They’re doing this to themselves, also, what they’re doing in Texas, this country could use a little trimming of Republicans

    1. @Mobsie sixsixsix /- Oh I agree … I just meant when you’re young .. it’s a different prism you look thru .. I try to remember that .. lol

    1. lib·er·al


      See definitions in:







      willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.


      relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.





  3. United States Supreme Court
    Zucht v King 1922
    Schools have the authority to deny Students that have not gotten the mandatory vaccinations.

    The B$ Red States are pulling regarding masks is spitting in the face of that Supreme Court decision.
    When a student is in School, THE SCHOOL, NOT their parents, is who is legally responsible to protect the Health and Welfare of the Students.

    1. @Combat Epistemologist hes saying that turning ur kids over to be wards of the state in the US is insane
      even if u only like half the politicians in the US ur still trusting ur children to the half that u dont like

    2. The pushing of vaccines far exceeds the scope of a schools responsibility to protect kids.
      Regardless of the supreme court ruling.

    1. @Bruh If you were smart then you would be able to understand data. The data clearly shows that the lower your education level the more likely you are to be a Republican and Trump support. Anecdotal evidence of someone like you claim to be doesn’t change the fact.

    1. @Ral Deform Joe Biden is the CURRENT president. Yet you guys all obsess over a past President every single day. No irony there.

    2. @No Show Joe It might be because he cause 600.000 death trough his lies and you are care about 13? And it was even Trumps plan, he negotiated with terrorists, rather then the current government and let loss 5000 of they fighters. Do you live in a bubble?

    3. @No Show Joe Who has the better marked and GDP now? Biden.
      Trump was so bad at running the country it hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression. And when the housing moritorium runs out, the tent’s homeless people are gonna live in are gonna be called ‘Trumptowns’.

  4. They need to pass a law that provides bounties of $10K for turning in anyone that isn’t vaccinated. If it’s available for one anti-choice group, it should be available to others. The SCOTUS already stated it’s fair game.

    1. @Christopher Worix Indeed, 30 pieces of silver, the tongues of men and angels bought by a beloved betrayer, after the last supper. I did get the reference

    2. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe the bounties are not ON the women. they are on the people who snuff out the babies’ lives

    3. @immrmeseeks lookatme I keep getting told only libs used emotional appeal to argue. But you’re going “BABIESBABIESBABIES”. What happened to “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings”? 😈

  5. Well at least they don’t have to wear masks with online learning. Isn’t this the most important issue for the MAGA crowd?

    1. “owning the libs” only thing MAGAts care about. If they want to feed themselves to maggots own me, I’m cool with that.

    2. I would say their most important issue changes with the wind, but it shifts at a higher rate than that. If there was a right wing weather vane, it would spin in circles until the friction made it break down and fall apart…

    3. @Joseph Halliday I think they just follow arbitrary and unjustifiable grievance they hear at their demagogue filling stations

  6. Children are influenced by the ADults in their lives….so if something happens to them most likely its because of the Adult

    1. @GPhunk Era yes I can see that’s a problem. Because in many states, tell them what covid have literally taken every available Critical Care bed.

    2. @TheU2001 MIA yes that’s the current number and the official data. We won’t know how many additional children the Delta variant takes until mid-october.

      And it doesn’t cover permanent heart damage, long covid, the end of their athletic careers, and the loss of extremities. And it doesn’t cover struggling for breath on a ventilator for weeks in a hospital. People overemphasize death. People who have covid say it’s like being tortured the entire time they’re in the hospital.

    3. @TheU2001 MIA and again, we won’t know how many more will die until mid-october. As soon as they open the schools, they had to close them because so many children were getting sick. Clearly none of these children were previously exposed because precautions were being taken and so the death rate is artificially low.

      And personally, the idea of a three-year-old struggling for breath for weeks in the hospital isn’t the good thing you seem to think it is.

      You speak like a person who has no children. Or even a person who hates children.

    4. @Mac Mcleod You sound like you enjoy promoting fear. I hate children, because I said 400 out of 73 million have died? So, none of these children have been exposed to Covid up until now with these schools starting up? The people they live with didn’t expose them? Hey, if you have kids, let them sit out another year and let them get behind. Kids are more likely to get hit at a crosswalk then they are to die from Covid. You might want to read up on what John’s Hopkins has said about the virus and young children.

  7. Yeah businesses are not going to want to put up with constant Covid outbreaks in their staff. Brand new abstract definitions of freedom are all well and good but not more important than the bottom line.

    1. Anti-capitalist you? Well, you are out of luck because the business acts to its best interest. Unhappy? Just stop by H.R. and get your oink slip.

    2. @Hilton Palma Lima are you talking to me? Or just randomly commenting? If you are talking to me, what about anything I said gave you the impression that was my point?

    3. @cupguin Businesses are going to learn to deal with constant Covid outbreaks. Just like they did with the flu.

      Covid is here to stay. Our dear leaders made sure of that when they waited half a year to even allow us to know about Covid.

      Have you vaccinated your pets yet?

  8. Well you can say the old has certainly taught the young something. In this case, arrogance, and self righteousness is a badge of honor.

    1. @guerrahp I think they’re choosing to turn there backs on the lunacy themselves, the younger evangelicals have more liberal views than their elders and they’re getting fed up with the culture wars.

    2. No lessons learned. We watched as our young nieces family, minister husband, with a one year old, got Covid. Fortunately the one year old has not… yet. The niece, minister, and ministers father, intubated 2X, got very ill with Covid. Non vaccinated of course. At one point they were even talking about alternate treatments. Really? Sheer stupidity.

  9. This was completely predictable. Putting humans in an environment where there is an active virus then being surprised when the get infected is the very definition of stupidity. AKA, Republicans.

    1. @Censorship Is real The virus does not differentiate. The republicans out front and on the media have downplayed the virus, how its spread and countered the steps to prevent spread and they have championed crazy treatments from day one. It is clear the legislators and Governors of red states have been obstructing the messages about vaccines, mask usage, and physical separation. If you cant admit that then you are blind to reality.

    2. While the anti-vax and Conspiracy adherents & their media trend heavily to the right …. there were huge swaths of Dems refusing to get vaxxed …

  10. Big airline company has right idea, $200 extra health care premiums per month from employees who are able but refuse to take vaccine.

    1. Plus a reduction in paid sick days. People who don’t take proper care of themselves are a burden on the company and its bottom line. They are more likely to spread other infections as well, and to take more sick days. Plus, they’re less intelligent.

    2. @Combat Epistemologist Wouldn’t you want to give them more sick days? Also why do we care about these businesses bottom line? I don’t work there.

      And if the bottom line were really a concern for you, you would be pushing to remove health insurance from companies in the first place.

      But you don’t care about the companies bottom line.

  11. People are dropping like flies and they’re like: “hmm, maybe this covid thing is real, it’s definitely not going away like lord Trump said it would. I’d better protect me.”

    1. Jesus has CONQUERED DEATH


    2. @Jillian Copeland Yeah, asking people to check the data. Oh the horror. Must be misinformation, even though information was never presented.

    3. @Pirate Ninja 100% of those kids had conditions that more than likely would have taken them within the next year.

    4. @skrapyard444 The Spanish flu did seem that bad in the midst of it.
      This is more like the bird flu of the 50’s. You didn’t hear about it, because it wasn’t a big deal.

  12. This seems to be written into Republican DNA: I will start caring about something the exact instant it starts impacting me directly.

    1. It’s the hallmark of a petty, small person (and, yes, conservatives have been shown to be more likely to be such per sociological/psychological research).

      For instance, as a straight, white, affluent, mentally & physically healthy (so far) male raised with love and care, many things never personally affected me: racism, sexism, poverty, lack of opportunity/resources/education, crushing depression/addiction, disability/sickness, mental/physical/sexual abuse, etc. but I’ve cared deeply about others suffering such things for decades, and so have so many others I know who, like me, have mostly (or entirely) been unaffected by such misfortune and evils.

      This is simply how any decent person should be, which is why I have such a pet peeve about people (especially celebrities) being anointed as heroes when they start campaigning for some cause only AFTER it personally affects them, such as Michael J Fox and Christopher Reeve for example. What were they doing for any cause (besides some small “sacrifice” of time/money for PR to help their careers) for all the decades BEFORE they suffered such misfortune??! I know people who make 30k a year or less who nevertheless still give all the money they can to a cause for something that has never affected them personally and/or also donate 20+ hours of their time per week, after working a full time job, to help do volunteer work. But these multi-millionaires jet around via private jets to lavish “charity” events, write big checks that are still only about .01% of their net worth (and they get tax write offs for this), stay at fancy hotels and eat at fancy restaurants then jet off again to one of their multi-million dollar estates and they are hailed as heroes??! Nonsense: they are narcissistic opportunists who only care about how something affects them personally, as well as desire the new level of attention they get through their “selfless giving” after their careers have been long over. Just disgusting.

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