Vaccinated Texas Democrats Test Positive for Covid in D.C. 1

Vaccinated Texas Democrats Test Positive for Covid in D.C.

Three fully vaccinated members of the Texas delegation tested positive for Covid-19. Some of the delegation had meetings with Sen. Joseph Manchin, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Vice President Kamala Harris. It's not clear if any of those members who tested positive were in the meetings.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Vaccinated Texas Democrats Test Positive for Covid in D.C.


    1. @T. R. Campbell hey dumbstick they quaranteened and tested which is why they have NOT spread that Texas sunshine in DC. It says thats why those three WONT be meeting with others there. Pay attention.

    2. @Lost Pony stop with your doing the name-calling and you might want to get your facts straight. Three of them tested positive in all this last week they were meeting with various representatives in attempting to lobby for this federal takeover of building. Stop trying to defend these.Runaway Democrats who left their constituents at home in the hands of the Republicans. They should all resign.

    1. @Heck Noo You’re delusional if you think it’s going anywhere. Not to bright are you.

    2. Viruses are inevitable. Like thannos
      Live your life or stay home behind a mask that doesn’t work

    3. @today “lock down mess up lot of lives”
      Oh yeah? They’re still alive. Think before you post.

    1. I don’t wear a mask because of COVID, I wear a mask so no one thinks I’m a trump supporter.

    2. If you’ve been vaccinated you will be fine. Contracting COVID is not the same thing as being sick with COVID.

    3. You lunatics will be wearing those face diapers for the rest of your miserable lives…

    1. @gary quarty
      Nope, it wouldn’t matter what evidence you see. Im comfortable with you believing what you will. After three research classes, I’m comfortable with the process I’m observing. I understand peer-reviewed scholarly articles. So you live your best life as I will as well. Hopefully, all will remain well with you.

    2. @Sharon Smalls I knew you couldn’t do it. You and your big brain have a nice day. Put your mask on.

    3. @gary quarty
      Yup, you win. That’s why I didn’t explain because my educated brain knew you would not understand. If you tell me what a peer-reviewed article is I’ll explain otherwise I’m wasting my time. So tell me what is a peer-reviewed article and what is their significance? I would be glad to explain what is going on because I’m an educator, but the person has to be interested. Otherwise, it’s a waste of both of our time.

    4. @gary quarty Dr. Fauci also wrote some 10 years before Covid, that he believed the Wearing of masks during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was the greatest cause of death caused by bacterial pneumonia

  1. Is anyone else frustrated with the constant headlines of “people with vaccine catching covid”? It implies vaccinated people can’t catch it and the loonies run with that. Vaccinated people can certainly get it, they just aren’t the ones dying from it.

    1. @K. Lane they are crediting the vaccines for herd immunity. All vaccine deaths are a “mystery,” or the person was already at risk. All Covid deaths are because it is just so deadly and debilitating, not because the people dying are actually at-risk individuals. Funny how they love to play with words and our heads.

    2. @Ian Dac sociopathic much? Btw, you can still die if you are vaccinated and are now subject to a host of other health risks, I genuinely wish you the best of luck with that.

  2. They never said vaccinated CAN’T contract Covid-19. It just won’t make them seriously sick with the virus. Often have no symptoms.

    1. @dragonsangel7777 The masks are there to protect other people as well as yourself. They were all vaccinated and still got COVID. Which means they can spread COVID. Do you realize how many people they could have inadvertently infected (and possibly killed)?


  3. You can still catch it, boneheads. Even fully vaccinated. Your body just has some defensive intel to fight back the major effects…on YOU.

    1. And become a vaxxed superspreader, huh!?? The only way to get out of a hole is to stop digging!!

    2. Democrats are trash people who cheated and stole the election. Keep your poison vaccine that doesn’t work.

    3. Oh, you can still catch it (and spread it)? Then how considerate it was for these Democrats to travel across the country while not wearing masks. Little Jimmy is going to be wondering where grandma is this Thanksgiving. “Sorry son, Democrats had to pull a political stunt and she got sick from them at the airport. She’s in heaven now.”

  4. Wow as I believe don’t let our guards down yet. The covid is going to be around for a long while.

    1. @JogBird the vaccine works.
      They never said we wouldn’t get the virus after vaccination. They said we wouldn’t die if we got it.

      And I believe that because I am fully vaxed, got sick and did not die.

      But I would have if I was not vaccinated at all.

    2. @Jen Vicinity You obviously have no clue what you’re saying. New variants always become more contagious but less dangerous. Read once in awhile.

    3. Quit being so weak. You don’t need masks or a vaccine for something that has a 98% survival rate.

    1. I’ve been increasingly concerned about the frequency that these fully vaxed positive tests are occurring Are these Delta variants

    2. Especially around Democrats who just traveled halfway across the country without wearing masks.

    3. Just another lie if CNN’s putting it out believe me it’s a setup from the Democratic Party

  5. Vaccine has one job, to keep you out of the hospital with severe symptoms, even save your life. In that respect, they’ve all been very effective. Not perfect, but the positive effects are undeniable worldwide.
    You can still get it, carry it and spread it, that simply isn’t what vaccines prevent.

    1. @E B Pfizer’s vaccine is good for at least nine months. That’s the longest they have been studying its efficacy, so it probably last a lot longer. Some scientist believe it might last a lifetime (provided the virus doesn’t keep mutating at the current speed). For people like me, who are vulnerable, probably will need to get vaccinated once a year like the flu shot.

    2. And become a vaxxed superspreader, huh!?? The only way to get out of a hole is to stop digging!!

  6. Nobody said you can’t get covid …you just won’t wipe out the family savings living in ICU for two months!

    1. Worth pointing out that an Irishman painted that iconic image of Che. Back on track, and you can certainly catch Covid despite being fully vaccinated. Plenty of people have. But the odds are greatly reduced if you are vaccinated, and everyone else around you. It’s not a game.

    2. This isn’t about them. It’s about how many people they might have killed while traveling halfway across the country by infecting them with COVID for a pointless political stunt.

    3. If you have natural immunity like most do the symptoms last 5-7 days….. ICU for months is a load of Ill informed rubbish

  7. Okay, the title clearly needs more explanation. Getting vaccinated doesn’t make the virus unable to infect you. It strengthen your antibody against the virus. The 3 democrats will be fine. Hopefully they didn’t infect anyone else along the way.

    1. @Ken Cress some of us are still wearing our mask even though we are vaxed.

      Unlike retrumplicans who aren’t wearing mask and aren’t vaxed.

    2. @Ken Cress …and the solution then is that those not vaccinated get vaccinated. Then it won’t be a problem if they infect others. Unpleasant yes. Life threatening, no.

  8. Well, it’s no different than the flu, I’ve taken the flu vaccine every year and I’ve gotten the flu about 5 times through the years. Of course I Was not as sick as if I’d had no vaccine.

    1. This is true. But the flu shot has been proven over the years. The covid shot is not proven. And there are many cases of bad side affects. And politics are heavily involved. And dissenting voices are silenced. Enjoy your vaccine…

    2. Remember, if you’ve been vaccinated, and contract covid, it’s just an anomaly. As has been reported over and over and over.

    3. And I have never taken a flu shot and have never gotten the flu. I live a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, stay fit. Should I be mandated to take the vaccine?

    4. @Greg Read What a liar you are. I’m Irish, and I’m media, and here in Ireland Iver certainly edited stories from the authorities and medical experts etc pointing out that vaccines are Not 100% effective – but they play a significant role in protecting you, and protecting other people. It makes me so bloody angry to see the kind of crap that you’ve written – the first vaccine jab I got made me VERY sick, as it did many people, but we all still went for it anyway. We can see the alternative – have you Any idea of how many Covid funerals I’ve had to edit, and how many grieving, devastated family photos I’ve had to sort through to put with our articles and obituaries, while You mock the vaccines and rubbish their effectiveness?! Shame on you.

  9. *Just a reminder:* CDC defines “covid hospitalization” as ANY hospitalization with a positive test result … including car crashes, etc.

  10. A year and a half later, and NOBODY in MSM/government has questioned the PCR test. This is a literal assault on science.

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