Vaccinated Texas Gov. Abbott Covid Positive After Hobnobbing At Maskless GOP Event 1

Vaccinated Texas Gov. Abbott Covid Positive After Hobnobbing At Maskless GOP Event


Rachel Maddow reports on Texas Governor Greg Abbott testing positive for Covid, despite being triple dosed with vaccine, the day after attending a 'jam-packed,' indoor Republican political event at which no one wore masks, and immediately sought monoclonal antibody treatment.
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  1. The folks who are getting topnotch medical care at taxpayers expense are doing everything in their power to put taxpayers, who most likely can’t get the same medical care, in harm’s way…

    1. @MJL uhhh you do know the covid injection is not a vaccine, to be considered a vaccine it must contain trace amounts of the virus which this injection does not, but I highly recommend you get several injections

    2. @MotoSota RC The way that was explained to me by my doctor: The vaccines are, to make it as basic as possible, supposed to boost immunity to something the human body hasn’t had years to learn is a threat. Not teaching our bodies to fight a very specific variant is what will help our bodies fight each variant as it “mutates”. It’s like learning your language’s letters before attempting to learn how to read.

    3. Go to FLCCC and get preventative care for pennies in comparison. And you’ll not have to take a a poison vaccine.

  2. How much of the monoclonal antibody stuff do we have available to us? Is there enough for every person to have a dose and at what cost of this being administered? Do insurance companies pay for this treatment? Let’s talk those figures….. If people won’t take the vaccine why would they take this?

    1. Good questions. Insurance covers it because he’s over 60 years old like me. My medicare covered it. The infusion made me feel sick for about 12 hours, then I was fine. Symptoms were gone. I still had to get the vaccine injections a few months later. It’s not a complete substitute for the vaccine.

    2. My friend got Covid a few weeks ago, she had a severe allergic reaction to the chicken pox vaccine, so her doctor advised against being vaccinated for Covid. She got the same treatment that I got a year ago when I got Covid. Cheap antibiotics, prednisone, and an albuterol inhaler. So no, the treatment that the governor is getting is not available to average insured Americans. We both have asthma, which I consider an underlying condition, because we are always told we are more prone to respiratory infections. That did not get us higher quality care.

    3. It’s readily available if you’re a multi millionaire with connections it is. Seems like we need to stop being “lazy” and save up millions bcuz republicans believe if you didn’t make it then you’re a lazy bum

    1. @Amy Johnson a) this is MSNBC, not CNN LOL, b) God gave us brains to listen to people who actually know about and spend their lives researching medicine and infectious disease.

    2. @New World Odor That is good to hear. I hope it is effective with no (or little) side effect. To be honest, I hadn’t realised, until now, that it had been FDA approved

  3. No, that wasn’t an event. That was what you call a Covid petri dish. Wonder if the people who attended the Covid petri dish will get themselves Tested and quarantine. Probably not.

    1. @Yo Mama
      I happen to live in Europe for quite some time where I have access to countless qualified, reliable, international, INDEPENDENT sources. I guess I am much better informed than you are. There is no Fox ‘news’ fake network here.

    2. @cervellone if you had access to such information then you would have known that masks are useless and the science shows this fact. You also would know that viruses spread and they mutate and there is nothing we can do to stop it, there is no cure for a virus. They have even more fake news than Fox, it is called the BBC and CNN. They are all fake, you can’t rely on any of it these days, you have to do your own research and read actual scientific studies that have been peered reviewed and published by actual qualified people not the bias doctors they hire on CNN.

    3. @Yo Mama
      Masks are NOT useless, only the fabric ones, and that’s exactly what science shows. That’s why we have to wear medical masks or FFP2/N95 ones.
      I guess you should do a bit more of research.
      And, yes, I do know that viruses mutate – the influenza one is an example – and that they spread. That’s the reason we got a pandemic, right?
      And the latest mutant is called Lambda, right?
      To compare Fox ‘news’, the Kids Comic, with storytellers Tucker and Hannity – a former car dealer – with BBC or CNN shows your ignorance. Fox ‘news’ got kicked out of the UK in 2017 and does not get any broadcasting licenses anywhere outside the US.
      Guess why…
      How many countries there are in Europe? How many different networks? In how many languages?
      Are the two scientists who founded BIONTECH, Germany, and who developed the vaccine no qualified ‘people’ to you?
      Then what ‘qualified ppl’ do you get your information from?
      Are you really trying to educate me?

    4. @Yo Mama So doctors, nurses, and surgeons have no clue. That is what you’re basically saying. But OK, Mr. expert.

    5. @Yo Mama Your stupidity may cost you your life. It certainly would be fitting. You lie about the vaccine causing mutations has been thoroughly debunked.

    1. @Nick L Don’t forget his $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!! Being rich, he’s more important than the average governor.

  4. Got what he asked for, they all will get what they deserve and they’d still declare that vaccines and masks are not effective. Great time to be a Republican ain’t it?

    1. Less republican voters, then they will say the democrats cheated. Coarse the Republicans will say that those died voters are at the polls voting or they had to provide transportation

  5. So monoclonal antibody treatment is ok to get, no health risks, not microchip implanted, but the vaccine is a problem. Riiiiiiiight.

    1. @Gandalf Cat
      Virtually all the current deaths from the virus are from the Unvaccinated, while the vaccinated, who are being infected by the Unvaccinated, are strongly likely to survive. Plus the Unvaccinated are the ones filling up the ICUs, not the vaccinated. Do you see the connection now?

    2. @Jolene Colley Funny how there’s all that magnetic stuff in the blood but their phones still work! 🙂

    3. @Gandalf Cat I don’t know what they have been telling you but all I have heard is that – the vaccination will not prevent you from contracting the disease, it will not prevent you from transmitting the disease, it will only (significantly) reduce your risk of serious illness. The aim is to reduce illness and subsequently limit the pressures on the health system.

    1. @Wisconsin Man A study traced 30,000 cases of COVID to Trump super-spreader events, yet you say nothing about that and instead focus on a big nothing.

    2. @Allan Burns No they didn’t. That was a number THROWN OUT THERE with ZERO proof. Don’t try and cry that BS. It’s like your fake news outlets you love at a rally last year said, Trump rally has no one wearing mask. Yet the picture they posted had EVERYONE but 1 person wearing a mask. Thats what they do, they know YOU PEOPLE will not look anything up and will believe whatever you are told. Just like the BS “he mocked a disabled person” yet they just so happen to leave out him doing the EXACT same thing when talking about other candidates. Numerous instances of them saying he did this or that, yet simple research will 100% prove them wrong. Like Inject Bleach. Never mentioned the word Bleach.

    3. @butterstix 24 You know the word RACIST means absolutely nothing now because of people like you. How is KENYAN racist?

    4. Good for them. We cannot save all the stupids in the world. Nurses and doctors are tired of singing the same message and have themselves ridiculed by these “medical experts” we call republicans. Let natural selection do it’s thing. Less chance of a trump 2024 if his masses aren’t there by then

    1. @J Turtle Still better than blue states. Biden’s CDC can spike whatever number they want. If not covid then our lovely criminals will get the job done

    2. He’s been vaccinated, so what’s the big deal.
      Vaccines aren’t for blocking a disease.
      They are to create antibodies to Fight a disease.

      And what’s the point of being vaccinated if still afraid of COVID?
      Then no different than unvaccinated.

      A vaccine can only protect the person who gets it, to hopefully reduce severity and prevent death of THAT PERSON.

      Why are the vaccinated, the one’s who understands the least how a vaccine works, and Don’t Believe in vaccines since still afraid of COVID after vaccinated?

      COVID is part of FLU viruses.
      No flu shot has ever eliminated any flu viruses.
      People get a flu shot for their own personal protection to help hopefully reduce severity of flu.

    1. @Big Boomer sent them a message. they’re said they’re all good. Did those dem taxas senators feel sorry for violating covid protocol inside a private jet and infected Kamala and others? Glad they’re not happy.

    2. @Ateryk idiotic. You think everyone who has died was old obese or had something else that “really killed them? Moronic

    3. Even the former healthcare advisor of Obama , Ezekiel Emanuel, scoffed at many of the masks that are being warn and how. Im glad he can laugh this off. It is a testimony of how well the shots work. Get your shots and stop pointing fingers over a thing that a minimal amount of people are doing efficiently anyway. Politicians will posture by having a bunch of people in the back silently wearing masks while the speaker is up front spitting covid words out on everyone without a mask on. Really smart folks, really smart.

  6. Banning masks and yet he took the vaccine, it’s called having it both ways….It’s a Republican thing

    1. He DIDN’T ban masks.
      He only stopped masks Mandates.
      He made it a Free Choice either way.

      America is supposed to be a free country.
      Why is the concept of having a choice in Medical Decision so foreign to so many Americans?

      Wear a mask or don’t wear a mask.
      Take a vaccine or don’t.

      The right to decide how much risk want to take regarding a disease that is less than 1% fatality now with treatments available.

  7. He’ll receive top notch medical treatment pay by the taxpayers. In the meantime sick Texans have to wait for a hospital bed. Republicans are such hypocrites!

    1. @saint green I am a 68 year old retired scientist. If you can show me where I said 100 million I will not call you a complete innumerate/illiterate jerk and I will correct my mistake. 117,000 Americans died in WW1.

    2. I think your confusing the GOP with trans people since they have a 40 percent chance to attempt suicide.

    3. @Les you didn’t say that I said that to correct you now being 68 you should eat some asparagus that’s some good healthy greens to keep your memory up untold amounts of Russians died during World War II 80000 died during Vietnam your numbers are a little off is all I was saying

    4. 100 million died most of them due to starvation World War II was our worst war they still don’t even know how many Japanese died during the bombs scientist are still counting bodies or what they might think are bodies

    5. 21 million died in Russia. All the other numbers concern AMERICANS only and come from AMERICAN military information sources. 58,220 AMERICANS (note AMERICANS) died in Vietnam, official AMERICAN govt source. You’re definitely a jerk no doubt about it.

    1. @G Medz I have to agree he had it coming he decided to ban mask at his state so that more people can end up in a graveyard each and every time there is no mask or vaccine on people I have no sympathy for this guy whatsoever he’s a trump supporter serves him right.

    2. Yeah I agree like I care if he got sick did he care about over 600,000 people including the ones that are getting sick I don’t think so.

  8. Gregg Abbott, once again throwing his pointy hat into the ring to be Grand High Priest of the “Twats ‘R’ Us” franchise.

    1. Did MDNC do a story on the 10 Texas Democrats who got Covid while illegally fleeing Texas unmasked on a plane?
      I bet no.

      THE COUNTRY ??

      From Someone Who DOES have the
      PROPER, letter’s after Her Name!
      ‘Mono-colnal /antibody-treatment=
      Should ONLY be Tried , When a patient , has had symptoms With-in 10 days, has underlying conditions, (WAS STUPID ENOUGH TO NOT GET THEIR VACCINES)
      And Especially in the black & brown communities…
      Because, THEIR community, has had a devisating Blow. W/ Covid …..
      In my opinion, because the Last Administration=’s…where lead by the biggest racist , psychologically impaired, narcissist &
      Communist-WANNA-BE mr.t.bag = Even FAILED AT THAT!
      IN-CLOSING , Look to the Professional’s
      For REAL ANSWER’S…..

    1. I know lol what’s funnier then our political rivals dying!! Who cares they’re American! There’re orangemanrad!
      You democrats really are the parasite to humanity.

  9. Feels like he will use this as an opportunity to spin it so that his followers think that being vaccinated won’t protect you, no matter how foolish you with your behavior.

  10. So he had Covid and potentially infected hundreds, who then potentially infected thousands more. This is the hypocrisy of the Pro-Life crowd

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