Vaccinating children ‘another tool in the tool kit’ in fighting COVID-19: Sharma

Dr. Spriya Sharma discusses the approval of COVID-19 vaccines for kids, and what it means for Canada's battle against COVID-19.

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    1. Another tool in the kit? Yes indeed. A multi-billion dollar untapped market for their shareholder’s needs.
      Completely despicable using 5-11 year old children for profit. It’s sickening.

    2. @roof pizza <--- doesn't know that the Ontario government's OWN DATA shows the risk of a 5-11 year old dying from COVID is literally one in a million

  1. employers are not required to provide proof OfVaccination and neither is Dr. Spriya Sharma, but she’s happy to push it onto everyone else though

    1. Typically, anti-vax knuckleheads swarm to COVID-19 videos to have their misinformation validated by their fellow scientific illiterates. Nothing new.

  2. It’s very very ugly and disgusting that all politicians & experts of everywhere are barking for govts 🀒
    I really desire to escape out of watching the clown show and hear their barking noises 😞

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