Vaccine chief predicts January for Canada’s rollout 1

Vaccine chief predicts January for Canada’s rollout


Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin says the Liberals are planning to roll out COVID-19 vaccines in a 'constant flow' by early January.

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    1. @Kelvin same science that said Acid rain, Sars, Polar ice cap melting ( and we would all be dead), 1/3 of heterosexual couples will die of aids, list goes on, those “scientists”?

    2. Because they know something less than a year old will have serious effects and cause they want to make sure they can’t get sued.

    1. @OrangeSquare You should trust everything the Trudeau government tells you. They would never lie to you or mislead you. You can trust your life to them. Go ahead and get the covid vaccination. I wish you well.

    2. @Dark Mice dont act like trudeau is the cause of this it goes way deeper than that , political parties are about illusion of choice

    1. Dont take it even if they claim they have. Theyre probably just injecting themselves with something different than what we would get.

    2. @anne marie andrews Testing it on the vulnerable cause if something goes wrong with it, it will go wrong with them…

  1. 2nd time the military has been used to support the covid medical effort … sends a disturbing message about the short-comings of our provincial health-care systems that we already spend $100s of billions on. And, it normalizes the use of the military to provide core civilian functions. China does this, North Korea does this, etc…

    1. And yet there are many talented and well trained military doctors and nurses that can be utilized. The real question is why not utilize them in the case of such a massive, unprecedented undertaking?

  2. Nobody is asking the question as to why the military is involved? We’re not at war and we’re not under occupation. Canada has some of the best logistics in the world yet we’re using the military like a third world country. Something stinks.

    1. Something about criminal activity ie stealing, so they can sell it to some other country. This stuff I don’t think is cheap either.

  3. Take a coin and flip it 100 times, if it lands on heads 98 times then you died of Covid. That’s a bet ill take any day.

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