Vaccine Delivery to Jamaica Delayed, Again - March 12 2021 1

Vaccine Delivery to Jamaica Delayed, Again – March 12 2021


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  1. None of them I like from Kingston to Westmoreland from Westmoreland to Montego Bay all Mayors are lied work output is poor

    1. Except that it wasnt properly tested, skipped animal testing as all animals died not from Vax but after they were infected with a corona virus. This isn’t a vaccine, it doesn’t prevent or protect from anything! If you want to be safe stay well away from this poison!

    1. @iSlAnD bEaUtY if you really want truth. God will give it to you. But can you handle it? Self search. If yes, as I said before it’s in our face. Do some research and pray. Have you lost a Christian to this so-called virus? If so my condolences to you. But it was no virus that killed them. There is poison is in the tests as well as the v. That’s what they get sick from the test. Do your research. And stop listening to all the lies they are feeding ppl. Don’t just take what you hear and swallow it? Be reasonable and think for yourself now. And be honest with yourself. And pray. God will reveal it to you. If you truly mean to find the truth. Jesus is coming. All the is the Antichrist system setting up for all who will be left behind to face it. Because they refuse to repent.

    2. Jesus says. The time is up! All this is set up for the Antichrist. If you fool around and miss the rapture of the church. You will see. I won’t be here and so is countless millions around the world.

    3. @iSlAnD bEaUtY do you have proof of any and just to let you know 60 million people die from the regular flu each year, compared to the 0.9 million since COVID 19, do the math, we are all lie to.

    1. Paying $10,000 for elderly to take covid vaccine Smh. Something fishy, seen it in the observer.

    2. @Annett Campbell
      It is all in your mind. The government shouldn’t have to do that , but because of conspiracy theorists they are forced to do so.

    3. @Eye&I Sinclair i see your one of them when the truth in a plain sight playing blind eye sumting stuck inna yuh ears weh de bobomclatt you nuh mask billgates why him say what him say about lower the population how mean wid have every rights to question a fi wid body a them mek dem sickness

  2. Thats a clear indication that we should not take it. It keeps delaying. Why Dr Tufton forcing the hand of the unknown entity that fights against the vaccine.

    1. Denmark and other countries stop distribution because it causing blood clots and even deaths…look it up.


    1. They are paid to alot of money to take it and give it to the people, it didn’t cost the PM a dime It’s the other way around he has become more wealthy and his followers. WE ARE SOLD

  4. even the people that make the thing say you can still get sick even after taking the thing. so what is the purpose of it.

  5. Send back all the vaccines to where it comes from. We don’t want vaccines that are killing people in other countries. Watch the videos

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