Vaccine Hesitancy & Skepticism | TVJ News - March 22 2021 1

Vaccine Hesitancy & Skepticism | TVJ News – March 22 2021


Now senior teach and explain not chide and condemn that recommendation to health and Government officials as skepticism about the covid 19 vaccination program continues.

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  1. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.GOD BLESS YOU ALL///………

    1. @Scratch O’clock A vaccine is supposed to give you immunity to a virus. This one does not. It is not a true vaccine it is RNA gene therapy and pathogenic priming.


    3. @STRAWBERRY and just to clarify even further….No single dose of any vaccine in the entire world gives you full immunity. For example: Polio, MMR, and Chickenpox all have efficacy rates of about 85-95% after a single shot. That rate increases as you’re given more and more boosters of the vaccines over time. Hence the reason we get so many of the same vaccines as kids. AND many of them still do not provide 100% immunity until the 3rd or 4th dose.

    4. @NY NY 8 billion people in the world. A virus that has a 2% Death rate, is highly contagious and can be caught over and over . Do the math.

  2. How about black people start educating themselves and create their own vaccines. Then you don’t have to take the white man vaccines. Problem solved

  3. I don’t understand why persons living in the UK or the US comment and saying Jamaicans stuborn ect… listen man a we live here if we want to lick out on this vaccine and plan-demics allow us to. Talk for your country don’t talk for us. We dont support this vaccine because we know the result of it. GOD has given us the Laws of health thats what cure sickness not vaccinations. Oun ever hear sickness a cure sickness. Think for ounself and stop let leaders think fi oun.

    1. @Radwain Newby this might come as a surprise to you,but God’s laws are not part of the constitution.the only Laws that are relevant in any country are those Pass my parliament

    2. @Kenlar Thompson it’s interesting you are the one to say that… Not surprising at all, here’s the surprising part. The conflict between God’s Laws and man’s legislation was foretold in scripture… In the part where things start wrapping up. It’s a global and civil cause for concern indeed.

    3. @Radwain Newby remember Jesus Christ did also tell you to “give unto Ceasar the things of Ceasar”..all earthly positions are the things of Ceasar..Luke 18..the great man Augustus Ceasar pass a decree that the whole world should pay taxes to him..the Decree come as a form of taking a census

    4. @Kenlar Thompson Luke 22*
      When you observe matters of Biology… Health… Whose superscription do you see? God or Caesar…? We differ a whole lot on what is supposedly Caesar’s vs what is God’s… When u look at the lymphatic system I’m sure you don’t see a Jamaican flag nor a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation print.. The question I would ask now though is. Who will own the patents on the Astrazeneca GMOs (mutants)?

    5. @Radwain Newby you will never see the Bill Gates foundation on any label in this world,..but you can’t put your hands on 10 things in this world that he is Not associated to..this world seems to be own by him

    1. No because you can still catch covid and pass it to others after taking the vaccine. That’s why it makes no sense to take it. It does not give you immunity to the virus like a regular vaccine should. And don’t forget if you suffer negative side effects or death you can’t sue the vaccine manufacturers. Andrew is protecting the vaccine manufacturers instead of Jamaican people…it’s horrifying and disgusting that he would grant the manufacturers immunity!

  4. The UWI hospital as researching center,where they teaches students on certain issues or subjects whatever you want to call it. The UWI only came about in 1944,where they useto used JC as the UWI research center and. Selected students to England back in the days, and from 1944 until now. With all the doctors and PhD students that the UWI hospital produced, not one of them can developed a vaccines for Jamaica and the rest of countries. But they are trying to take over conversation which is far beyond their capacity, or their capabilities about the vaccines. It really pisses me off big time for those counterfeit doctors from the UWI research center, the way they are behaving so erratic. The government should have really washed the opposition leader comrade Peter Phillips, for asking the Cuban government for help. Because Jamaica would have far more people dead from the disease, because the Jamaican doctors them don’t know nothing about how to control the disease. More than only to talk with their boasty self, the government should be big up the pnp party for that. If Figaro did have any form of sense about the coronavirus disease, why the government didn’t put him incharged of the operation. All he can do is chat like a parrot , and drink white rum and stumbled down. I want to know why black people is always rebellious against their own, black people like crabs inner barrel mentality.

  5. Am thinking about myself what I put in my body .can u understand that I love myself and have been taking care of my body for 31 years now so I don’t feel like taking a virus in my body that I don’t know how my body is going to respond to it . please sir pm don’t take away my job

  6. Wi nuh wan dat eenah wi country, Jamaica in di middle of the ocean …needing nuttn from outsiders….dey continue to try destroy us n enslave us n the world…wake up my bredduhs n sisters…our kids future is what we fighting for…grandma n grandpa did want day cud….this di final push….love

  7. For many generations, black people were always used to prove the efficiency of scientific experiment.but I emphasize continually on this issue,we allow our selves to be in these unfortunate situation, why?bcuz we’re lack of unity, this gives them the overall advantage to threat us like Guinea pig’s which in no doubt that’s what they see us as our socalled leader has fallen in the category of those who looks down on us.even to the mare facts that he’s black, but the way to the people is through there leaders the one’s who we choose to sit in power, is now our executioner.theyve thought him that greatness requires great sacrifice, but black people let go not of your guards, stay focus god will give us the strength to overcome.

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