Vaccine Mandate Coming for Jamaica? | TVJ News - Sept 25 2021 1

Vaccine Mandate Coming for Jamaica? | TVJ News – Sept 25 2021


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  1. Address the concerns as to why people are not taking it. The more you force something, the more people resist. If private businesses require it, fine. But the govt should not mandate it.

    1. It is against our existing constitution, what they are doing is to sensitized and condition the minds of the people before making changes to our constitution. Both the Government and Private entities have to operate in the ambit of Jamaican Laws/Labor Laws. Any private company that mandates it will be breaking both Labor Laws and Contract Law. What they are doing is going against/stripping the citizens rights. Our brothers and sisters are compromising and giving in due to coercion and lack of knowledge about their rights….

    2. We live in new york my son have too take the vaccine too go to he went today and he say thay were talking about US government is pushing for the vaccine too be mandate in Jamaica…god help us

    3. @Nehemiah Plays the UK my Princess 18 years old started university and is not forced to take no vaccine as a Family we decided we are declining our personal choice ca I do not trust it and it is like no traditional vaccine the way it works, way too many friend’s and their families double vaccinated developing new illnesses which are very disturbing.

    4. @Empress Jade Simeon Ellis I told agree with you for declining bcuz I’ve decline as well but my 19years old son is in college in Ohio and he’s being told by October 15 he must have a first dose. I’m afraid for him bcuz I’m not comfortable with this vaccine

    5. @Nehemiah Plays The US isn’t even apart of the CARICOM, yet they have a say where we are concerned. Decision made and it goes on, that how I know Andrew is just a standby. He’s surely not the 1 making choice for this country.

    1. @Antoinette Welch Jamaica does not belong to the Jamaicans, but to the Debtors! And it’s getting worse him already seh poor noh educated on their thinking to not take the injection

    2. @876 Plug he is ..hell master said he’s waiting on the house boy governor general to see …meaning the head slaves master will tell him what to do. The people must not give into the giver of life is not sleeping, United we all stand we will overcome,but if they still chooses to be divided then that’s the way the slaves masters keeps winning.

  2. We will be banning as much as we can business places that force vaccination on their workers. Even a vaccinated person can get Covid 19 ,so everybody at the Work place should do the test then.

    1. @DJ Wizmuzk This!! I would love to see this because we gaining unity among each other, cannot be defeated!! Hope they all come to their senses or gain for those who don’t have and let us unite. I’m so all for it!!

  3. The Pm started the mandatory action long time now, with the big company’s, so now he’s just getting ready to tell us what we already know, GREAT SORROW IS COMING FOR THE WORLD , GOD HELP US.

  4. Can someone tell me why this non performing government doesn’t put out the same interest towards our failing economy and crime

    1. Truth! They don’t put that much effort into issues that are of the same size if not bigger. Homeless people on the street, crime sky high, too many poor people but yet they show up for this virus that has a 98% recovery rate. They see the Jamaican people as idiots.

    2. Dat me a s seh to! Especially crime … On average at least 3 people murdered daily! Find one day in a week when someone is not murdered!

  5. We need to boycott all the business that are mandating Vacc!nes on their workers united we are strong divided we are weak and all who feel like staying silent is a good thing we’ll think again that’s the time evil triumphs.

    1. I say everyone must stand together. If not for our generation, for our children. If everyone walks out all over the place what will/can they do? Everybody stands up for ur themselves, nobody can do it except for us humans it’s time to put a stop to it. Yes, we have a choice! And the fear shouldn’t control you! Because fear comes from the devil!
      People, remember if you do something out of love, it’s from God!

  6. A wife and husband who took the vaccine, still died from the Big C. Let those who want to take it take it. Leave those who don’t want it.

  7. Vaccinated persons can contract COVID-19 and transmit it to others so they also need to be tested weekly. Additionally, vaccine efficacy diminishes and a booster is required within 6 to 8 months.

    1. I don’t hear Not one main stream media have an objective to wards the V a could what so? ( in Alkaline voice)…..

    2. @Johnathon Rose ca they’re probably on the payroll and the ones that are brave enough they silence.

    3. @Empress Jade Simeon Ellis anh sah, is long time me don’t see a body of people agreeing on something without anyone objecting….. just saying still or …..

  8. This Government is headless and have no sense, they are only following other countries. We aren’t even sure that the PM took the jab.

    1. Look people all we need fi get rid of them is seven days fasting every one that is against n talk to go n he will hear us wen we call no try anything else him will see if a god make it but we never unite in nothing in ja just talk,

    2. @monica brown soo true .. they only can control us when we’re divided… when we unite….the DEMONS get weak… our fear’ is their POWER .

    3. U notice say non of the bigger heads na drop dwn dead like the rest a people dem.
      N they dnt take no damm vaccine but wah force it on us

    1. I will say it is time they realise dat is d vaccinenated is a risk to d unvaccinated stop lying to people about c 19 leave it alone give it a rest stop keeping it alive worldwide so dat u can keep pushing d poison on others stop creating a division among people dat they r a danger u kno full well dat statement is not quite true if people continue to get paid to lie to people your affair but is time u stop making d people a victim for someting dat governments agree to spread everywhere d people did not ask for it so stop blaming them find someting useful to talk about one of these days wen u breathing lies to people someting will happen wen god put in an appearance an dat will be d moment u will kno u have no power

    2. That’s the plan. I hope you saw the white woman’s video, she really shed light the wickedness in this country

  9. Holness wanted to do this long time..he’s following the agenda..this man is not my God..he can’t tell me wat to put in my body

    1. Marlene sounds so stupid she must get paid to come and talk stupidness , remember the vaccine don’t stop no one from getting COVID-19 . person’s who take the vaccine can still pass it on so stop talking bull, I am praying hard for god to deal with you people accordingly

    2. That information is now mainstream. Everyone has the ability to transmit. She has to say that. She can’t go contrary to her leader

    3. Whether are not you are vaccinated you can still transmit the virus so she is bias in her speech smh


    1. @Jake Filmore these DEVILS don’t care what happen to Jamaicans… they’re only securing their families were on’ our own … we have to rise up NOW!!

    2. God layed out 10 commandments saying thuo shall not do these things and we disobey God and now these people is obeying government and still disobeying God right now God is so upset with we r finish God is a jealous God wen he sees the way wer r headless now after he guve us wisdom knowledge an understanding we r still headless and dum God people are now like balloos no brains our head is empty can’t we let pple commanding us forcing us my pple be very careful get ur sl self in order government say if u don’t take the vaccine u can do this and u can’t do so wat if G id decide to say he is not going to give us any rain or any sun can the government fall rain and send sunshine my pple becareful this is a warning God as the power to dismantle and parelize and cripple flood and burn and strike and every thing other planet government can do it they r powerless my ppl God is vex with us let us trust gid and believe tat gid wil see us true this be bless keep focus gain vision and di the right things obey God not government u sl scared of government we should be scared of god because God is a dangerous god wen him vex

    3. @Calida Cole well said everyone’s faith is being tested right now…everybody have to make conscious decisions which side you choose to be on… THE DEVIL OR GOD SIDE….

  11. The vaccine swelling up men’s balls.tell fullaholness that there are laws right now on the books that need to be updated,so old fashioned they are.he should make it a mandate that people cupboard full of food and mandate that there is no poverty in Jamaica before him mandate the injection.

  12. Sym anju.. Jah will send somebody who is brave enough to stand up against you and they will succeed in the name of God and his holy trinity. Thy will will always be done.

  13. Mr Holness sounds like he’s on commission. These people are sick . Can’t a vaccinated person be covid positive, and spread the virus as well? Why aren’t they testing as well? We need to boycott carimed products

  14. But the AG has it wrong! I’d love for her to tell us specifically. How does not being vaccinated endanger others? How does being vaccinated protect others?

  15. Why you think that he’s been going around so call educating the public about the vaccine ? That’s exactly what he had in mind from the start, but he had to go thru due process. But you see we we don’t think for ourselves, and we think that education is receiving a piece of paper from CSEC detailing how much subjects in 1s and 2s we got and a certificate from the top universities with our name on it followed by some letters, dots n commas. We are our own downfall. Our small mindedness, we think only to put down each other and fight each other. But to educate ourselves to save ourselves, we can’t see to that. Kmt

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