Vaccine Mandates Spread As Covid Resurges And Patience Wears Thin For Vaccine Hold-Outs 1

Vaccine Mandates Spread As Covid Resurges And Patience Wears Thin For Vaccine Hold-Outs


As variant-driven Covid hospitalizations rise in some states at a rate that rivals pre-vaccine peaks, with most serious illness striking the unvaccinated, health and government workers are seeing new requirements to accept the vaccine.
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    1. @V I I’m a joke? You are labeling a complete stranger a joke because you find my stats incorrect? What a human being you are. Mom would be proud.

    2. @kulik03 not going to deny the first part of your statement, but does the world need another 4m dead before we learn that there’s a solution?

    3. @M8HacKr But the solution is proving to be just as dangerous as the virus itself and that’s the issue…

    1. The honor system regarding the mask mandates was the first reason for this surge… People not wearing masks are, and have been, the main ones who aren’t vaccinated.

    2. We’re all going to die just as predicted – by a virus. Because the human race is actually dumber than anyone thought.

    3. @Ash Roskell my odds of dying of COVID are about 1/4000. I’m much more likely to die in a car crash.

    1. @Phil Bradshaw hello Phil. At the airport at Security check? At the airline desk before boarding? At the cruise ship for full access? At universities for in person learning? At the hospitals to work? At Fox News to work? Need more examples?

    2. What’s needed are mandatory arm bands with a yellow six sided star for those dirty, inferior vaccine refusers to be easily identified in public – no work, no grocery store, and no bank account for them. Since they are in effect useless to society, let’s just round them up and mass exterminate them and get it over with.

    1. There’s no such thing as a vaccination for coronavirus. There are 29 of them and it’s impossible it’s like trying to stop the wind. It’s not about a virus

    2. @kulik03 > Then compare Florida

      First you have to compare reported Florida test results with reports from some far East country. Turns out that Disney character look alike and Florida governor have something in common.

  1. Isn’t it peculiar how they don’t think this disease is a big deal and can’t stop ranting about how it came from China and the CCP needs to pay?

    1. Yes it’s a sign of right wing brainwashing. They will go into a berserk rage about china having to pay for covid, and then turn on a dime when anyone suggests covid should be taken seriously.

      I guess they think china created covid to try to remove trump from office, so that proves it’s a dud

  2. And if Fox News can mandate a vaccine passport for all its employees, then all other business can too. Something it needs to tell its audience (?)

    1. @Hillbilly beer dranker If you don’t want a sexually transmitted disease, wear a condom. The government is never going to physically force people to be vaccinated. But, government and businesses can make it so painful for unvaccinated people—by denying them entry into buildings and modes of transportation—it will motivate them to vaxx up.

    2. @Hillbilly beer dranker If you’ve had the HPV vaccine, you won’t get genital warts. But, although you think you’re being outrageous, vaccination mandates are exactly what is needed to deal with irresponsible people. Real patriots already got vaccinated.

    3. @Demetria KarnavasWearing a condom is no fun because you can’t feel anything. I would rather my woman be vaccinated with guardasil. Biden has a team of vaccinators that can go door to door, hold down the people, and give them their 20 vaccines like they do school children.

    4. @ Hillbilly beer dranker- try it… I really want you people to give it a go. Anyone wishing to force vax me is leaving in a bag. That’s a promise. And I’m really itching for the opportunity.

  3. I hear all sorts of bad things about the so called new delta variant said to be all over the united states so here is the question: if the delta variant is so deadly then why don’t we have any statistics on how many people have died from the so called deadly variant??????? Not in Los Angeles, not in New York, not anywhere, so exactly how many people have died from the Delta Variant in America?????????????? Exactly how many in any city in our country, how many have actually died from this deadly variant if it is so deadly?????????? And what happened to the average death age is 75 if so why are so many people under 50 so frightened of dying??? Speak To Truth Please.

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