Vaccine passports come into effect in Ontario and N.B. 1

Vaccine passports come into effect in Ontario and N.B.


Vaccine passports now needed in Ontario and New Brunswick to enter some businesses. John Vennavally-Rao reports.

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    1. @Craig Lamb you miss the point these measures allow the government to dictate where you can and can’t go and what you can do which is wrong and Flys in the face of are democracy

    2. @light bulb i voted ppc. i have no interest in liberal lite being be my ruler either, makes no difference to me. the way we are headed im sure i will end up dying in some kind of covid camp.

    1. @CooKdLetter J Yea. I heard about that one. They say the common link among all them young guys with that condition is that they’re all heavy Energy Drink drinkers… ain’t ur cousin a heavy Energy Drink drinker???

  1. Do the Protected need protection from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to take the protection that didn’t protect the protected? Think about it…

    1. @Love is the Answer asked my neighbor if he changed the oil in his car yet…..he told me no…..i told him my car only works if he changes his oil

    1. Yup, In addition to exposing millions of Canadians to voting booths during a pandemic. Yet, we’re to believe our PM cares about our health lol.

    2. It wasn’t totally useless… I’m sure a potion of that money was funneled away in some off shore secret retirement account.

    3. @Jon Jonson
      ‘Democracy’ when like 90-95% or more seats rarely change party hands in the country and you really only have a few battleground seats to fight over. In my riding in the GTA its been Liberal for 24 of the past 28 years for federal elections meaning me voting for anyone else is pretty much pointless. Yeah that’s ‘democracy’ rather than an illusion that our voices mean anything.

    4. @Jon Jonson when you have a pandemic then health care is more important, the election ended up with the same results from 2019, the point of the election was a power grab that backfired

    5. @Jon Jonson you make the assumption the election are not fixed The TV can say what ever they want and you ‘ll believe it

  2. Some country we live in.

    Canadians….start directing your anger and hatred at these so called “journalists”. These propagandists are equally complicit in what is happening in the country.

    Let them have it.

    1. @zizimycat in some cases they are inventing it…like claiming kids under 19 are at some deathly risk from covid.

      That is so false it can only be described as being invented.

    2. I’m investing in rope stocks , I have a feeling there will be shortages pardon the pun , and weird lookin Christmas decorations on the light poles ….. like pinyatas lol

  3. Don’t be surprised if Ford uses the future lockdowns as an excuse for the unvaccinated being “unfair”. Eventually, you won’t even be able to buy groceries by then.

    1. That is where this is going: China’s social credit system. They can lock you out of internet, banking, grocery stores etc

    1. @Where’s Chavo I am thinking, and not stuck in a delusional cognitive bias such as those coping hard to get away from reality. Cry more.

    1. @Andrew Thompson Well, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary can get to -20C and Vancouver rains alot. You either eating your sushi in the cold rain or freezing cold. I dont get your point honestly?

    1. There is no “taking away of Rights” by humans, since humans don’t make up Rights. Rights exist inherently in Nature and they are either defended or not, but they are never “lost” or “stolen”.

    2. @scary terrry i’m not a bot lol……and i’m actually from canada…..anything else you would like to assume about me

    1. @Kajzer Soze sounds like they should be keeping distance, gonna assume everyone in line is masking too since that’s been regulation forever.

    2. The virus is SMART and it know where to infect. Our politicians and health authorities are even SMARTER and 1 step ahead of the delta.

  4. I am so happy our government cares about our health. Anyway I am off to McDonald’s and will pick up some cigarettes on the way home.

    1. Wow. Individual health? No. Societal health? Well that’s part of their job kid and is why there are high taxes on unhealthy lifestyle choices. You’re not the sharpest spoon in the drawer, now are you..

    2. @Jason Lusk it’s funny that you seem to support the right of lifestyle choices. If they ban cigarettes and bad foods our society will be healthier, do you disagree? Many lives can be saved.

    1. @kenadams77 you can’t be serious … they wouldn’t beable to afford things unless more of their income is taken away ????

    2. @kenadams77 clearly.. if you don’t work and take welfare so yeah.. you do need someone else to pay taxes, so your existence is covered.

    1. @Solderan TV except, this is our land, so its up to those fascists governement and they’re little keyboard soldiers like you to F off!

    2. @Karl Brousseau So who was it that gave you the land? I own property, I was born here, so was my mother and father. They both own land. I heard North Korea is fascist. If you wanna go see what fascist is like, I’d suggest you go move over there.

    1. According to this clip, more and more restaurants r closing off the indoor dining areas rather than dealing with unvaccinated patrons. They just decide to offer take-out and delivery instead.
      Indoor dining might return next year…

    1. They will be temporary, they’ve always been temporary. So temporary nobody remembers the last times they were needed.

      You’ll see, eventually.

  5. That’s totally insane and ridiculous! The businesses will surely get affected. Of course politicians controls them. I rather take out for order and cook our own meal. I can save money anyways

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