Vaccine safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women: study 1

Vaccine safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women: study


Dr. Tali Bogler from St. Michael's Hospital discusses a study that finds the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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    1. @Richard C don’t bother with these antivaxx losers. They’re idiots. In time natural selection will take care of them.

    1. @Richard C So you’re a Thalidomide denier? It didn’t cause severe birth defects? It wasn’t withdrawn for use by pregnant women?

    2. go to my ABOUT page, link #4… very high incidents of allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, neurological deficits, chronic pain, DeathAnd permanent disability in a small group in Lytton, BritishColumbiaFromTheMRNAVaccines … the larger press outlets did not report this, but went into level 10 DamageControl mode to try and ShutThisGuyUp

  1. Oh Boy…it’s a fking holiday! and everything is closed as far a Government offices…he ha.
    It’s not like Canada hasnt been closed for nearly 2 fking years!
    Does your world stop turning at 4:30 pm Friday until 9:30 am Monday (except holidays?)
    Nevermind canada, yer asleep at the wheel.

  2. Dr. Bolger should be ashamed of herself! If it effects your mensuration at all how do you know that it wont effect it long term! OMG not a myth!

    1. University trained Professional Upper management Karens are the worst, bud.
      I worked as a janitor in a building full of them, never again.

  3. How long was the trial on pregnant women, not even full term 9 months
    That is absolutely crazy

  4. Remember when officials said Thalidomide was perfectly safe for pregnant women to take?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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